Superwoman, Where Are You? - IR/Cuckold Avenue - Medium

Damien Dsoul 8-9 minutes 12/16/2021

Superwoman soared through the sky faster than a speeding bullet and came through my bedroom window. She stood with arms akimbo, looking like the self-accomplished, magnificent superhero that she is, and scanned my abode with her x-ray vision to determine the state of emergency at hand.

I lay cuddled in bed, clutching my bed covers up to my chin, looking like I was cringing with fright when in actuality, I was glad she made it over.

Superwoman is a mature blonde hottie decked in a sumptuous, tight-fitting outfit that showcased her figure. Her outfit, however, came with some adjustments. Instead of a giant ‘S’ outlining her torso, hers bore a ‘Queen of Spades’ symbol. Her tits are massive and protruding, with nipples looking like thumb-tacks. Her nipples were weapons of seduction itching to be set free and loose. Her outfit stopped inches above her thighs, and she seldom wore panties. Those often slowed down her power whenever she was out fighting crime.

“What seems to be the problem, young man?” she asked me.

“Oh, Superwoman, I’m so happy to see you. I’ve got me a problem; I can’t seem to rise off from bed and head out to work today.”

“What seems to be ailing you, then?”

Unlike other superheroes out there, Superwoman especially has an urgency towards assisting/rescuing horny black men. I had staged this mock emergency for the sole desire of getting her attention. Her powerful hearing had caught my cry for help, and now here she was in the flesh.

“I’m gonna show you,” I said to her, “and maybe you can help me out here.”

I cast aside the covers to reveal my naked self and my tentpole hard-on. Superwoman’s eyes lingered on my pelvis and her blue pair of eyes expanded with arousal as she appreciated my package. I grabbed at my dick and began stroking pre-cum out of the tip of my penis. Superwoman’s gaze never let off; she rolled her tongue over her lips and moaned.

Damn! I was getting head from a ‘Queen of Spades’ superhero!

“I cannot head out to work looking like this,” I continued like I was in serious pain. “My colleagues would shame me all day.”

“Yes, so I see,” she muttered as she knelt beside my bed, mesmerised by the sight of me caressing my member. “No, young man. You definitely ought not to head out to work looking unsatisfied like this.”

“Do you think it’s something you can take care of? I’m really in a bind here.”

“Sure, I certainly think we can work something out. But you’re gonna have to trust me and allow me to take over. Think you can handle that?”

“Sure,” I smiled. “Go ahead and give it your best shot.”

Superwoman wrapped her hand around my dick, and I felt a strong current of power travel from her body onto mine. It felt like a bolt of electricity had shot through me; it was powerful as it was exhilarating. She swept her hair away from her face as she breathed down on my dick and gave it a smooching kiss before ingesting it into her mouth.

Damn! I was getting head from a ‘Queen of Spades’ superhero!

The boys around the block definitely weren’t going to believe this once I told them.

What a fucking terrific feeling it was!

I caressed and swept my fingers through her lush hair while she stayed downtown on my dick. I even assisted by thrusting my pelvis to aid her ingest more inches of dick. She went ahead, gurgling and choking on my meat and stopped to spit on my cock before resuming her head-giving. I was gasping hard, not wanting her to quit just yet.

My hands barely had a grasp on her thick, twin mountains of gorgeous booty when she inserted my dick into her vagina.

She stopped to extract her watermelon-sized pair of tits out of her blouse and squeezed my dick between her massive jugs, bursting with giggles while she enjoyed herself, then resumed her head-job.

After several mouth-pulling and tugging, she rose to her feet and flung her blouse off her head, letting it fall to the floor, then she got onto the bed and mounted me. I was damn ready for her. My hands barely had a grasp on her thick, twin mountains of gorgeous booty when she inserted my dick into her vagina. There wasn’t any thought crime-fighting anywhere once she let me into her pussy; for the moment, she was off the clock.

She gasped; I gasped, too. And then her booty began to bounce on top of me.

“You feeling better now?” she asked while leaning forward over me.

Her huge tits obscured my face; my only resolve was to breathe through my mouth while I sucked on her nipples. But the warmth oozing from her pussy was damn incredible; I could feel myself soaking up some of that superhuman energy of hers whenever she’s out there doing superhero-type of stuff. My dick didn’t want to quit the whole time it stayed jammed and riding inside her; it felt like I’d grown a few inches.

At some point, I got to handle things when I locked my legs into an inverted V and began jerking and thrusting my thigh and pelvis, ramming her juicy booty with my shaft; my hands didn’t let go from grasping her thick ass cheeks. Listening to her whimper and breath into my face was the sweetest thing ever. It made gasping for breath no longer an issue for me.

This is what sex-plus-love feels like for real.

I summoned every ounce of strength and muscle to roll her onto her backside. That wasn’t an easy feat, but somehow I managed, and my dick didn’t spill out of her, to my surprise. I hooked those huge meaty legs of hers over her head, grunting hard as I stretched that pussy deep. I dug in deeper and harder than I’d ever gone in any pussy, like I was digging for buried gold treasure. The pleasure was racking. Every muscle on my arms grew taut, and still, I wasn’t letting up; this was some pussy you don’t ever want to give a chance to breathe.

She moaned louder than an opera record. Her hands smacked and gripped my hips — the horny superhero bitch yearned for my dick. She kept spouting words I couldn’t make out — it sounded like she was speaking some alien-type gibberish. Not like I cared about it; that thick, wet, juicy, incredible pussy was all that mattered on my mind.

I squeezed my eyes shut and didn’t stop fucking that super-pussy harder.

It suddenly hit me — that sweet moment of clarity when I realised I was seconds from shooting my load. Superwoman sensed it, too, and beckoned me not to fucking stop.

“Go ahead, tough guy,” she croaked. “Give me everything you’ve got. My super-womb can take care of things.”

Who was I to argue with a superhero? I sped up my pace, and the bed kept rocking under our weight until one of the legs broke off. I kept up with my workout, even as her pussy squirted all over my dick. I flooded her pussy with my seed, and she tensed against me as I pumped ounces of cum spurt after spurt inside her cunt.

It felt glorifying! Fucking tremendous, unlike any pussy I’d ever fucked before. She read my mind, knew exactly what I was thinking, and smiled at me.

“I’d bet you’d love to fuck my alien pussy again, right?”

I nodded while I waited to gather my breath. “Fuck, yeah!”

“Gonna have to be another time, hon. I’ve got many others out there that need saving.”

Disappointed but glad I’d accomplished what I set out for in the first place, I came off her and went to fetch some tissue from the bathroom to help clean her up. She wore back her blouse and fixed her outfit back, then helped me repair my broken bed’s leg.

“You fucked very good,” she said. “I’m always on the lookout for guys with capable cocks that know how to handle superhuman pussies like mine. I’ll remember to look out for you next time. Take care until then.”

Superwoman planted a kiss on my lips, and the next thing she went out of my window. Heading out to satisfy another black man (or men) desiring her presence.

I gazed at her until she was nothing but a speck in the sky, wishing we’d had ourselves a second round.