Fossilized egg contains remains of the world’s most complete baby dinosaur

Scientists have discovered a fossilized egg containing the world’s most complete baby dinosaur. The exquisitely preserved embryo was lying in a bird-like posture just before hatching. Unfortunately, an international team of researchers says it died about 70 million years ago, before having a chance to hatch.

Certain personality traits may explain why people binge-watch TV shows

Netflix, Hulu, Disney Plus are just a few of the many streaming services that have taken the world by storm. During the COVID-19 pandemic, these services have only boomed, bringing about the all too common phenomenon we know as binge-watching.

Massive skull fossil points to a prehistoric sea monster being Earth’s first giant

A giant prehistoric sea monster found in one of the driest places on Earth shows how quickly the species evolved in size, a new study reveals. An international team believes this gigantic creature lived 244 million years ago, when a vast ocean covered the United States.

10 minutes of running makes people happier and boosts brain performance

A quick, 10-minute run may be all you need to boost your mood and think more quickly, a recent study reveals.

Scientists move one step closer to creating a dog allergy vaccine

Dog allergies keep many prospective pet owners from adopting a furry friend, but scientists are now one step closer to changing all that. Researchers from Osaka Prefecture University say they’ve identified a series of molecules that may explain why people have allergic reactions to dogs and also reveal how to cure them.

COVID may be one or two variants away from defeating vaccines, study warns

The Omicron variant is providing scientists with more evidence that COVID-19 is now capable of evading the current antibody treatments and vaccines available, a new study warns. Researchers from Columbia University suggest that new versions of the coronavirus vaccine may be necessary sooner rather than later to end the pandemic.

Mesmerizing time-lapse images capture flames bursting from the Sun’s surface

Spectacular time-lapse images shot by an Israeli astrophotographer offer a fantastic look at flames flickering along the surface of the sun. Deddy Dayag, 39, used two super powerful telescopes to film the sun’s surface over several hours in order to create mesmerizing time-lapse videos.

Genetic variant in some people makes eating sugar healthy

Could sugary sweets actually be a healthy part of your diet? Believe it or not, it happens to be a fact for some people living in Greenland who carry a very special genetic variant.

Two supermassive black holes headed for dramatic collision, will create ‘one monster’ black hole

Astronomers have detected two supermassive black holes spiraling toward a cataclysmic collision. As one of the closest pairs discovered to date, they will eventually merge into one colossal cosmic abyss. The event will send out gravitational waves — ripples in space and time predicted in Albert Einstein’s general theory of relativity.

One year later, 3 in 4 Republicans still claim Joe Biden ‘stole’ the 2020 election

Joe Biden’s presidential win remains in question, a full year after one of the most controversial elections in history. A new survey reveals that three in four Republicans continue to say Biden is not the rightful presidential winner.

Over half of adults admit they have conversations with inanimate objects, plants, and pets

Many people act a bit “differently” within the privacy of their own home, but a new survey finds most adults are actually having full-on conversations with items that can’t talk back!

Omega-3 supplements won’t prevent depression, study says

Are fish oil supplements containing lots of omega-3 fatty acid a viable way to help prevent depression? According to new research, the answer is no.

Doctors becoming overwhelmed by constant visits from ‘frequent attenders’

Is there such a thing as going to the doctor too much? A new study finds family doctors are being overwhelmed by “frequent attenders” who visit their practices five times more often than other patients.

New jaw muscle layer discovered by scientists rewrites human anatomy

Somehow, the human anatomy continues to surprise. Swiss researchers report the discovery of a new jaw muscle layer, that somehow, has gone unnoticed until now.

COVID-19 variants detected in U.S. deer, virus capable of jumping to humans

Deer may be the next carriers of COVID-19 who are able to infect humans, a new study warns. Scientists at The Ohio State University report that they have detected at least three variants of the virus in wild white-tailed deer throughout the state.

Money matters: 3 in 4 fear inflation will ruin their financial goals for 2022

Mark your calendars: two-thirds of Americans are hyping up 2022 as the year to become more financially stable. A survey of 2,000 U.S. residents found 76 percent have a new year’s resolution centered around being smarter with their finances, up from 73 percent who stated the same last year.

Americans may unknowingly show racial bias towards emails from Black senders, study claims

Does racial bias unknowingly influence how people go through their emails? A new study claims that people are less likely to reply to an email if they believe the sender is Black.

School uniforms don’t improve student behavior, study says

For those who hated wearing a school uniform growing up, a new study is reinforcing your argument. Researchers from The Ohio State University report requiring students to wear a uniform does not help to encourage better behavior.