It’s not brain surgery: Average person just as smart as rocket scientists & neurosurgeons!

Many people have heard the phrases “It’s not rocket science” or “It’s not brain surgery” — but what do they really mean? While the expressions place these professions on an intellectual pedestal, are rocket scientists and brain surgeons truly brainier than the ordinary person? A new study reveals the answer is actually no.

‘Silent’ COVID twice as prevalent as thought: 4 in 10 patients have no symptoms

Four in 10 COVID-19 patients are asymptomatic carriers of the virus responsible for over 800,000 deaths in the United States, a new study warns. Researchers from China say a global study of almost 30 million people found “silent” cases of the virus are twice as prevalent than previous estimates feared.

Anti-wrinkle cream ingredient collagen could hold the key to curing cancer

A substance that the body creates naturally and is also an ingredient in anti-wrinkle creams could hold the key to stopping the spread of cancer.

Einstein proven right again! Study of extreme stars confirms theory of general relativity

Chalk up another win for the famous theoretical physicist Albert Einstein. A 16-year experiment which tried to challenge Einstein’s theory of general relativity has come to a not-so-surprising conclusion — Einstein was right all along.

Breakthrough cases of COVID-19 among vaccinated people leads to ‘super immunity’

Breakthrough cases of COVID-19 are becoming more common as new variants like Delta and Omicron emerge. While that may seem like bad news for vaccinated Americans, a new study finds there’s a silver lining to this problem.

NASA space probe makes history by ‘touching’ the outermost layer of the Sun

A NASA spacecraft has made scientific history after becoming the first probe to actually “touch” the Sun! The Parker Solar Probe successfully entered the Sun’s corona — the outermost layer of a star’s atmosphere — which maintains a scorching temperature of roughly two million degrees Fahrenheit.

Political polarization in U.S. may be reaching an irreversible ‘tipping point’

Talking politics during the holidays can turn family gatherings into hostile debates very fast. While most people eventually forgive and forget these political disagreements, is there a point of no return where Americans can no longer co-exist with each other?

Surgeons successfully transplant pig kidney into a human body

With organ donors always in short supply, an ongoing study has identified a possible alternative — animal organs. Researchers from New York University Langone Health say they have successfully completed a xenotransplantation — meaning taking an organ from one species and implanting it into another — not once, but twice.

Muscles can balloon in size as a strange new side-effect of COVID-19

COVID-19 could lead to a person’s muscles swelling in size, according to new study of critically ill patients. Researchers in Belgium discovered that some individuals with a severe case of the virus saw their muscle fibers balloon by over 60 percent while in the hospital.

4 in 5 U.S. workers say they support their jobs hiring people with criminal records

Criminal records can become a major barrier for people seeking a job. Even though most U.S. states now have laws that prevent employers from asking about a person’s prior convictions, a new poll finds 82 percent of U.S. workers say their job application included questions about their criminal record.

Cannabis for kids? Medical marijuana treatment reduces seizures in children with epilepsy by 86 percent

Medical marijuana may soon have a controversial new group of users — children. A new study reveals children with epilepsy saw tremendous benefits after using the once-illegal drug, lowering the frequency of their seizures by a staggering 86 percent.

Healthcare crisis: 1 in 3 are skipping vital medical care due to the cost

Sticker shock from medical bills is something many Americans are quite familiar with. Unfortunately, as the coronavirus pandemic drags on, the rising cost of medical care is causing one in three people to skip treatment altogether.

Could sharks be the key to stopping COVID-19, avoiding future pandemics?

Maybe “Jaws” was just misunderstood after all. Although many people have a natural fear of sharks, these furious fish may help scientists fight COVID-19 and future variants.

Stress drives women to drink alcohol excessively more than men

Stress, by itself, appears to be a bigger trigger of excessive drinking among women than it is for men, a new study reveals.

Superhero lifestyles will lead to chronic health issues in old age, movie study shows

Think your favorite comic book superhero is invincible? Think again. A study of superheroes and their lifestyles shows many of them will suffer from chronic health conditions in old age.

Blood from physically fit people could help protect brains of couch potatoes

A treatment that protects couch potatoes against brain diseases could be on the horizon. Scientists at the Stanford School of Medicine have identified a brain-boosting protein in the blood of extremely active mice.

Does LeBron James’ powder toss boost his performance? Study shows pre-game rituals help athletes play better

In an athlete’s mind, their pre-game rituals are essential. LeBron James’ powder throw and Ray Lewis’ animated dance out of the tunnel at home games are two of the most well-known pre-game routines. Is it possible that these pre-performance routines actually help an athlete play better?

Meds not needed: For anxiety sufferers, exercise proves to be a powerfully effective treatment

People who suffer from anxiety know that its effects can plague them for years, if not for much of their lives. Of course, there’s no simple remedy to entirely get rid of anxious thoughts and feelings, but recent research shows that regularly exercising for at least three months can greatly reduce anxiety levels.