Palantir reports 36% revenue growth, projects strong finish to year

The growth is a slowdown from two consecutive quarters of 49% year-over-year growth, but Palantir provided a strong outlook for the current quarter.

Russia labels LGBT rights group, lawyers as 'foreign agents'

Russian authorities have named a prominent LGBT rights group and several lawyers as “foreign agents.”

Anti-Woke University of Austin Hires Professor Accused of Transphobia

Professor Kathleen Stock says she is "delighted" to be joining the University of Austin following controversies surrounding her in the U.K.

Why Paul Gosar's Violent Anime Video Is Not Being Removed From Twitter

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez called Rep. Paul Gosar "creepy" after he uploaded the violent anime video.

The Morning After: Engadget’s 2021 holiday gift guide

It’s only a payday (or possibly two) away from the holiday season, and with supply difficulties for retailers, manufacturers and everyone in between, it might pay to get ahead of the crowd for...

How Legal Departments Can Turn Barriers Into Opportunities

For law departments to serve their businesses well amid these pressures, it’s more important than ever to have appropriate technology, processes and resources in place.

Climate Action At Speed & Scale For Net Zero By 2050: Q+A With Venture Capitalist John Doerr

Venture capitalist John Doerr outlines the climate action plan necessary to hit net zero global emissions by 2050 in his new book Speed & Scale

3 Things I Like About the Algorand Blockchain

The Green Blockchain is being adopted worldwide.

How climate change threatens pregnant women

World leaders turn their attention Tuesday to climate change and gender during the global U.N. summit.

Man Rittenhouse Shot Says He Didn't Mean To Point Own Gun

Gaige Grosskreutz, the protester and volunteer medic who survived after Kyle Rittenhouse shot him on the streets of Kenosha, took the stand.

The Work of Critical Race Theory Falls on Employers Now

For many companies, serving new and changing markets is a matter of survival that starts with internal cultural change.

Lawyers: Ex-Marine in prison in Russia goes on hunger strike

Lawyers and the family of a former U.S. Marine who is imprisoned for assaulting police officers in Moscow says he has begun a hunger strike to protest his imprisonment

Need to Know: This wild stock market rumpus could send the S&P 500 well over 5,000. But set your...

It looks like smooth sailing higher into next year for stocks. That is, to some.

Got $100? Here's 1 Great Stock to Buy and Hold

Investing in this veteran fintech company today could pay off big in the long run.

General Electric to Split Into Three Public Companies

GE said it plans to split into three public companies, focused on aviation, healthcare and energy, starting in 2023.

ADT to rebrand Sunpro Solar as ADT Solar

This is a Real-time headline. These are breaking news, delivered the minute it happens, delivered ticker-tape style. Visit or the quote page for more information about this...

Counselling Hornchurch

Looking for counselling in Hornchurch? Balance Counselling is here for you! Balance Counselling is a private psychotherapy practice run by…Continue reading on Medium »

Roblox stock surges 27% after the online-gaming platform reveals its revenue doubled last quarter

The video-game company reported sharp increases in daily active users, engagement, and purchases of virtual currency.

GE to split into three separate companies

Businesses will focus on healthcare, energy and aviation

Researchers uncover software flaws leaving medical devices vulnerable to hackers

Researchers say they have found more than a dozen vulnerabilities in software used in medical devices and machinery used in other industries that, if exploited by a hacker, could cause critical...

New ProPublica investigation reveals racist environmental "sacrifice zones"

In a new investigation, ProPublica reporters Lylla Younes, Ava Kofman, Al Shaw, Lisa Song, and Maya Miller used EPA data processing software to examine the spread of cancer-causing chemicals and...

Peoria police investigate city's 28th homicide of 2021

Police officers were summoned about 10:30 p.m. Monday to the 900 block of South Greenlawn Avenue in South Peoria.

What Made You Happy at Home Today?

Most times, I have trouble finding or accepting happiness.Continue reading on Medium »

US Holocaust Museum says China boosting Uyghur repression

WASHINGTON (AP) — The U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum says it has compiled evidence of increasing government repression against Uyghur Muslims in China’s western Xinjiang region.In a new report...

Joe who? Obama’s star power still dominates the world stage

As Obama's appearance at COP26 showed, the former president's enduring popularity is both a blessing and a curse for Biden.

Profits Drop at Tencent Music as Regulatory Pinch is Felt

Profits at Tencent Music Entertainment, China’s largest digital music company, dropped in the third quarter of its financial year as the company felt the impact of the Chinese government’s...

U.S. Supreme Court set to hear John Henry Ramirez's execution case

Corpus Christi death row inmate John Henry Ramirez's case will be heard two months after the Supreme Court granted a last-minute stay of execution.

The Outdoor Industry Is in Its Awkward Teen Years

Like proud (and anxious) parents, we’re watching the outdoor market grow up fast The post The Outdoor Industry Is in Its Awkward Teen Years appeared first on Outside Online.

America’s Last King Wasn’t the Crazy Tyrant You’ve Been Led to Believe

I loved Hamilton: An American Musical for its foot-tapping tunes and witty libretto, but it’s no more an accurate portrayal of history than Shakespeare’s Richard III or Macbeth. For the cruel...

Yelp's new iOS home feed makes it easier to discover local restaurants

Yelp seems like it's been on the internet forever, but it still helps millions of people figure out where to eat. Now for the first time, the company is introducing a vertical home feed featuring...

If California yanks Junipero Serra's statue from the U.S. Capitol, who should replace him?

California has two statues representing it at the U.S. Capitol. Ronald Reagan replaced the anti-Confederacy Thomas Starr King, and it seems likely that Junipero Serra will be the next to go.

BuildZoom (better way to build custom homes) Is hiring a Principal Engineer

You'll be able to use Venmo to buy stuff on Amazon starting from next year, PayPal says

The new Amazon partnership marks the end of a longstanding deal with eBay that blocked Venmo from doing business with competitors.

Vodka Cranberry Sauce Recipe

Spiking your cranberry sauce will make dealing with your relatives at the holidays a whole lot easier.

A Linguist’s Defense of ‘Let’s Go, Brandon’

I know how I am supposed to feel about “Let’s go, Brandon”: Mocking the president this way is uncivil, a sign of the collapse of once-routine public courtesy, etc., etc. How I really feel about...

The Stubborn Currency of the Fat Joke

In 2001, doing press for Shallow Hal, Gwyneth Paltrow spent a lot of time talking about the fat suit she wore to play Rosemary, the film’s romantic lead. She spoke in particular about an...

Hey, y'all - what's up on the gardening front? Anyone got anything still going? What about you...

Yelp will soon have a scrolling feed of local restaurant pics

Yelp is joining almost every other site on the internet by giving you a feed to scroll through until you can’t scroll no more. Yelp says this feature will be showing up on its users’ homepages in...

Netflix, Please Add a ‘Watched It’ Button Already

Wait a minute ... I've seen this before! Why is it so hard to filter out movies and shows on streaming services?

5 Things You May Not Know About the Infrastructure Bill

Pedestrians and transit systems will benefit from the $1.2 trillion plan. So will the nation's broadband networks and climate change measures.

Panera Bread Set to Return to Public Market

The restaurant’s traditional IPO will include investments from both Shake Shack founder Danny Meyer and his SPAC.

Cubs of food-raiding grizzly bear are trapped and collared

The grizzly and her litter of cubs have recently run into trouble getting into garbage, apiaries and animal feed in the Jackson area.

Apple-1 computer goes on sale, with bids expected to reach $600,000

One of Apple's first computers is up for auction and it could sell for as much as $600,000.

President Obama to COP26: More ambitious action needed now, should transcend politics

GLASGOW, Scotland — Depending on the final outcome of COP26, former President Obama's stemwinder of a speech here on Monday, along with other appearances through Tuesday, will either be viewed as...

Gov. Pritzker Signs COVID-19 Amendment To Illinois Right Of Conscience Act

Gov. J.B. Pritzker thanked lawmakers for ensuring the law “is no longer wrongly used against institutions who are putting safety and science first.”

Microsoft rival Collibra doubles valuation to $5.25 billion as investors chase next cloud winner

Software start-up Collibra said Tuesday it has raised $250 million in a round of funding that values the firm at $5.25 billion.

Manchin sees his power grow..

The Last Aspen Ski Bums Are About to Get Evicted

In an excerpt from her new book ‘Powder Days,’ Outside contributing editor Heather Hansman looks at how the famous Colorado resort town is emblematic of a national trend, where corporate resorts...

What's Brewing in a Beer Is Startling Complexity

High-powered chemistry lets researchers trace a beer back to its ingredients-- Read more on

Man with knife threatens passers-by in Norway, is shot dead

A man reportedly armed with a knife threatened passers-by on the streets of the Norwegian capital, Oslo, on Tuesday, before being shot dead by police, officials said.

Nvidia unveils Riva Custom Voice, a toolkit which companies can use to create custom,...

At its fall 2021 GTC conference, Nvidia unveiled Riva Custom Voice, a service designed to let customers create AI-powered custom voices.

Teacher fired for claiming Trump is still president

A California teacher was fired after spreading conspiracy theories to her students

GE to break up into 3 companies focusing on aviation, health care and energy

GE to break up into 3 companies focusing on aviation, health care and energy  CNBCGE to split into three companies; shares jump 15%  ReutersGE Plans to Form Three Public Companies Focused on...

GE to break up into 3 companies focusing on aviation, health care and energy

GE to break up into 3 companies focusing on aviation, health care and energy  CNBCGE to split into three companies; shares jump 15%  ReutersGeneral Electric to split into 3 public...

Will Rivian’s blockbuster IPO make it the next Tesla?

Huge hype around electric truckmaker that has only just started production

British Columbia Is Shutting Down Its Fur Farming Industry

British Columbia will phase out its existing fur farming industry due to the COVID-19 risk posed by mink farms.

Middle East Premiere of Joe Wright’s ‘Cyrano’ to Open Saudi Arabia’s Inaugural Red Sea Film Festival

The Middle East premiere of British director Joe Wright’s dazzling romantic drama “Cyrano” will open the Red Sea Film Festival, which is Saudi Arabia’s first full-fledged film festival and market...

Metallurgist admits faking steel test results for US Navy subs

A metallurgist has pleaded guilty to fraud after faking the results of strength tests on steel.

Yeah, that looks bad." Metallurgist falsifies reports from 1985 to 2017 on steel for submarine...

Keeping the Big Lie alive after Virginia: Maybe Glenn Youngkin was a fake?

Gateway Pundit's genius Virginia take: Maybe Youngkin win was "part of a larger psyop" to steal future elections

Quarters for Enslaved People Discovered at Pompeiian Villa

Quarters for Enslaved People Discovered at Pompeiian Villa  Smithsonian

16 Mysterious Things Even History Experts Don’t Know the Purpose Of

You can find something unexpected just about anywhere: in the attic, in the basement, in an old chest, or in a newly rented apartment. Some things look so strange, we have no idea what they’re...

What Moves Swing Voters

A creative new poll tries to understand.

Trump makes — and loses

Trump makes — and loses — overnight bid to block Jan. 6 investigators  POLITICOA caregiver allegedly stole hundreds of dollars from former patient  Journal TimesJudge Slams Trump's Argument to...

Start 'Em, Sit 'Em Week 10: Smart Matchup Plays, Sleepers and More

Nine weeks down, five to go in the regular season for most fantasy football leagues. It's getting to be crunch time, and if you're not currently in position to get your team into the playoffs,...

If Biden doesn’t pass the climate bill, it will be the betrayal of a generation

Failure to pass Build Back Better would disillusion a generation of voters, and potentially fracture the Democratic partyDeep into the night last Friday, long past the hour when most Americans had...

Phoebe Bridgers Takes Muna to Prom With ‘Silk Chiffon’ on ‘Corden’

The joint single was released back in September

Google’s New Business Profile: When Search Becomes a Political Tool

Caerphilly: Boy, 10, killed by dog named by police

Jack Lis died at the scene and the animal was destroyed by firearms officers, police say.

Diplomatic cavalry rides in to climate talks to resolve gaps

GLASGOW, Scotland (AP) — With large rifts in key issues remaining as the United Nations climate talks tick down to a Friday deadline, it’s time for the diplomatic cavalry to ride in. The two-week...

Police say one man is tied to multiple murders in Missouri and Kansas

Perez Reed is facing charges of murder and assault in shootings that occurred in the St. Louis County area. The gun used in those assaults has been tied to other murders in St. Louis and Kansas.

Source: Chinese social e-commerce app Xiaohongshu has raised a new funding round of $500M, led...

Social e-commerce app Xiaohongshu raised the money from existing investors after being forced to put IPO plans on hold by regulatory changes from Beijing.

Netflix tests a TikTok-style feed for kids

This week, Netflix’s iOS app is starting a test of a new feed for kids that’s designed to show short clips taken from its library of children’s content, Bloomberg News reports. The “Kids Clips”...

Decoder Ring Returns for a Fall Season

New episodes include stories about Andrew Wyeth's Helga Paintings, Alberta's lack of rats, and a set of joke books that changed the bestseller charts.

Fuckbois of Literature on Ready Player One

To say that I was not a fan of Ready Player One would be a painful understatement. I understand that some people love the book, and I get the argument that it was tailor-made for people like me …...

Dean Stockwell, Quantum Leap and Blue Velvet actor, dies aged 85

Versatile actor had worked in Hollywood since childhood, and was Oscar nominated for his role in 1988 comedy Married to the MobA life in pictures: Dean StockwellDean Stockwell, the former child...

NBA stars are missing 3-pointers this season. Is a new ball really to blame?

There are a bunch of theories about why players are missing the three-point shot this season. Is it because of a new ball, or are they just making excuses?

Austria's climate minister takes train to COP26 to reduce emissions

Austria's climate minister Leonore Gewessler opted to travel for two-days via train to the UN climate conference in Glasgow.

Oklahoma Utility Seeks $1,400 Consumer “Exit Fee” to Swap Gas for Electric

This story was originally published by HuffPost and is reproduced here as part of Climate Desk.  Oklahoma’s biggest natural gas utility could soon charge customers who switch to electric stoves...

Gun Violence in America Could Soon Get Worse

Over the past decade, amid rising mass shootings and fierce debate over America’s gun laws, the claim that “nothing ever changes” became a political cliché. The frustration was aimed in particular...

Help! My Brother Set Me Up on a Date With an Underage Girl

I really can’t think why he would have done this.

The U.S. Is Relying On Other Countries’ Data To Make Its Booster Shot Decisions

One Thursday in October, the Food and Drug Administration’s vaccine advisory committee gathered to discuss booster shots for Moderna and Johnson & Johnson’s COVID-19 vaccines. Yet one of the first...

The Big East Isn’t Only About UConn

Connecticut’s return to the Big East last year carried with it both opportunity and frustration for the other members of the conference. A standard-bearer is a valuable thing for the Big East —...

New Study Adds to Decade-Old Repatriation of Sitting Bull's Belongings

New Study Adds to Decade-Old Repatriation of Sitting Bull's Belongings  Smithsonian

Singapore to End Free Covid Care for Those ‘Unvaccinated by Choice’

Charging patients who had the option to be inoculated would send an important signal, the country’s health minister said. Here’s the latest on the pandemic.

Exclusive: New bipartisan bill to require algorithm-free versions of tech platforms

A bipartisan group of House lawmakers has introduced a companion to a Senate bill that would let people use algorithm-free versions of tech platforms, according to a copy of the text shared...

Thousands of UK phone boxes to be saved from closure

About 5,000 phone boxes around the UK will be kept open if they fulfil certain criteria, says Ofcom.

Death Row Inmates Sue Japan Over ‘Inhumane’ Same-Day Executions

Prisoners who are sentenced to death “wake up each morning thinking ‘today could be the day,’” a lawyer said.

Joe who? obama star power still dominates world stage..

Nvidia wants to fill the virtual and physical worlds with AI avatars

Nvidia wants to fill the virtual and physical worlds with AI avatars  The VergeNvidia doubles down on software tools for crafting virtual worlds  ReutersNvidia’s Omniverse adds AR/VR viewing, AI...

39 Things That'll Upgrade Your Rental's Bathroom

Rental bathrooms are always a gamble. These products can help if you pulled the short end of the stick.

Predicting Every $100 Million MLB Contract Signed During 2021-22 Offseason

With an abundance of top-tier talent hitting the open market in free agency, this offseason has a chance to reshape the MLB landscape...

Demi Lovato Promotes Lizard-Giant War Theory Vids at ‘Hub for QAnon’

Singer Demi Lovato has become a paid promoter for a New Age conspiracy-theory website, directing their fans to a video platform filled with hoaxes about sinister aliens, vaccines, world-spanning...

Astroworld, Travis Scott, and the Deadly Pearl Jam Concert We Still Haven’t Learned From

At a 2000 European music festival, nine people were killed after a crowd stampede that occurred while the band Pearl Jam performed.A day of rain had soaked the grounds of the Roskilde Festival in...

Healthchecks: Simple and effective cron job monitoring

“ Hello Makers and Hunters! I'm Pēteris Caune, the one person army behind This is not a fresh launch, I've been working on for the past *6 years*. It...

Watch Brandi Carlile Cover Joni Mitchell’s ‘Blue’ on ‘Colbert’

The singer also performed her recent song "This Time Tomorrow"

14 Unusual But Effective Methods to Store Your Foods That Really Work

Supermarket shelves are full of different goods that can satisfy any taste, and we often buy foods that we don’t want to eat immediately. Alas, many of them go bad, and we have to throw them away....

Snapcall for LiveChat: Unlimited voice and video calls right inside the chat

Discussion | Link

36 Products If You've Got 99 Problems And All Of Them Are In Your Home

Stains, clutter, and smells won't be your problems anymore.

Astroworld Security Guard Felt Unprepared, Training Day Before Festival

Many wonder why nobody working security at Astroworld Fest didn't do more to stop the show as the tragedy unfolded  ... and one guard says it's because they were woefully unprepared. Darius...

Dan Bilzerian Claims He Had $1 Million Watch Stolen at Canelo Alvarez Fight

Dan Bilzerian claims someone jacked his luxury timepiece right off his wrist during the Canelo Alvarez boxing match in Las Vegas ... and now the cops are involved. The playboy poker player tells...

A history teacher told her students Trump was still president. She’s been removed from the school

The teacher has been removed from the California middle school, and leaders say they're taking steps to "ensure that this does not happen again."

How behavioral science could get people back into public libraries

What keeps someone from activating their library card or returning a book? Brooklyn Public Library worked with behavioral science experts to find out, and test ways to break down those barriers....

John Doerr on addressing climate change: ‘Ideas are easy. Execution is everything’

The famed investor explains his approach to fighting the climate crisis, as outlined in his new book ‘Speed & Scale.’ In 2006, I hosted a dinner after a screening of An Inconvenient Truth, former...

Trump makes — and loses

The Archives indicated it would turn documents over to lawmakers by Friday.

Your head is humming and it won't go, in case you don't know

Fifty years of Led Zeppelin's Stairway to Heaven — the epic all epics are measured against. Atlantic Records sent promo copies of Stairway to Heaven to American radio stations, which lapped up the...

Vanessa Bryant's lawyers argue jury should assume crash photos were widely shared

The motion for spoliation sanctions is the latest move in the lawsuit by the widow of Kobe Bryant for severe emotional distress after learning that deputies and firefighters shared images of the...

Biden wants unvaccinated workers to pay for Covid testing. Business could still end up footing the bill

The prospect of hitting businesses with new testing costs as many struggle to staff back up could harden opposition to Biden’s plan, and hamper the president’s latest push to end the pandemic.

Woman pleads guilty after decades of doctoring test results regarding steel utilized to make...

Elaine Marie Thomas, 67, plead guilty to fraud following more than 30 years of falsifying the outcomes of strength tests conducted on steel that was utilized to make Navy submarines, according to...

Howard Stern bashes Aaron Rodgers over vaccine controversy, says he should have been thrown out...

Talk radio icon Howard Stern ripped into Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers for remaining unvaccinated, and said he should have been kicked out of the NFL. Stern made the comments on...

All Of Diageo’s 2021 Special Release Single Malts, Ranked

We're diving into the 8 single malts from the 2021 Special Release Legends Untold whiskies. Here are our thoughts.

House passes bipartisan infrastructure bill

The major bipartisan infrastructure bill, which was passed by the Senate back in August, was passed by the House on Friday, with a handful of Republican votes. AP: Biden hails infrastructure win...

Leonardo DiCaprio May Play Infamous Jonestown Cult Leader Jim Jones, Who Drove His Flock To Mass Suicide

The Oscar-winning movie star will play one of the most notorious mass murderers of the 20th century.

WATCH LIVE: Centennial commemoration of the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier

For the first time in nearly 100 years, the public will be able to walk on the plaza and lay flowers before the tomb on Nov. 9 and 10.

This Anti-Acne Pillowcase Actually Helped My Skin (& Is $20 Off)

Changing my pillowcase every five days, well, changed my life. *Cue dramatic music.* How could such a simple act make such a big difference? I first realized that my Nestle Crunch-bar-esque cheek...

A Woman Described The Emotional And Physical Scars Left By The “Unite The Right” Rally During...

“I was confused. I was scared. I was worried about all the people that were there.”

News Wrap: U.S. reopens to vaccinated international travelers

In our news wrap Monday, the United States fully reopens to most travelers for the first time since before the pandemic. The U.S. charged two hackers -- a Ukrainian and a Russian -- in a string of...

You Have One Week Left to Claim Your $1,800 Advance Child Tax Benefit

If you don’t normally file a tax return and haven’t received your child tax benefit yet, it’s not too late to receive a lump sum advance payment of $1,800 per child in December. However, you’ll...

How to Prevent Eczema Flare-Ups This Winter

If you get the dry, itchy patches of skin known as eczema, you’ve probably noticed that they’re more likely to flare up as the weather gets cool. Here are some tips for preventing those flare-ups,...

A Missing Teenager Used A Hand Gesture She'd Seen On TikTok To Alert A Driver To Call 911

The gesture, which involves tucking in the thumb into the open palm and closing the four other fingers over the thumb, was developed to help domestic violence survivors.

Do We Really Need An Anti-Woke University?

The new University of Austin seeks to be higher education's premier institution of monetizing moral panics.

How World War I Turned Soldiers Into Tourists

The image would look right at home on Instagram: a group of seemingly carefree young men in uniform flirting with two fashionable women on a sunny summer day on New York’s Brighton Beach. But the...

The Fed warns of social media ‘echo chambers’ that pump up meme stocks

A Federal Reserve report found the financial system showed broad signs of resilience, but it suggested so-called meme stocks could pose some risks.

How to Stop Grinding Your Teeth

“Unclench your jaw” has become a meme. It's also good advice.

Josh Hawley Slams Video Games As Threat To American Masculinity After Bullshit Sniper Ends His...

ORLANDO—Attacking the “idleness,” that leads men to just hide up in an attic on the Provence map, Missouri Sen. Josh Hawley slammed video games Monday as a threat to masculinity after a “bullshit...

Help! I Can't Believe What I Caught My Son Masturbating To

We simply have no words, when we found out what this kid was caught looking at. A real Oedipus complex, here.

Ithaca To Be First US City To Decarbonize All Buildings

Ithaca, NY has voted to fully decarbonize all of its 6,000 buildings, which account for 40% of its greenhouse gas emissions, in the first phase of a novel 100% carbon-free city climate policy that...

15 Scary Good Menswear Deals to Unleash Your Wildest Fits

Unprecedented savings on designers like Wales Bonner, Issey Miyake, Beams Plus, and more.

COP26 Climate Pledges: What Scientists Think so Far

India's Prime Minister Narendra Modi speaks during the World Leaders' Summit "Accelerating Clean Technology Innovation and Deployment" session on day three of COP26 on November 02, 2021 in...

Jimmy Stewart Museum in Indiana, Pennsylvania

James Stewart's easy-going persona made him one of the greatest actors of the golden age of Hollywood. People around the world spend their Christmases watching him star in the most famous...

Getting a New Car? Here’s What You Need to Know About Insurance

Buying or leasing your first car is often about more than practical transportation; it’s a major rite of passage. You’ve got your own set of wheels — which means freedom! Convenience! Agency!  But...

Secrets of the Death Chamber

They executed people for the state of South Carolina. For some, it nearly destroyed them.

The American Christmas Tree Association Is Warning of a Christmas Tree Shortage in 2021

Climate change has hit Christmas tree farms hard. Thanks to supply chain issues, artificial tree vendors haven’t fared much better.

Why the US nursing crisis is getting worse

Burnout, vaccine hesitancy, and plum traveling gigs are making it harder for hospitals to hire the nurses they need. Covid-19 may no longer be surging widely across the United States, but...

The paradox of American freedom

“The idea that we can enjoy the benefits of society while owing nothing in return is literally infantile. Only children owe nothing.” — Sebastian Junger America is uniquely obsessed with...

Build a Breakfast Food Tower With This Waffle Maker That Cooks Up LEGO-Like Bricks

The Waffle Wow! by CucinaPro turns batter into LEGO brick-shaped pieces, and it's available on Amazon for $60.

The Great Organic-Food Fraud

There’s no way to confirm that a crop was grown organically. Randy Constant exploited our trust in the labels—and made a fortune.

Elon Musk’s ‘Ticking Tax Time Bomb’

Is the Tesla chief about to sell a big chunk of his shares?

North Carolina Appeals Courts Have Never Found That Prosecutors Discriminated Against Black...

The state’s appellate courts could give new trials to two Black men who claim prosecutors discriminated against potential jurors. The post North Carolina Appeals Courts Have Never Found That...

After Afghanistan Disaster, the Pentagon Is on Track to Get Even More Money

The defeat in Afghanistan offers a chance to rethink America's war machine, but Congress is on the verge of raising military spending to $740 billion. The post After Afghanistan Disaster, the...

California police respond to shopping mall amid reports of active shooter

There was a large police presence at a Northern California shopping mall Friday night amid reports of an active shooter.

Packers coach Matt LeFleur unlikely to watch Aaron Rodgers' controversial interview

Green Bay Packers coach Matt LaFleur told reporters Friday he had no plans to watch Aaron Rodgers’ interview about defending his decision to forgo the coronavirus vaccine.

How Hollywood’s biggest stars lost their clout

Streaming has changed the economics of talent

An effective new drug to treat covid-19 emerges from Merck

It hopes to make the drug available in poor countries as well as rich ones