My Wife Makes My Cuckold Dream Come True -

Colt of Cuckoldry 11-13 minutes 12/3/2021

And it’s even more smoking hot than I imagined it would be.

Colt of Cuckoldry

So we got a new hot tub and my best buddy Mike came over. We’ve known each other since medical school. I’ve been married twenty years to Fiona, and Mike and she have always had a flirty relationship. What can I say, many times I’ve beaten off and imagined a threeway with Fiona taking on both of us.

Other times I’ve imagined a more cuck situation where I just watch and Fiona sucks Mike’s dick.

Finally, I have had this third fantasy where Fiona cheats on me with Mike. Like she secretly makes a date to meet him for coffee et cetera.

Or like, I go to that Wilderness Safety conference. Mike knows I’m there. But he pretends not to know. He shows up at the house. Fiona is there alone. She offers him a glass of wine. One thing leads to another and…voila, there it is. This feeling of intense jealousy combined with intense pleasure that comes when I think of my best friend banging my wife like that.

I love it, actually. I don’t understand it, but you know what? Why be ashamed of weird sexual feelings? Why not follow them through and see what happens?

Well, Fiona is a real force to be reckoned with, I’ll say that up front, so you understand that it was not surprising it went down the way it went down.

And in her defense, she does know from our years of role playing and fantasizing together in the background that the idea of her with other men really turns me on. I have no idea how many times I’ve pretended to be some male prostitute or a seeking arrangements dude or some stranger she meets at one of her own conferences, and Fiona really gets into that game. But it was just a game.

Or was it?

So we got a new jacuzzi and after dinner, Mike and I and Fiona went out to try it out. I had joked that it was clothing-optional, because so far my wife and I were the only ones who had tried it and yes, we had gone in nude.

I was surprised when my wife got into her terrycloth robe and headed downstairs. So I got into my terrycloth robe.

Mike was already in the hot tub. I assumed he was naked. We were all a little tipsy.

“Here, let me help you with that robe,” I said, giving Mike the knowing eye, and I went behind my wife and I took it off. Now she was standing in front of Mike completely naked.

“Hey now!” he said, lifting his beer in a toast.

Encouraged by the toast, I kissed my wife on the back of her neck and I put my hands around her, on her breasts, and I caressed them.

“Hello!” cheered Mike. “I like this show!”

“I’m changing the channel,” said my wife, and she pulled herself away and got in the tub.

“Let’s see how my husband likes this show,” she said, and she went up, naked, and started making out with Mike.

“Holy shit!” I said. And I started getting hard under the water, watching my sexy wife make out with my best friend.

My boner was really popping, let’s just say that.

I had this feeling, wow, something really exciting is happening. I can’t remember the last time something really exciting happened, honestly. This was awesome — my naked wife in the bubbly water making out with my bud. Then he put his hands on her breasts and I said fuck it, I’m going to jerk off for this show. I started masturbating under the water. And I saw my wife reaching her hand below the water, grabbing his cock, I guess, because he started moaning.

“Oh yeah,” he said. “You don’t know how many years I’ve fantasized about getting with your wife, bud. She’s like the hottest thing on two legs.”

“Enjoy it,” I said. “She’s told me a bunch of times how sexy she thinks you are.”

“Is that true!” asked Mike, turning to Fiona.

“Mmmhmm,” she said. “I think you’re yummy.”

“Well, I think you’re yummy, too,” said Mike. “Speaking of yummy, why don’t you hike yourself up onto the edge of the jacuzzi here so I can see if your pussy tastes as yummy as I always imagined.”

She got herself up onto the edge. I came over and sat behind her as she lay back and spread her legs for my buddy. She giggled up at me.

“Are you enjoying this?” she winked.

“Fuck yeah, love ya babe, love ya so much.”

Then Mike’s mouth was on Fiona’s pussy and she was wriggling and moaning.

“Yep,” he said, looking up at me. “It’s very yummy!”

Then he went back to work. I knew Mike had had a lot of experience with women, and was probably more expert at cunnilingus than me. But I was surprised at how quickly he was able to bring her to climax. Maybe it was just the excitement of the forbiddenness of it all. My wife was soon lifting her pelvis off the edge of the jacuzzi and screaming very loudly.

Worried about the neighbors hearing all this craziness, I suggested we take it inside.

In a minute we were in our bedroom. Mike and Fiona were naked on the bed kissing each other longingly. I was on the end of the bed jerking my hard dick. I was right at the edge of cumming for so long, but I held it back because I didn’t want to miss any of these proceedings. My wife kissed her way down and gave Mike a nice blowjob. Then she looked at me.

“Well, honey, I think this is is. I’ve simply got to fuck your best friend. I mean we’ve come this far. And look at how stiff and ready that hard dick of his looks.”

“It looks stiff and ready,” I quipped.

“Stiff and ready, Seargent, sir, yes sir!” joked Mike.

Then Fiona climbed on top of him. And here was the revelation.

Jesus fucking Christ she was into fucking him. Like way more into fucking him than she had EVER looked fucking me.

“Yes, yes, yes. Fuck yes!” she was saying, as she rode his big cock. I watched it going in and out of my wife’s pussy, filling it better than my average-sized cock filled it, I was sure. And making her slam her hands down on the bed sheets on either side of him like she was having some sort of an epileptic fit.

“Jesus, you’re really giving her a ride, Mike,” I said.

“Oh my God, bud,” he said. “Your wife’s pussy is mine now! All mine!”


That was his sense of humor. He was really a gentle, sweet dude, so when he said things like that it was always so funny.

“I never want that pussy off my dick,” he said. “My dick needs to live inside your wife’s pussy.”

“I want it to live there!” said my wife. “It’s fucking hitting me just right. Fuck. Fuck. Ahhhh!”

And then she came again.

Exhausted, she rolled off him, and got up on all fours. Oh, this was going to be good. He came behind her and put his dick in her doggie style. Her head was down on the sheets. Mike looked straight at me and gave me a big smile and a big thumbs up.

“You always got the chicks with the best asses,” he said, sincerely. “How’d you do that, dude? I mean, this ass is like the sweetest ass I’ve ever fuckin seen.”

“And now your dick is tapping that ass, Mike!” I said. “Tap it, baby.”

“Oh shit, oh shit, oh shit…” he said.

And beneath him I heard my wife, “Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck…”

And then it happened. They had this huge simultaneous orgasm. Mike pulled his dick out and was I guess trying to shoot it on her back, but the fucking ejaculation shot all the way across her and hit me all over the face!

“Dude!” I laughed. “What the fuck!”

“Sorry dude!” he said. “So sorry! It’s your wife’s fault. If she weren’t such a fucking sexy bitch I never woulda shot so far!”

I grabbed a towel and wiped off. I still hadn’t come, because I had a feeling, and this feeling turned out to be right. Mike had always bragged to me that he could “go again” right away, ever since college he bragged about that.

“Yeah, the chicks can’t believe it,” he said. “I just keep right on fucking them. That’s what puts them in the stratosphere.”

My wife was laying on her back. I had told her about this talent of Mike’s so she was practically expecting it. He put a condom on so he wouldn’t get her pregnant with the cum from his first shot. Then he started railing her really hard. My wife was getting all sweaty and red-faced, like he was taking her to a dimension of sex she’d never experienced before.

Soon he started with the “Shit, shit, shit!” and boom, he thrust into her so hard I knew he was cumming again. And she was “Fuck!!” and screaming loudly again so she was probably cumming too.

Mike pulled out of her, pulled the condom off his dick, and handed it to me, full of his jizz.

“Take care of this for me, will ya, bud, I’ma get ready for another round with your sweet fucking wife.”

I took the condom and I threw it in the garbage. When I came back to the bed he was holding her one arm behind her back and fucking her from the side, and with the other hand he was pulling her hair back.

“Look at this hot wife I caught,” he said to me. “Whatayou think, dude, is this a nice catch or what?”

“It’s a fucking awesome catch.”

“Harder!” Fiona said. “Pull my hair harder! I want to totally submit to you, baby. Dominate me!”

“You’re mine!” he said. “Tell me that you’re mine!”

“I’m yours Mike,” she said, as he yanked her arm harder behind her and fucked her harder, and I could tell it must have been a mixture of pleasure and pain.

“I stole you from your husband!” he said. “Should I give you back to him or not.”

“Whatever you want, Mike,” she said.

“Well, I might want to switch places. Have him fuck you while you suck my dick again with those thick lips of yours. Get on all fours.”

He slapped her ass hard when she got on her knees. Then he went to the front and put his big dick in her mouth.

“Come on, bud!” said Mike. “Get behind her, and we can high five when we all three come together, it will be awesome.”

I got behind my lovely wife, and started fucked her in that place where Mike had basically hollowed her out for like an hour, already. My dick slipped right in. She was sucking away at Mike.

“This is it buddy,” said Mike, in a while. “I’m right on the edge. Are you ready? Ready for the high five?”

“Yes!” I yelled.

“Ahhhh!” we all screamed. I saw Mike’s dick filling my wife’s mouth with cum. The sight of it was so pornographic and hot that I started releasing my own ejaculation at exactly the same time.

“Yes!” we said. And we high-fived over my wife, who may or may not have been cumming with us, I couldn’t tell, because with her mouth full of cum she couldn’t communicate.

“Swallow that cum down, baby,” said Mike. “Because believe it or not, I’ve got one more go in me. Now I’m gonna grab you by the ankles and fuck you in the wheelbarrow position.”

“Yes, yes,” said my exhausted wife, swallowing down the cum. “Whatever you want, Mike. You’re the boss. Just tell me what you want.”

“I want to fuck you harder than you’ve ever been fucked!” he said. He put another condom on and then he grabbed my wife by the ankles and held her pussy up to his cock like she was literally a wheelbarrow.

I stood there in my own bedroom, looking at a sight I never thought I would see. My best friend was using my wife in the wheelbarrow position, just railing her as hard as I’d ever seen anybody railed. My wife’s face was pressed down hard on the bedsheets, her eyes wide and her mouth wide open like she was being hurled down the steepest rollercoaster in the fucking world and loving it. And then…


She was screaming, gone into the next world of pleasure, I guess, a place I had never taken her to, wild abandon, crazy passion, orgasm after orgasm. A night of probably the wildest and hardest sex of her life.

And I got to stand there masturbating, enjoying every minute of it.

God I love my wife!!!