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National Archives Received Fake State Documents Declaring Trump Win in 2020, Report Says

Jamie Ross 7-8 minutes 1/10/2022

An ill-conceived attempt to trick the National Archives into declaring Donald Trump the winner of both Michigan and Arizona in the 2020 election has been revealed in a new report from Politico. The site reports the National Archives received a forged certificate of ascertainment from each state in the months after Trump’s loss to Joe Biden. However, inevitably, the Archives saw through the plan. According to Politico, it informed the Arizona secretary of state about the forged state document on Dec. 11, 2020, then Arizona took legal action against a pro-Trump “sovereign citizen” group that was alleged to have been behind the letter. The Arizona letter reportedly featured a state seal in an attempt to appear as if it was an official document. The Michigan letter did not use the state seal and Politico reports that state officials didn’t take any legal action after the Archives flagged the forgery. Spokespeople for the Michigan and Arizona secretaries of state didn’t comment on Politico’s report.

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Donald Trump’s public backing of the COVID-19 booster rollout has surprised many people—including his own fans, who booed the hell out of him last month when he confirmed he’d taken the third vaccine dose. Now, he’s gone even further, and launched an attack on politicians such as Florida Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis who are keeping their booster status a secret. Speaking to One America News Network, Trump again confirmed that he’d taken the booster, and added: “I watched a couple of politicians be interviewed and one of the questions was, ‘Did you get the booster?’ Because they had the vaccine, and they’re answering like—in other words, the answer is ‘yes,’ but they don’t want to say it, because they’re gutless. You gotta say it, whether you had it or not, say it.” Trump didn’t mention DeSantis by name, but the Florida governor has repeatedly dodged questions on whether he’s taken a COVID-19 booster shot.

TRUMP says “I've had the booster,” and says he’s seen politicians asked the same, but dodge.

“The answer is yes, but they don't want to say it. Because they're gutless… Whether you had it or not. Say it.”

"The vaccine has saved tens of millions of people throughout the world." pic.twitter.com/LgFHT6l180

— Tim Hogan (@timjhogan) January 12, 2022

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West Virginia Gov. Jim Justice (R-WV) says he is “extremely unwell” after testing positive for COVID-19 on Tuesday and will have to cancel his State of the State address scheduled for Wednesday. In a statement, the governor’s office said Justice experienced a “sudden onset of symptoms” Tuesday and subsequently tested positive for the virus. “I woke up this morning with congestion and a cough. A little while later, I developed a headache and fever, so I decided to get tested right away,” Justice said, adding that his symptoms worsened throughout the day. “That being said, I feel extremely unwell at this point, and I have no choice but to postpone my State of the State address to the Legislature,” he wrote. The event will now be held at an as-yet-undetermined date. Justice noted that he is “thankful” to be vaccinated and boosted, and said he had already begun undergoing monoclonal antibody treatment. “I ask everyone to continue praying for the 5,452 great West Virginians that we’ve lost. We need to keep pulling the rope together. We’re going to get through this and put an end to this terrible pandemic once and for all,” he said.

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What at first looked like a few wackos faking state documents to pretend that Donald Trump won the 2020 election is beginning to look more and more like an orchestrated campaign. Earlier this week, Politico reported that the National Archives received fake certificates of ascertainment from both Michigan and Arizona shortly after Trump’s defeat. Now, MSNBC host Rachel Maddow has gotten her hands on five forgeries—and has noted that each of them look very similar. “It wasn’t one state. It wasn’t three states where they did this. It was at least five states where we have now obtained forged documents created by Republicans,” Maddow said Tuesday night. “They sent them into the government as if they were real documents... They actually created these fake documents purporting to be the real certifications of them as electors.” The MSNBC host then noted something suspicious: “They all match, exactly. Same formatting, same font, same spacing, almost the exact same wording. All of them.”

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