Fascinating Photos Collected From The Wild West - Caveman Circus

3-3 minutes 11/30/2021

Seth Kinman a mountain man with great hunting skills. Sitting in a chair that he made for President Andrew Johnson. 1865, California

A miner’s cabin made from barrels in Tonopah, Nevada, c.1900

Harriet, Elizabeth, Lucie, and Ruth Chrisman at their sod house in Custer County, Nebraska, 1886.

Deadwood, SD 1877

“Old Flagstaff, Arizona” in 1883

Wild Bill (left) Texas Jack (standing) and Buffalo Bill (right), September, 1873.

James Brown Miller(aka Killin’ Jim) a hired killer of the west. Skilled gunfighter that served both as a lawman and outlaw. 1887, Texas\

He was said to have killed 12 people during gunfights. Miller was referred to by some by the alias “Deacon Jim” because he regularly attended the Methodist Church, and he did not smoke or drink. He was lynched in Ada, Oklahoma, in 1909 along with three other men, by a mob of residents angry that he had assassinated a former deputy U.S. marshal.

Crow’s Nest Pass Lumber Co. lumberjacks on a log jam in Bull River. British Columbia. ca 1910 – 1914, Southern Canada

In late 1887, Calamity Jane Canary and cowboy Teddy Blue Abbott, wearing each other’s hats, shared drinks at a saloon in Gilt Edge, Montana, where she was living for the winter, Montana

Calamity Jane was a notorious whiskey drunk. She sold her own daughter off into sex trafficking to pay off her bar tab. She also never bathed and smelled like a filthy, rotten hobo. Not many people in the Wild West became famous for how shitty they were, but Calamity Jane was right up there with Jesse James and William Bonney.

Homesteaders in Nebraska in 1888, Nebraska

Group of men assembled on the main street of Barkerville, preparing to leave on gold escort. Barkerville, Colony of British Columbia. 1865, Southern Canada

Homesteaders with covered wagons travel to the American west circa 1890.

In the 1800’s prostitution was legal in Arizona and many other states . The state of Arizona profited from bordellos through licensing, taxes and fines with prostitution in the 1800’s

Gold rush boomtown of Barkerville, British Columbia. Circa 1869, Southern Canada

Texas Rangers, Rio Grande City 1887

Billly The Kid (top hat) with ‘The Regulators’: Fred Waite, Henry Brown, and Dick Brewer, 1877, New Mexico

A family during their pursuit of a homestead in Montana. Taken in Nebraska, 1886, Nebraska

Robert McGee, the man who was scalped as a child by Native American warriors, 1864

Interior of the Long Branch Saloon in Dodge City, Kansas, sometime between 1870 and 1885

One of the last cowboys of the dying Old West chilling in Texas, 1910