The Sun once had rings just like Saturn, study reveals

The Sun once looked a lot more like Saturn — and it may be the reason our planet isn’t bigger than it is, a new study reveals.

Pomegranate extract could unlock powerful ‘fountain of youth’ treatment for seniors

A substance in pomegranates could hold the key to creating a new anti-aging treatment that strengthens muscles and mitochondrial health. Researchers from the University of Washington say the fruit contains an extract called urolithin A, which they believe can protect against frailty during old age.

Ancient highway network from the Bronze Age discovered in Arabia

Archaeologists have discovered an ancient network of highways on the Arabian Peninsula that dates back nearly 5,000 years. Researchers from the University of Western Australia say these Bronze Age “funerary avenues” appear to connect the various oases and fertile lands in the area at that time.

Window to the grave: Simple eye test could reveal how long you have left to live

A simple eye test may provide doctors with a clue into how long you have left to live. An international team has discovered a link between the biological age of a person’s retinas and their risk of death.

Lead ammunition poisoning undoing population comeback of bald eagles

The comeback of bald eagles may be in danger, not from hunters, but from the ammunition hunters use to kill other animals. Researchers from Cornell University report that the bald eagle’s resurgence is at risk due to lead poisoning from bullet fragments in the majestic bird’s food.

Quantum computing one step closer to reality after futuristic computers reach 99 percent accuracy

Quantum computing could soon become a reality that changes digital technology forever after a milestone achievement by researchers in Australia.

More young adults developing gastrointestinal cancers — and doctors don’t know why

More and more young men and women are developing gastrointestinal cancers, a troubling new study reveals. Even more concerningly, a team from Flinders University says scientists and doctors still don’t know why this is happening.

Fatal opioid overdoses skyrocket by nearly 1,900% among older adults, study reveals

Before the global pandemic, an opioid epidemic was one of the main concerns across the United States. Unfortunately, a new study finds these power painkillers are still taking many lives. Researchers from Northwestern University found a meteoric rise in deaths from opioid overdoses over the last decade.

Credit crisis: Average American awoken by 3 ‘debt nightmares’ each week

A new survey reveals how debt is taking a harmful toll on the mental health of millions of Americans. Most people feel like they can’t continue their current lifestyle because of inflation. Half of Americans worry about the burden from inheriting their parents’ debt struggles.

When people ‘click,’ their brains respond faster to each other, study reveals

People tend to “click” with certain individuals more than others. So, why are some friends always in sync while others can’t get on the same page? Researchers from Dartmouth College confirm this phenomenon is far more than just a figure of speech.

Hydroxychloroquine shows promise as a treatment for multiple sclerosis

Hydroxychloroquine may not be a reliable treatment for COVID-19, but a new study finds it may find a new job treating the worst form of multiple sclerosis (MS). Researchers from the University of Calgary found that the prescription drug can slow the worsening symptoms of primary progressive multiple sclerosis.

Two-thirds of adverse reactions to COVID vaccine just placebo effect, study says

Could the majority of side-effects people feel after getting the COVID-19 vaccine all be in their heads? That’s what a new study claims, finding that more than half of the adverse effects patients experience are not from the actual vaccine, but a psychological reaction to it.

Students with ADHD are more likely to cheat, study shows

High school students with attention problems are more likely to cheat than their peers, a new study reveals. Researchers from The Ohio State University found a connection between inattentive students, hyperactivity, and a tendency to cheat more in class.

Rural patients less likely to receive critical care, more likely to die from heart problems

Life might be simpler out in the country, but new research finds it’s also much harder to find high quality health care if you have health problems.

Meet the tarantula-killing worm named after ‘Arachnophobia’ star Jeff Daniels

Scientists have discovered a new species of worm that can infect and kill tarantulas. To honor their rare find, a team at the University of California-Riverside have named the fatal parasite after famous “Arachnophobia” spider-killer Jeff Daniels.

Another mass extinction on Earth is already underway, study warns

A sixth mass extinction event in our planet’s history is already underway, a new study of extinct species reveals. While meteors and natural catastrophes played a role in wiping out life on Earth in the past, researchers in Hawaii say this one is almost entirely man-made.

Mediterranean diet linked to a longer life among older adults

Pass the fish and olive oil, a new study finds that sticking to the Mediterranean diet led to a lower risk of death among older adults.

Milky Way may be home to other Earth-like planets with oceans, continents

New discoveries reveal the Milky Way might be swarming with planets containing oceans and continents like on Earth. Data suggests all planets in our galaxy once contained water during formation that could point to the exact locations of other life forms outside the solar system.