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Internet Backs Woman Refusing to Give Estranged Dad Her Kidney

"I was hurt by this as he clearly only reached out to me as a last resort, and saw me as nothing more than a back up to try and get an organ," she said.

3 Stocks to Buy Before You Kiss 2021 Goodbye

The clock is ticking until the final closing bell of the year. Position your portfolio with promising growth stocks before 2022 arrives.

This Growth Stock Could Be a Surprise Metaverse Pick in 2022

Chip stock investors should not count Intel out as a metaverse play.

Market Snapshot: Dow, S&P 500 poised for modest rise toward new records in 2021’s penultimate session

U.S. stocks look to extend their advance toward records, with investor buying driven at least partly by the belief that an omicron won't hurt business activity.

Stocks making the biggest moves premarket: Biogen, JetBlue, Didi and others

These are the stocks posting the largest moves before the bell.

See what merchant mariners eat while stuck for months at sea on a container ship

During the holidays, meal times are a source of community for merchant mariners that must work through Thanksgiving and New Years.

The Queen of Stonks: How Nancy Pelosi became the biggest meme in investing

Nancy Pelosi. Speaker of the United States House of Representatives, and star stock-picker.

5 Tips For Implementing A Multichannel Marketing Strategy

The idea behind this marketing strategy is to target consumers on all platforms where they are most likely to be found in order to increase awareness for your brand or company.

Why Product Visuals In 3D Are More Cost-Effective Than Photography

While anyone can source a 3-D designer, there are limitations to this approach. Converting your products to 3-D is really only the first step.

Internet Appalled by 'Creepy' Texts Sent to Widow From Late Husband's Coworker

A widow has shared the highly inappropriate messages she received from her husband's coworker following his death, and many online are repulsed.

Ex-Afghan president says had no choice but to flee Kabul

Afghanistan's former president says he had just minutes to decide to flee in the hours before the Taliban took control of the capital in August

Top animal stories of 2021: viral moments from '7-Eleven bear' to hungry bald eagle

Here are five viral animal stories from 2021.

After ALS Struck, He Became The World's Most Advanced Cyborg

Scientist Dr. Peter Scott-Morgan is pushing the boundaries of what it means to be human.

5 Side Jobs That Will Pay You $20,000 Per Month By 2022

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Eye Opener: Ghislaine Maxwell found guilty of sex trafficking for Jeffrey Epstein

Ghislaine Maxwell has been convicted of being a part of Jeffrey Epstein’s sex abuse ring, with a jury finding her guilty on five out of six counts, including sex trafficking of a minor. Maxwell's...

Brooks' 3 TDs push Oklahoma past Oregon 47-32 in Alamo Bowl

Bob Stoops and Oklahoma were winners together again, just like old times.

Tiger bites arm of man reaching into enclosure at florida zoo..

For states with cold winters: More aid but also rising costs

The news is a mixed bag for people in need of heating assistance who see a cold winter bearing down

Where is your Ceteris Parabis now? [Awkward]

How to purge risky chemicals from your beauty products

Eliminating endocrine disruptors is harder than you might think. Six years ago, I felt a lump in my breast and felt utterly betrayed by my body. Three exams, two ultrasounds, and one biopsy...

15 Pics That Are Not What They Seem at First Sight

It might seem impossible to look at an image for one second and manage to understand it in such a short time. It’s been proven that our brain can actually identify images in the blink of an eye —...

For states with cold winters: More aid but also rising costs

Raymond Archer was on the verge of losing his home during the cold Maine winter last year when government assistance came to the rescue, and he's prepared for this season to be even more...

Probation granted Pierce City man in domestic assault, sexual abuse cases

Dec. 30—MOUNT VERNON, Mo. — A Pierce City man was granted suspended sentences and probation this month when he pleaded guilty to domestic assault and sexual abuse charges. Curtis W. Briggs, 49,...

The Morning After: 30 percent brighter OLED TVs are coming

While I didn’t get it in time for our best buys of 2021, I am now the proud owner of an LG C1 OLED TV. It is beautiful, does 4K, HDR, variable refresh rates and more. Everything looks amazing on...

Changes in Dutch streets throughout the years (photo album)

Top Chinese Quant Fund Apologizes to Investors After Recent Struggles

High-Flyer Quant, which uses artificial-intelligence technology to pick domestic yuan-denominated stocks, is languishing after a bout of underperformance in recent months.

Cotton Bowl 2021: Odds, Daily Fantasy Tips for Cincinnati vs. Alabama

As the heavy favorite to win the Cotton Bowl, Alabama is expected to score a lot of points and power its way back to the College Football Playoff National Championship...

FA Center: Look for the best dividend-paying stocks to stay in the money in 2022 and beyond

High-quality dividend-paying stocks, relative to bonds, now offer compelling value.

Gator Bowl 2021: Odds, Daily Fantasy Tips for Wake Forest vs. Rutgers

The Gator Bowl features one of the most pronounced mismatches of the entire FBS bowl season. The Wake Forest Demon Deacons were one of the biggest surprises of the campaign, as they...

Queen Mary 2' won't return to New York after dropping off 10 Covid-positive passengers

The cruise liner Queen Mary 2, on route to New York from Southhampton, UK, will not make its planned return to the Big Apple after a Covid outbreak onboard.

China bans footballers from getting tattoos

China has banned footballers from getting tattoos and ordered those with existing ones to remove or cover them up to set a "good example for society," according to a directive issued by the...

Anti-Trans Violence and Rhetoric Reached Record Highs Across America in 2021

2021 was the deadliest year for transgender and gender non-conforming people in the U.S. on record. At least 50 trans and gender non-conforming people were killed this year alone, per a report by...

China plans to become a global innovation hub for robotics by 2025; its manufacturing robot...

Chinese robotics market is projected to expand at 20% through to 2025, when the government is aiming to double manufacturing robot density and drive adoption in key sectors including automobile and mining.

Why 2021 Was a Watershed Year for Press Freedoms

On May 23, a control tower radioed a Ryanair jetliner that it had a bomb on board. A fighter jet appeared off its wing, and Flight FR4978, en route from Greece to Lithuania, was compelled to make...

Fireworks could fizzle out as drones rise in popularity for new year

Use of the devices has taken off in recent years, with apparent benefits including less distress to animalsAs new year approaches, crowds around the world may be expecting whizzes and bangs to...

I genuinely thought we had a good chance'

England pace bowler James Anderson says he believed the side "genuinely had a good chance" of beating Australia in the Ashes.

Taloflow (YC W21) Is Hiring a Dev Tools Research Manager

The relentless 2021 news cycle in one chart

Data: Google Trends; Chart: Jared Whalen/AxiosBetween a siege on the Capitol building, a Texas snowstorm, Brood X cicadas, the Olympics and a stuck container ship in the Suez Canal — not to...

Cryptocurrencies: ethereum will challenge the hegemony of bitcoin

Results of a network upgrade in 2022 will appeal to eco-conscious crypto fans

2021 CBS News polling: What Americans thought about COVID-19, Biden, the January 6 attack and more

In 2021, CBS News polled thousands of Americans on the biggest events in a year like none other. Here's a month-by-month look at highlights from those polls.

Walmart drew one in four dollars spent on click and collect

Walmart drew one in four dollars spent on click and collect — with room to grow in 2022  CNBC

Walmart drew one in four dollars spent on click and collect

Sales in click and collect are expected to jump by nearly 20% to an estimated $120.15 billion in 2022, according to the market research firm.

Walmart drew one in four dollars spent on click and collect

Walmart drew one in four dollars spent on click and collect — with room to grow in 2022  CNBC

Can US investment really ease Central America’s migrant crisis?

Biden is leaning on US companies to convince migrants from El Salvador, Honduras, and Guatemala to stay home. The Biden administration announced another round of private investment in Guatemala,...

Why Do We Count Down to the New Year?

Why Do We Count Down to the New Year?  Smithsonian

The Science Behind Champagne Bubbles

The Science Behind Champagne Bubbles | Innovation  Smithsonian

Too Much Future Makes the Present Miserable

Trend forecasters want to sell you your own uncertainty—and the more uncertain you are, the more lucrative a crystal ball gets.

The Excruciating Evolution of Luxury Watches

Always looking to the next technical challenge, many high-end timepieces are perpetually undergoing R&D.

A Bad Year for Hydrogen Stocks Was Good for Hydrogen Companies

The sector’s growth prospects are more sensibly valued after a year of deflating stock prices and industrial progress.

Biden, Putin to hold call as Russia-Ukraine tension smolders

WILMINGTON, Del. (AP) — Presidents Joe Biden and Vladimir Putin are set to discuss the Russian troop buildup near Ukraine during their second call in recent weeks amid little progress toward...

This indicator flashed warnings in 2000 and 2007

This indicator flashed warnings in 2000 and 2007 — and it's buzzing now  MarketWatchView Full Coverage on Google News

Tumblr blocks tags for 'sensitive content' in order to stay on the App Store

Tumblr has restricted what its users can see on its iOS app in an effort to make sure it doesn't get kicked out of Apple's App Store again. One of the steps it has taken to comply with Apple's...

15 Conservation Issues to Watch in 2022

A bicolored striped-sweat bee on a dahlia.

Lebron at 37: where he stands among all-time greats..

Tiger shot and dies at Naples Zoo in Florida after biting cleaner's arm

Tiger shot and dies at Naples Zoo in Florida after biting cleaner's arm  BBC NewsTiger killed after attacking worker who entered enclosure at Florida zoo | ABC7  ABC7Tiger fatally shot after...

Liverpool bomber made device with murderous intent, coroner says

Emad Al Swealmeen was killed when his homemade bomb went off outside Liverpool Women's Hospital.

Belly dance is being hidden in Egypt’: the performer hoping for Unesco heritage status

As the traditional dance is increasingly associated with nightclub culture, Amie Sultan seeks to change perceptions of the artform and those who perform itAs a trickle of tourists slowly returns...

I'm pretty sure my boss wouldn't believe me if I told him I couldn't come to work because the...

Hong Kong editors charged with sedition, US criticizes raid

HONG KONG (AP) — Two former editors from a Hong Kong online pro-democracy news outlet were charged with sedition and denied bail Thursday, a day after one of the last openly critical voices in the...

Making Sense of Covid Changes

What experts say about new C.D.C. rules and rising case numbers.

COVID-19: Staff shortages stoke fears at hospital near Paris

"There are currently 20% of intensive care beds in the Ile-de-France region that are closed due to lack of personnel," revealed Paris hospital's deputy director, Yohann Mourier.

Social Democrat leader Dimitar Kovacevski elected as new North Macedonia PM

After receiving the mandate he has 20 days to propose a new government to Parliament. His new cabinet is expected to be elected by mid-January.

Italy’s Cinecittà Studios Ink Backlot Expansion Deal Deemed Crucial For Planned Revamp

Italy’s Cinecittà Studios has signed a preliminary agreement with state bank Cassa Depositi e Prestiti to acquire a plot of land adjacent to the Rome filming facilities. The land will give them...

Wearing masks outdoors mandatory in Paris starting Friday

Wearing masks even outdoors will be mandatory in Paris starting on Friday, French authorities have announced, as the country struggles to come to grips with an Omicron surge. France is leading Europe…

2021: Farewell to a Stupid Year

Editor’s note: This essay by David Corn first appeared in his new newsletter, This Land. But we wanted to make sure as many readers as possible have a chance to see it. This Land is written by...

Guerrero: In a year of plague and insurrection, a longboard saved me

Longboard dancing offers a refuge from an unraveling world. As viral skater Nathan Apodaca says, "It's very freakin' therapeutical."

Monster: José Mourinho (and His Fans)

As usual, the staff of Mother Jones is rounding up the heroes and monsters of the past year. Find all of 2021’s heroes and monsters here. The low point was probably March 18, 2021. It was utterly...

Donald Trump may finally face prosecution in the New Year: But the trauma won't end there

American greed and ignorance created Donald Trump. Will America finally muster the courage to rid ourselves of him?

Hmmmm: The Political Gabfest’s Annual Conundrums Edition

Would you rather be slightly trapped or slightly lost?

Give Your Money. Give Your Time. Don’t Tell Anyone

“How to Build a Life” is a weekly column by Arthur Brooks, tackling questions of meaning and happiness. Click here to listen to his new podcast series on all things happiness, How to Build a Happy...

A Neuroscientist Prepares for Death

When a routine echocardiogram revealed a large mass next to my heart, the radiologist thought it might be a hiatal hernia—a portion of my stomach poking up through my diaphragm to press against...

Help! My Spouse Assured Me She Wasn’t a Disney Freak When We Married. That Was a “Psychotic Lie.”

I have a zero-tolerance policy, and she’s breaking it.

41 Super Unique Products For Anyone Who Wants To Feel More Adventurous In 2022

2021 you is *so* jealous of 2022 you.

Denver Shootings Suspect Wrote Books Previewing Attacks

A man accused of killing five people in Denver is believed to have written fictional books self-published online that named some of his real-life victims.

J. & J. Booster Protects Against Severe Omicron, Study Says

Two shots of the vaccine reduced the risk of hospitalization from the fast-spreading variant by 85 percent, a clinical trial found.

Holiday climate chaos: It was warmer in Alaska than Southern California this week

All-time Alaska temperature record for December "pulverized" as "climate change continues to push the envelope"

Can Snowmobiling Really Go Electric?

The beloved winter pastime has long been a massive polluter. Canadian startup Taiga Motors set out to transform the industry into something more environmentally friendly—and the big manufacturers...

Officials promise groceries for Xi'an, China, city of 13 million under lockdown

Officials pledged steady deliveries of groceries to residents of Xi'an, a city of 13 million that is under the strictest lockdown of a major Chinese city since Wuhan at the start of the pandemic.

Americans fume as the pandemic scrambles New Year's Eve celebrations again

Skyrocketing COVID-19 case rates have caused officials In New York City and elsewhere to scale back their New Year's Eve celebrations. Around the country, people are facing tough decisions.

Why Are Liberal ‘Don’t Look Up’ Stans Attacking Film Critics?

On Wednesday, director, screenwriter, and producer Adam McKay inserted himself into an ongoing debate on Twitter between critics and more passionate admirers of his latest Netflix film Don’t Look...

Florida Will Party on New Year’s Eve as Cases Hit Record Highs: ‘Nobody Cares’

As 2021 concludes with record numbers of new COVID-19 cases in Florida and the nation as a whole, Dr. Claudia Espinosa plans to spend New Year’s Eve quietly with her family in their Tampa home.“I...

The Running Shoes We’re Most Excited to Try in 2022

Advanced road racers, trail super shoes, and adaptable carbon fiber are some of the promises of the coming year The post The Running Shoes We’re Most Excited to Try in 2022  appeared first on...

European stocks make muted gains as investors consider outlook for 2022

US equity futures inch up after the S&P 500 reaches record closing high in previous session

Stockshark Trading API: Trade stocks, FX, options & crypto with a single API

“ Hi all, I wanted to share with you our startup that takes a significant improved approach to API trading. We allow users to integrate their brokerage...

18 People Who Achieved Personal Wins Despite Difficulties in 2021

Sometimes we forget to appreciate ourselves and our own achievements. It’s good to take a look back and praise yourself for every success that you had in 2021. There is nothing that can’t be fixed...

Apptopia Blog

The top downloaded mobile apps for 2021, according to Apptopia.

Kidnapped as a Boy, This Man’s Hand-Drawn Map of Home Helped Him Find His Mom

After posting a map online of his childhood home drawn from memory, it took only days for the 37-year-old to find his birth mother.

I Know What I Saw"

The BBC have decided that the weird and the spooky gets listeners, and released a podcast series called The Uncanny presented by Danny Robins, which has grown a community of listeners who listen...

A to Z of Product-Led Growth: Learn to build profitable startups the product-led way

“ Hey People! I am Prashant, a product manager by heart and currently in the journey of building a home for product managers to build wonderful products together with their users and...

Harry Jowsey Teases What to Expect in Sex Tape, Potential Partner

Harry Jowsey is about to get too hot to handle all over again -- assuming he actually releases a sex tape he says he has ... which is apparently intense AF. The reality TV star broke down his...

31 Packing Tips For Anyone Who Doesn't Want To Pay For Checked Luggage In 2022

Raise your hand if you consider a second suitcase your "personal item" in the "one full-size carry-on and one personal item" rule.

So I'm an incel with a small dick and audacity because I have a height preference just like her

Skater Ryan Sheckler 'Memba Him?!

Orange County kid Ryan Sheckler brought the world to a grinding halt when he shredded his way to the tops of the podium at an early age as a child skateboard prodigy ... who was flipping his way...

J&J's booster shown effective against Covid hospitalization

The results mark the first evidence of the effectiveness of such a vaccine boost while Omicron is circulating.

L.A. County sheriff's deputies shoot woman in Carson

The woman was reportedly armed with a knife and gun, and allegedly pointed the gun at deputies, authorities said.

7 lessons from 2020 that we forgot in 2021

Everything we learned during the Worst Year Ever—from how to treat employees to how to treat a public health crisis—seems to have been memory-holed. It turns out 2020 wasn’t as much like Groundhog...

Health becomes everybody’s business,’ and other predictions from the frontlines

Fast Company Impact Council members from J&J, Anthem, March of Dimes, and other organizations forecast a spotlight on health equity. The quest for health equity—when every person has access to...

We needed a break from cancer. So we drove an RV across the country and learned some unexpected things

Our most enduring takeaway wasn’t so much the overwhelming beauty, what learned about this country and its people.

Mother Admits to Pushing 9-Year-Old Son to His Death

The boy was pushed from the 23rd floor of a Tokyo hotel the family was staying in.

Craft Beer Experts Name The Beers They’ll Be Drinking On NYE Instead Of Champagne

Swap these craft beers out for champers on NYE.

She was in Abiy Ahmed’s cabinet as war broke out. Now she wants to set the record straight

FDA authorizes Siemens Healthineers' at-home COVID test

The Biden administration announced Wednesday that the FDA has approved the emergency use authorization of an at-home COVID-19 test manufactured by German company Siemens Healthineers.Why it...

I Thought I Knew Harry Reid. I Was Wrong

The pol I once scoffed at for embodying the worst of American politics turned out to be one of the most morally effective leaders the Democratic Party has ever seen.

Probe pertaining to former CNN employee has been initiated regarding 'serious allegations...

A former CNN worker who served as a senior producer on Jake Tapper's "The Lead" is being investigated in connection with allegations pertaining to potential minor victims, Fox News reported,...

You won't believe this guy's crafting skills! So cool!

"I had a photo of the throne in front of me to use as a reference while building this. I didn't have any measurements though, I just kind of 'wung' it, and worked on each individual piece as I...

Saif Ali Khan Wraps ‘Vikram Vedha’ Second Schedule (EXCLUSIVE)

Saif Ali Khan (“Bunty Aur Babli 2”) has wrapped a 19-day filming schedule in the northern Indian city of Lucknow for Bollywood film “Vikram Vedha.” Also starring Hrithik Roshan (“War”), the film...

Alan Dershowitz, Implicated in Jeffrey Epstein Sex Ring, Analyzes Ghislaine Maxwell Guilty Verdict on BBC

The network inexplicably brought on the Harvard professor, who has been accused of (and denied) sexually assaulting Epstein accuser Virginia Giuffre

The IRS says criminals must report their ill-gotten gains as income

While Uncle Sam demands a portion of law-abiding Americans' hard-earned money in taxes each year, even criminals are supposed to report their earnings to the U.S. government, according to the...

Whiskey Writers, Experts, And Influencers Name Their Favorite Bottles Of 2021

We reached out to some of our favorite whiskey friends to find out which bottles they loved this year. Here are their picks!

LL Cool J Nixes ‘New Year’s Rockin’ Eve’ Performance Due to Positive Covid-19 Test

Chlöe also cancels her upcoming appearance at ABC's Times Square show

Tom Brady says the next sideline Surface he yeets will cost him

On the Sunday Night Football stage, December 19th, Tom Brady and the Buccaneers were swept for the second consecutive regular season against the Saints — a frustrating shut-out loss that had Brady...

A vehicle burned at Canoo’s headquarters after a battery test

A vehicle at EV startup Canoo burned on August 24th after lithium-ion batteries left inside the car started a fire. The local fire department was able to extinguish the blaze and no one was...

Sex trafficker Ghislaine Maxwell found guilty

Ghislaine Maxwell, the longtime partner of and procurer for billionaire pedophile Jeffrey Epstein, was today found guilty of sex trafficking and four other counts in a New York courtroom. Jurors...

Video footage of the Merry Prankster's Acid Test Graduation Ceremony

The Acid Test Graduation Ceremony contains footage from 1966 of The Merry Pranksters, a traveling commune famous for partaking in group LSD experiments and riding around the United States in a bus...

U.S. sees rise in pediatric COVID patients as WHO warns of global 'tsunami' of cases

The World Health Organization is warning of a global "tsunami" of COVID cases as the omicron surge builds on the delta wave. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is reporting a...

News Wrap: Biden, Putin to hold another video conference amid Ukraine tensions:

In our news wrap Wednesday, the United States and Russia announced that Presidents Joe Biden and Vladimir Putin plan to speak by phone again Thursday. Shooting broke out between Israeli forces and...

Three Ways to Make the Most of Thinning Hair

None of which are a comb-over.

16 Very Relatable Tweets About New Year's Eve In 2021

“Hear me out what if instead of kissing someone at midnight on new years we just all collectively scream.”

From The Insurrection To AAVE, Here's How The BuzzFeed Copy Desk Thought About Language In 2021

Take a look back with us.

Jury Finds Ghislaine Maxwell Sex Trafficked A Minor For Jeffrey Epstein, Guilty On Five Of Six Counts

A jury found Ghislaine Maxwell guilty on five of six counts related to her role in Jeffrey Epstein's sexual abuse of minor girls between 1994 and 2004.

In the government’s closing argument, Assistant US Attorney Alison Moe described Maxwell as a...

In the government’s closing argument, Assistant US Attorney Alison Moe described Maxwell as a “dangerous” woman who “preyed on vulnerable kids.” Maxwell now faces decades in prison.

How TikTok Became 2021’s Biggest Fashion Influencer

This year, skinny jeans were declared over. So were side parts and laugh-cry emojis. Young content creators were invited to the Met Gala to sit side-by-side with some of fashion’s biggest names....

Our Year's Favorite Scenes Where Nature Gets Abstract

“What is art … but nature concentrated?” wrote French novelist Honoré de Balzac. At Atlas Obscura, we often find wonder and beauty in the Earth and its creatures, especially when they're seen from...

What Social Trends Told Us About the American Economy in 2021

“Hard pants,” R.T.O. and boomer burnout made for an eventful second pandemic year. They also taught us about the economic future.

29 Of The Best Planners For Starting Out The New Year Right

The still-kind-of-weird year of 2021 is finally about to exit the stage — which begs the question: Do you know what your 2022 goals are? Whether you hope to dream big, do more, or get organized in...

Svampen' in Stockholm, Sweden

Art and function don't always go hand in hand, and when they do, people will often insist on what they consider better and more practical solutions. The 'Svampen,' or "Mushroom" is no different....

Don’t Look Up's Ending Explained: Does Everyone Die?

In Adam McKay's end-of-the-world satire 'Don't Look Up,' two scientists (Leonardo DiCaprio and Jennifer Lawrence) attempt to warn the world that a giant comet is hurtling toward Earth at an...

After COVID-19 Successes, Researchers Push to Develop mRNA Vaccines for Other Diseases

The BioNTech–Pfizer vaccine against COVID-19 being prepared to vaccinate a patient in the UK.

How Long Does a Bottle of Wine Generally Last Once It's Opened?

It's true that wine starts to oxidize the moment you uncork it, but that's no reason to pour the leftovers down the drain.

Insecure Was About the Messiness of Love, and That's Why the Finale Was Perfect

The show's messy relationship with its audience was its own complex love story.

U.N. Power Broker Jeffrey Sachs Took Millions From the UAE to Research “Well-Being”

The happiness project might be easy to dismiss if it didn’t confer legitimacy on a repressive government. The post U.N. Power Broker Jeffrey Sachs Took Millions From the UAE to Research...

Virtual-property prices are going through the roof

Investors are paying hard currency for software real estate

Throw Out These Listeria-Ridden Salads, FDA Says

As handy as packaged salads can be—especially during the busy holidays—you may want to rethink using any currently in your fridge. That’s because Dole Fresh Vegetables has issued a voluntary,...

10 Things We Told You to Stop Doing in 2021

The end of the year is upon us. ‘Tis a time to blow all our unused FSA benefits on Band-Aids, reduce clutter, resolve to eat less junk and exercise more, and above all—stop doing things that no...

Poll: 43% Of Adults Say They Have Financially Cheated On Their Partner

According to a new poll, some 43% of adults with combined finances in a relationship said they’ve committed an act of financial deception, ranging from lying to their partner or spouse about money...

Disney’s Hall Of Presidents Opens Exhibit Of Historic Shadow Leaders Who Really Ran Country

ORLANDO, FL—Eschewing its typical round of publicity, Disney World quietly opened a side exhibit within its Hall Of Presidents attraction Wednesday featuring the historic shadow leaders who have...

Sports In 2021 Were Mostly Back To Normal … Except Who Won

When we looked back last December at the state of the sports world in 2020, we could only marvel at a bizarre juxtaposition: While the COVID-19 pandemic created the strangest year of sports in...

How the Pursuit of Unknown Viruses Risks Triggering the Next Pandemic

Pandemic prediction spawned a multimillion-dollar research industry, but many scientists warn that viral forecasting is a dangerous mirage. The post How the Pursuit of Unknown Viruses Risks...

Our Guide To The College Football Playoff Semifinals

For just the second time in seven seasons, the College Football Playoff includes three teams that didn’t qualify the previous season. Given that four programs at the Football Bowl Subdivision...

Jury in Holmes Trial Set to Deliberate for Fourth Day

A jury of eight men and four women deliberated for three days last week with no verdict in the case of the Theranos founder.

Why big law will keep getting bigger in the 2020s

Record profits—and a management revolution

The Fallen Mercenaries in Russia’s Dark Army

Former Ukrainian intelligence officers spent seven years compiling a database of Russia’s notorious mercenaries.

Longform's Best of 2021

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