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Bella Cooper 8-10 minutes 5/26/2021

Hotwife Erotica/ Cuckold Romance / [Unlocked Free Story]

My husband likes to feel the tension of something out of his grasp. Something taboo. I have a secret, and that’s the way my husband likes it!

All I was wearing was a T-shirt when he came into the bedroom. So far as I could tell, my husband was still out in the living room watching the game.

I had been teasing my husband's friends for a while. John was one of the guys that took it to heart. Much more than the others did.

I don’t know how to put it. He seemed to yearn for something more. I knew how he felt. I could feel the tension that had grown between us these past few weeks he’s come over to watch football. I liked the way he looked at me; I felt his eyes caressing me. My husband had long since stopped looking at me like he did.

So, I flirted with him. More than flirting, I guess. I had patted his ass occasionally, and I stood a little too close than was comfortable or appropriate for a married woman.

It was wrong; I get that. I told myself that I was just kidding. But that was just to cover for the reality that if he took the next step, I didn’t think I would resist. And now here he was.

The only thing separating us was the thin cotton knit of my t-shirt and six feet of floor.

H e was much taller than my husband. Younger and more muscular. He had a pensive look in his eyes as I stood there and shifted my weight to one foot, and grabbed the bottom of my t-shirt. Lifting it just so. I knew he could see I wasn’t wearing anything else.

He looked dazed as I smiled at him. His attention shifting to my husband's voice as he yelled at the game on the TV.

He looked back at me, and I was afraid he was going to leave. Perhaps he was struggling with his morals. I knew that I was! But as my father once told my brother, don’t let your morals stop you from doing what’s right.

I knew if we started talking about it, that would be the end. This was lust, not love. Talking would just ruin it. So I sat on the corner of the mattress and leaned back onto my elbows. My heart pounding in my ears, I spread my legs and offered myself to him.

He started to get on his knees in front of me. I guessed he wanted to go down on me, but this had to be quick.

“No. Just, Fuck me!” I whispered.

I was breathless when he pulled down the sweat pants he was wearing and I saw his cock for the first time. I had guessed at its size many times. But seeing it in the flesh. Wow. It was magnificent.

I smiled at him, but to tell you the truth, I was a little concerned if I could take it.

“Easy, go slow. I have to get used to you,” I told him.

He rubbed the head of his cock into my pussy. Wetting it before he started to push it inside me. My fists clenched the sheets as I felt him open me up. Even having had three kids, I felt full and tight being entered by his huge cock. Almost unbearably tight. I bit my lip and closed my eyes. Taking it in the sensation of feeling like a virgin all over again.

W e started slow and incrementally as he deepened his strokes. I felt him in places inside me I didn’t know I had. It took time to adjust.

“God damn, you feel good,” He said.

I had never fucked my husband in the middle of the day like this. I always wanted the lights out. I guess I just always felt self-conscious with him. But with John it was different. I felt gorgeous. I loved seeing the look of appreciation in his eyes as he watched my pussy engulf his cock.

“We need to hurry,” I told him. I spread my legs even wider as he fucked me.

“Is this OK?” He asked.

“Perfect. It’s, so perfect.”

Looking into his eyes made me feel so sexy. I did something I didn’t expect I would do. I kissed him.

He kissed me back as he fucked me into the mattress. I was taking all of him now.

“I can’t last much longer,” He said.

“Let it go. Come inside me,” I told him as I kissed him deeply.

I could tell he was trying to hold back. I put my legs up on his shoulders and I caressed his sides, his thighs, and his butt.

“It’s OK, I told him. There will be other times. Lets just take care of you for now.”

My generosity surprised me. But even as I prepared to take his load, I felt an orgasm build. I don’t know if it was his enlarging cock, how deep he was inside me, or just the thought of him filling me up. I was going to come.

“Yes, John. Yes, like that! Jesus, so fast. I have never come so fast.”

I put my hand to my mouth, and bit the ball of my thumb, to keep from screaming out his name. He was pounding me hard now. Seconds later he stiffened, his cock deep inside me filling every corner of my pussy, I felt him come. It was the most sensual thing I have ever felt in my life.

I had never come at the same time as my husband. Probably because my husband always came first, and I usually finished on my own. That is, if I hadn’t managed to diddle myself while he fucked me.

John and I stayed locked in our lustful embrace for a minute or two before he pulled out. I scooted back onto the bed a bit and put a pillow under my ass. I didn’t want any of Johns come running out of me.

John kissed me one more time before pulling up this sweat pants. Then he went to rejoin my husband in the living room. Leaving me with a throbbing, satisfied, pussy.

I can tell that you're probably judging me. What a cheat I am. But our relationship isn’t quite like the one other people have. Bear with me, it will become clear.

Later that evening, as I was cleaning up the kitchen, my husband came up behind me and kissed my neck.

“Well? Did he do it? Did he go in and leave the sample in the bathroom,” My husband asked enthusiastically. This is our dance. The one in which he pretends to be clueless and I’m the secret slut. I play my part well. I don’t think John suspected.

I turned and gave my newly minted cuckold husband a kiss on the cheek.
Smiling at him, I stood there, with another man’s jizz inside my womb.
I looked into his eyes; he looked positively thrilled.

“Yes, babe, he did. It’s deep in my pussy now. He’s coming by again tomorrow, while I’m at the store, to give us another.”

I knew full well I was not going to the store. But so did my husband. This was code we had worked out between us to communicate if John would be coming back and fucking me while my husband was at work.

You see, we have been talking about having a baby for months. But what my husband wanted was to breed me with a bull. Even though I had not yet consummated my hotwife status. So the problem became how to do that without giving away our lifestyle decisions. We had to play a little con.

My husband talked to John because he seemed horny and into me. John, in turn, volunteered to give us some sperm samples to help us get pregnant. The deal was that he would come in a cup. Then I would squirt it inside myself. That much my husband knew. Just a sperm donation. Deciding to cut out the middleman was all me. I had told John I wanted the sample from the tap when we were in the kitchen while he was getting a beer.

Otherwise, I would have said that he didn’t give us a sample. It’s a complex dynamic. It plays to my husband's fetish of his wife cheating on him with a superior stud. I agreed to cheat on him, because that’s how he wants it. That’s what really gets him off, and I am all about pleasing my husband.

But once the bull is gone we don’t talk about it, it’s like it didn’t happen. Like it’s all happened behind his back. The bull has to believe that I’m cheating to.

M y husband always wanted to be my proper cuckold, so now he is. I wanted our first real cuckold to be special for him. There was nothing I could think of more special than getting pregnant for him this way.

If you’re wondering, my husband has no issues with fertility. It’s all part of our play. I make him wear condoms to fuck me and tell him how useless his sperm is. He even wears a cage sometimes.

But when we started this journey together, I told him I wouldn’t rub the affairs in his face. I love him with all my heart. I make sure to be kind to him and pay close attention to our after care. So he knows that my heart is his. Now that it’s done, and I have my sexual freedom, I’m going to be the fucking hottest hotwife ever.

But tonight is all about my hubby. I decided not to let him fuck me. I have already told him I didn’t want him to ruin the feeling of my insemination. But I’ll suck his little dick in the shower, and ruin his orgasm, the way he likes. Or maybe I will milk his prostate with my peg. I might do both. He’s been such a good boy lately.

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