It’s a Deal

And everyone benefits...

Eroticlit in·

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7 Penis Myths Men Wished Women Would Stop Believing

Yes, the penis really is a "use it or lose it" organ.


Carlyn Beccia in Sexography·

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If You Fit In, You’re Replaceable

A recent Keanu Reeves encounter can change how you think.

Mind Cafe

Tim Denning in Mind Cafe·

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5 Unpopular Non-Fiction Books That Are Worth Every Second of Your Time

Hidden gems you’re missing out on

Books Are Our Superpower

In case you missed it

Why do we often blame someone else?

Here’s what Psychology has to say…

Dr. Ojuolape Kuti

Dr. Ojuolape Kuti·

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7 Rude Behaviors People Have Almost Normalized

Can we try to drop them?

On The Couch

5 Health Appointments Americans Should Schedule Now

Critical exams and scans are dangerously overdue for millions of people


Paying for a Strangers Coffee Is Not the Kind Act You Think It Is

Those stupid pay-it-forward chains at drive-thrus miss the entire point of kindness.


Sarah Cottrell in GEN·

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New Book Releases: January 11, 2022

Each week, I’ll catalog the biggest and most exciting adult and YA fiction — and the occasional nonfiction —…

Angela Lashbrook

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Things I Wish My Students Knew

I lost two students last month.

Ellie Reaves

Ellie Reaves·

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Best in Fiction

Elf on the Shelf

“This thing creeps me out,” he said.

The Inkwell

Best in Artificial Intelligence

I Asked an AI to Paint 100 Fantasy Landscapes. Here’s What Happened.

Better than humans? You decide.

Geek Culture

Nick Saraev in Geek Culture·

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AI Cannot Ignore Symbolic Logic, and Here’s Why

edited 1/2/2022


Walid Saba, PhD in ONTOLOGIK·

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Best in Photography

Four months ago, I bought a used Nikon on eBay…

What I learned, what I love, and what I dislike.

Counter Arts

Yesterday’s Sunset in the Bay Area Was *Chef’s Kiss*

The solar system was flexing — very hard — Wednesday night

The Bold Italic

Best in Education

I Regret to Inform You That I Will Not Be Internally Subbing Today

Dear Main Office,

Age of Awareness

10 Short Stories High School Teachers Love

These compelling short stories are sure to engage your students!


Allie Liotta in CommonLit·

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How iPad and a Drawing App Beautified My Life as a Math Teacher?

Before I begin, this is not a product review, and I genuinely intend for the information herein to be of…



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Editors’ picks

On allthe good the “60 vote threshold” has done

It’s impossibly difficult to know whether Senators like Sinema actually mean what they say, or whether they…



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Getting Covid-19 Is Different Now

And more people are treating it that way.

Will Leitch

Will Leitch·

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