6 Ways to Delete Yourself From the Internet

You’ll never be able to get a clean slate—but you can significantly downsize your digital footprint.

Scientists Settled an Old Family Mystery Using DNA From Postcards

Swiss forensic geneticists analyzed DNA recovered from postage stamps dating back to World War I and solved a century-old paternity puzzle.

Practicing Self-Compassion Has Career And Now Physical Health Benefits, New Study Shows

Despite what skeptics say, being kind to yourself is not a New Age fad, and there's new research that shows why your physical and work health will benefit if you make self-compassion your top New...

6 Micro Activities You Should Do for Your Brain Every Day

Short suggestions to enhance cognition.Continue reading on Mind Cafe »

SMART Global stock price target raised to $90 from $70 at Stifel Nicolaus

This is a Real-time headline. These are breaking news, delivered the minute it happens, delivered ticker-tape style. Visit www.marketwatch.com or the quote page for more information about this...

3 Soaring Fintech Stocks That Could Rocket Higher in 2022

These fintech stocks put up some big gains last year, and there's a good chance they could do it again.

2 women choke to death on New Year's rice cakes

Every year, Japan issues public warnings to be careful when eating mochi -- and nearly every year, people choke to death anyway.

France removes EU flag at Arc de Triomphe after sparking criticism

France removed the EU flag at the Arc de Triomphe after criticism from several right-wing politicians. But the government said the flag was removed over the weekend as planned.

3 Simple Tricks To Get Out of Your Head, and Enjoy the Moment Instead

A recipe for a mindful way of lifeContinue reading on The Mailbox »

Recycled Tennis Balls Could Protect Buildings from Earthquakes

A low-cost design helps shaking buildings roll to a stop-- Read more on ScientificAmerican.com

Kimco Realty downgraded to hold from buy at Deutsche Bank

This is a Real-time headline. These are breaking news, delivered the minute it happens, delivered ticker-tape style. Visit www.marketwatch.com or the quote page for more information about this...

3 Surefire Metaverse Stocks That Could Make You Richer in 2022

The coming virtual world could be a game-changer.

Biden Talks of 'Acting Decisively' With Russia in Call With Ukraine

The White House said: "President Biden made clear that the United States and its allies and partners will respond decisively if Russia further invades Ukraine."

Can The Pharmaceutical Companies Use Basic Aging Biology To Develop Drugs For Age-Related Diseases?

Aging research, drug discovery and development, and artificial intelligence are rapidly converging and resulting in new diagnostics and therapeutics. The conference covering these trends is the...

Portugal's Impresa media outlets hit by hackers

The websites of one of Portugal's biggest newspapers and of a major broadcaster, both owned by the country's largest media conglomerate Impresa, were down on Monday after being hit by a hacker...

Who the fark sides with the fire? [Murica]

British govt rushing tests to schools so classes can reopen

Schoolchildren returned to classes Monday in parts of Europe, while the British government pledged to rush ventilation units and enough COVID-19 test kits to schools to ensure they, too, can...

2021: The Year of the Ruling Class' Crackdown on Dissent

The process is the punishment. The cruelty is the point.

The Myth of Tribalism

By now, even people who differ on nearly all issues seem to agree on at least one thing: American politics has become riven by tribal conflict. Tucker Carlson claims that “schools are creating...

Workers across the US are rising up. Can they turn their anger into a movement?

So far, increasingly militant workers are lacking something vital: a leader who can unite them all. Will that change?Throughout 2021, American workers stood up and fought back to an unusual...

Can weight loss help protect against Covid-19?

In the holiday season, when the average American can easily pack on a few pounds, experts say there is another reason to pay attention to your weight: Covid-19.

Brazilian President Bolsonaro hospitalized in Sao Paulo

Brazilian media are reporting that President Jair Bolsonaro has been taken to a Sao Paulo hospital with a suspected intestinal obstruction

No worries" and "circle back" among annual list of banished phrases

There are only three entries associated with the pandemic this year after it dominated last year's list.

Magic mushroom companies are on the Nasdaq now. That’s a recipe for a bad trip

Wall Street and Peter Thiel are all investing in psychedelics. But Oxycotin showed the harm profit-hungry corporations can cause with ‘wonder drugs’ The new Hulu series Dopesick is a dramatic...

Florida university commits to in-person learning amid omicron as others shift to remote classes

David Armstrong, the president of St. Thomas University, said that the school's Miami Gardens campus will “absolutely” be open for in-person classes on Jan. 10 to welcome students back amid a...

Using a mild Twitter addiction to get things done

Reports: Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro hospitalized in Sao Paulo with a suspected...

Reports: Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro hospitalized in Sao Paulo with a suspected intestinal obstruction

China's video game regulator hasn't approved any new titles since July 2021

China’s not-so subtle war against video games has reportedly caused a number of domestic publishers to close their doors. The SCMP says that the National Press and Publication Administration...

Unvaccinated People Ordered to Stay Home or Face Jail in City of 14 Million

After weeks of its lowest caseloads in the pandemic, the Philippines’ capital region is seeing a frightening rise in coronavirus infections.

Worst jail break in US history

In 2020, our nation’s state and federal prison populations plummeted 15% to the lowest levels since 1992 – at the same time, murders skyrocketed nearly 30% to the highest level since 1998.

A Key Reason Jan. 6 Rioters Aren’t Facing Sedition Charges: They’re White

As of this writing, 695 people have been charged for federal crimes related to the January 6, 2021, Capitol breach—crimes motivated by the lie that Joe Biden won because of nationwide election...

Desperate Patients Are Shelling Out Thousands for a Long Covid Cure. Is It for Real?

When Owen came down with Covid-19 in April 2021, he felt lucky to get away with a mild case. After a few days of a runny nose, he returned to his regular routine, including long sessions at the...

Getting Outdoors When You’re Disabled

People are disabled in countless different ways, so there are few practical tips that will apply to everyone. But some things can help. The post Getting Outdoors When You’re Disabled appeared...

Up to 10 inches forecast in DC area's first major snowfall of the season

Up to 10 inches forecast in DC area's first major snowfall of the season  WTOPSignificant snow possible in DC area Monday  The Washington PostN.J. weather: Winter snow storm could slam much of...

The Most Popular Dear Prudence Letters From 2021, Part 1

What letter writers asked for advice about this year.

Meet the scariest Republican candidates of 2022: It wasn't easy to pick 'em

The next wave of Republican freshmen could be the worst yet – and could pose a legitimate threat to democracy

How does this end?

Where the crisis in American democracy might be headed. Americans have long believed our country to be exceptional. That is true today in perhaps the worst possible sense: No other established...

My Boyfriend Avoids Sex. I Found an Unsettling Solution

I’m too scared to tell him.

10 things in tech you need to know today

To kick off 2022, we're sharing VCs' predictions for the top tech trends to watch, as well as the best books on Big Tech to read this year.

Why The President’s Party Almost Always Has A Bad Midterm

One of the most ironclad rules in American politics is that the president’s party loses ground in midterm elections. Almost no president is immune. President George W. Bush’s Republicans took a...

The good news file..

Amit Malhotra Departs WarnerMedia HBO Streaming Role in Southeast Asia

Amit Malhotra, the executive who joined WarnerMedia to expand its HBO streaming operations in Southeast Asia, has separated from the company. His tenure lasted barely seven months. Malhotra was...

Josh Giddey makes NBA history as youngest player to record a triple-double

Oklahoma City Thunder guard Josh Giddey made NBA history on Sunday as he became the youngest player ever to record a triple-double.

Yemen: Houthis seize UAE vessel carrying ‘military supplies’

Yemen: Houthis seize UAE vessel carrying ‘military supplies’  Al Jazeera EnglishRoyal Navy says it received reports of vessel attacked off Yemen  The GuardianYemen rebels seize UAE ship; hackers...

President Bolsonaro admitted to São Paulo hospital

Bolsonaro left the Santa Catarina coast by helicopter bound for Joinville, where he boarded the presidential plane with his wife Michelle Bolsonaro and daughter Laura.

Asia times

Japan bans facial recognition tech exports due to China's human rights abuses: Tokyo signals...

Tokyo signals intention to work with US and other allies on future export restrictions | 2022-01-03 16:53:00

Chinese Companies Listed at Home Surge While Crackdowns Clobber Those Abroad

Stock markets in mainland China have swelled in valuation, showing how domestic shares have largely been immune from the regulatory assault that has rocked many Chinese companies listed abroad.

Brazilian President Bolsonaro hospitalized in Sao Paulo

SAO PAULO, Brazil (AP) — Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro was taken to a Sao Paulo hospital early Monday with a suspected intestinal obstruction, the country’s media reported.Globo reported that...

What's next for NYC: Mayor Eric Adams

New York City's charismatic new mayor, Eric Adams, was sworn in just after midnight on New Year's Day, promising to bring a fresh set of eyes to a thankless job in a crime-ridden and COVID-weary...

It's a new year

When we can't process time or remember anything, stopping fascism will be especially tough. Set your clocks

China Is Haunted by One-Child Policy as It Encourages Couples to Conceive

A legacy of China’s one-child policy is a dwindling number of women of childbearing age as well as a generation of only children who are less eager to marry and start a family.

Dr. Fauci says asymptomatic people might have to test negative for COVID-19 to end isolation 5...

Dr. Anthony Fauci told CNN it was "reasonable" to test people who have no COVID-19 symptoms after five days.

Denmark pledges ‘green’ domestic flights by 2030

The prime minister of Denmark, Mette Frederiksen, is pledging that the European nation’s domestic flights would be “green” by 2030. As part of her New Year’s Address, she said that (translated)...

Hospitalizations Will Be True Test of Omicron, Fauci Says

Dr. Anthony Fauci said Americans should pay less attention to rising case numbers and focus more on the strain to hospitals. Here’s the latest.

Covid staff shortages to continue into New Year

Pub groups and retailers warn that sickness and isolation continue to blight their businesses.

A not so gentle intro to Web3

With COVID outbreaks, Broadway's understudies take center stage

Breakthrough infections from the omicron variant have been spreading like wildfire among casts and crews, so understudies and swing performers have been helping keep shows afloat.

ATM thieves strike again, hitting a Cockeysville gas station early Sunday. Those thieves...

Inside the Sick, Murderous Mind of the BTK Killer

Dennis Rader, aka the BTK Killer (for “bind, torture, kill”), was one of the 20th century’s most heinous serial killers. He was also one of its greatest criminal copycats, inspired to become a...

6 questions for politics in 2022

From control of Congress and the strength of the Biden presidency to potential Jan. 6 committee revelations and the future of abortion rights, there's a lot at stake in 2022.

Americans don't agree on what to call Jan. 6 attack

Roughly half of U.S. adults say an insurrection took place that threatened democracy, according to the latest PBS NewsHour/NPR/Marist poll.

Schools grapple with return to class amid Omicron surges

Months after Delta threatened the fall back-to-school ritual, COVID-19 is again complicating kids' return to the classroom.Why it matters: While government officials worked to convince school...

Have Wildfires Ruined California's Magic?

The honeymoon’s over for its residents now that wildfires are almost constant. Has living in this natural wonderland lost its magic?

Snow moves into mid-Atlantic; federal offices closed in DC

A winter storm packing heavy snow was expected to roll into the District of Columbia, northern Virginia and central Maryland early Monday, bringing up to 10 inches of snow to the area through the...

The Most Anticipated Movies of 2022, Featuring Scorsese, Fincher, Peele, Spielberg, and More

2021 was a nightmare. Like a flaming bag of shit inside a dumpster fire—or sleep paralysis as Jay Leno does stand-up. One of the few bright spots in our COVID-infested hellscape was the movies,...

Turkey's inflation hits a 19-year high of 36%

Turkey’s yearly inflation climbed by the fastest pace in 19 years, jumping to 36.08% in December, official data showed on Monday. The Turkish Statistical Institute said the consumer price index...

The Ashes: Joe Root says England can 'stand up in adversity'

Captain Joe Root says England have "a chance to come together" in the fourth Ashes Test against Australia starting on Wednesday.

6 Hair Care Mistakes You May Be Making

Washing and drying your hair seems like a no-brainer. But there are actually lots of mistakes many of us may be making that can sabotage our hair’s health. Maybe your hair care routine is a simple...

Catalytic Converter Theft Soars During Coronavirus Pandemic

States across the country are taking steps to try to deter the thefts of catalytic converters.

Stock futures rise on first trading day of 2022

Stock futures rise on first trading day of 2022  Fox BusinessDow futures rise nearly 200 points ahead of the first trading day of 2022  CNBCGlobal stocks higher after Wall St ends 2021 with big...

Property Stocks Sink After Demolition Order: Evergrande Update

Property Stocks Sink After Demolition Order: Evergrande Update  Yahoo FinanceEvergrande suspends trading of shares in Hong Kong  CNNEvergrande suspends shares in Hong Kong as firm tries to raise...

Massive Sewage Spill Closes Southern California Beaches

Beaches from Rancho Palos Verdes to Long Beach were shuttered after the 8.5 million gallon sewage spill.

32 Hard-Working Products That'll Take Care Of The Annoying Jobs You Don't Want To Do

A back hair shaver, a clip-on colander, and more things that'll complete all the annoying tasks you don't want to deal with.

orderBilly: Helping hospitality brands with mobile ordering and payments

“ We strongly believe we can help leading the digital evolution; guide, nurture and convince businesses in the hospitality and entertainment industry to implement mobile ordering. We’re...

People Are Sharing The Episodes That Show Their Favourite TV Series At Its Best, And Valid...

I've now got a lot of TV to watch!

This book is just sad."

Is the Human Impulse to Tell Stories Dangerous? Evpsych-influenced literature scholar Jonathan Gottschall's latest book did not impress historian Timothy Snyder much. Leading to perhaps the most...

hostpi: Quick and easy CMS hosting for your next Website or App

“ Hey PH, I'm Niklas and together with my friend Jakob, we created hostpi! Both of us code a lot of websites and apps, so we regularly need CMSs as well. Since self-hosting can take a long...

Board Diversity Increased in 2021. Some Ask What Took So Long

Some executives say corporate boards have often overlooked qualified women and nonwhite people. That may be changing.

Political change is coming to the EU's big three economies. Here’s why it matters

The politics are changing in the EU's three biggest economies and this could have implications for markets.

Frank Gore Open To NFL Return If Right Super Bowl Contender Calls

Frank Gore says don't rule out seeing him back in the NFL -- 'cause the former RB told TMZ Sports he would be open to a return ... if the right Super Bowl contender called him. "Ay, ay, I'm...

Darrell Taylor from MTV's 'The Challenge' Arrested for Being Drunk in Public

MTV's Darrell Taylor has been busted for public intoxication, after someone called cops complaining of a very drunk man lying in an apartment hallway ... TMZ has learned. It all went down earlier...

IDC: Oculus device sales in 2021 are estimated to be between 5.3M and 6.8M units, up from ~3.5M...

Oculus headset sales are growing, but it still qualifies as a niche product relative to the Facebook parent’s ambitions.

2022 will be the 'year of vaccination,' says vaccine institute expert

Hopefully, 2022 will also mark the year when anti-Covid drugs will come to the fore, and make treatment more effective, Jerome Kim told CNBC on Monday.

16 Unique People and Animals That Were Born to Stand Out From the Crowd

During pregnancy, a baby’s fingernail beds form 12 weeks after conception, and the nails start to grow the following week. There’s a lot of magic happening in the womb, and sometimes people and...

In coronavirus-hit Mexico, many women are ‘determined to not have babies’

As demographers try to quantify the effects of the pandemic, they’re finding more short-term baby busts than booms.

Shopping will be way less annoying this year. These are the 3 big changes you’ll see

Farewell, abandoned online shopping carts. Over the past two decades, technology has transformed the consumer experience. When we shop in stores, we don’t even need to pull out our credit cards;...

The telehealth bubble has burst. Time to figure out what’s next

Telehealth took off during the pandemic, but 2021 was a brutal awakening. The healthcare industry is still figuring out how it fits into the big picture. When the U.S. raced to lock down the...

Capitol Police Chief Manger works to restore morale, readiness of force after Jan. 6 breakdowns

The new Capitol Police chief acknowledges department morale remains low, but says he's taken important steps on intelligence and preparation for future incidents.

Joe Biden Reaffirms U.S. Commitment in a Call With Ukraine’s President

Biden said the U.S. and its allies and partners “will respond decisively if Russia further invades Ukraine”

Live NFL Playoff Picture Getting Close After Cowboys, Chiefs Losses in Week 17

Looking ahead to Week 18, several matchups have playoff implications. Following Sunday's games, five AFC clubs remain in the hunt for two wild-card slots...

Search Teams Are Looking for Two Missing People After the Colorado Fire as Investigations Continue

Investigators are trying to learn what caused flames to raze nearly 1,000 houses and other buildings in suburbs between Denver and Boulder

Lakers' Russell Westbrook Says Turnovers, Missed Shots Are 'Part of the Game'

Los Angeles Lakers point guard Russell Westbrook has faced criticism about his efficiency and even that he <a...

Pair of earthquakes felt near Bakersfield

A magnitude 3.8 earthquake Sunday evening was followed by a 3.0 temblor.

Alienware’s Concept Nyx aims to let you cast your PC games to any screen you own

For CES 2022, Alienware is showing off its Concept Nyx, which imagines a future when loading and playing games on a variety of screens can happen as instantaneously as streaming music and TV...

As the ETF world booms, so do the risks

A brilliant financial innovation is being pushed to the extremes

Stakes’ of activist investors need greater scrutiny

The real scale of the financial outlay of holdings is often overestimated

Hong Kong’s Citizen News Announces Closure, Citing Press Freedom

Citizen News, an independent Hong Kong news publication, announced on Sunday evening that it will disband by Tuesday. It is the third publication in city that was not aligned with the pro-Beijing...

Revolutions in Science

Normally science proceeds in incremental steps, but sometimes a discovery is so profound that it causes a paradigm shift. This eBook is a collection of articles about those kinds of advances,...--...

Larry Hogan goes on tour to boost Republicans on Trump’s enemies list

The Maryland governor is looking to help GOP impeachment backers and others who have drawn Trump-supported challengers.

It's only gotten worse': The long shadow of the night that broke the House

For most Democrats, the biggest affront wasn't even the violence by Donald Trump's supporters. It was the votes more than 140 of their GOP colleagues took afterward.

7 Things You Might Not Know About Calvin and Hobbes

For the December 2013 issue of mental_floss magazine, we scored a rare interview with the famously private Mr. Watterson. Here are seven more notes about the auther, the boy, and his stuffed...

Chainalysis: Users spent nearly $41B on NFTs in 2021, with small transactions of under $10K...

News, analysis and comment from the Financial Times, the worldʼs leading global business publication

Liberals ridiculed for having a meltdown because Ron DeSantis used family photos from the same...

As the profile of Gov. Ron DeSantis has grown – mostly from bucking the pandemic restrictions that other governors have enforced – Democrat politicians, the corporate media, and liberals have...

UC Irvine fires physician who refused to get vaccinated, claiming 'natural immunity'

Dr. Aaron Kheriaty, a professor of psychiatry and human behavior, wrote in a blog post that the UC system removed him from his job on Dec. 17.

Samsung’s latest Frame TVs have a matte screen that looks and feels more like real art

Samsung has managed to single-handedly define the category of “lifestyle TVs” — high-design TV sets that blend into the home more seamlessly than traditional TVs — with The Frame. I’ve got several...

Nearly two-thirds of Antarctica station researchers get COVID despite being fully vaccinated,...

Nearly two-thirds of the staff based at the Princess Elisabeth Polar Station in Antarctica have been infected with COVID-19 despite having strict health protocols in place to try to stop the...

Sudan's PM announces resignation amid political deadlock

Sudan's prime minister says he has resigned amid a political deadlock following a military coup that derailed the country's fragile transition. Abdalla Hamdok has announced his resignation in a...

Antonio Brown Booted From Tampa Bay Buccaneers After Mid-Game Meltdown

Vaccine-faking wide receiver stripped off jersey and stormed off field during team's game Sunday

Tampa Bay Buccaneers Coach Bruce Arians: Antonio Brown 'No Longer A Buc' After WR Rips Off...

Tampa Bay Buccaneers coach Bruce Arians said that Antonio Brown "is no longer a Buc" after the wide receiver left the field during the third quarter against the New York Jets on Sunday.

In a few places there’s still smoldering debris and smoke partially covered by snow,” Gov. Jared...

“In a few places there’s still smoldering debris and smoke partially covered by snow,” Gov. Jared Polis said. “It’s really an odd and disturbing juxtaposition.”

Harry Potter Needs To Move On Without J.K. Rowling

The Wizarding World has had many growing pains. Its creator has retroactively altered many perceptions of its characters, simply because she can.

The ‘Harry Potter’ Reunion Special Did Its Best To Mention J.K. Rowling As Infrequently As Possible

The author, who has been shunned since she started making anti-trans comments, was barely in the HBO Max special.

The breathtakingly gorgeous work of French comic artist Jordi Lafebre

Copious social and psychological downsides notwithstanding, Instagram isn't half bad. Through the platform, I've discovered a host of talented comic artists. From undiscovered masters in the...

How to Test (and Increase) Your Attention Span

We’ll keep this brief.

The CDC May Revise Its COVID Isolation Guidance For Asymptomatic People To Include A Negative Test

Anthony Fauci says the CDC is aware of recent pushback to its changes to isolation guidelines and may soon alter them.

How exactly did manga dethrone American comics?

Formerly a punchline, superheroes are globally ubiquitous and the go-to genre in Hollywood. The success of the cape and tights crowd might suggest a similar apex of popularity in their medium of...

Janet Jackson Documentary Sets Premiere Date, Shares New Trailer

First episode of two-part, four-hour Janet premieres Jan. 28 on A&E and Lifetime

How to Avoid the TSA Bothering You When Traveling With Prescription Medications

For the most part, air travel involves dealing with one hassle after another. From getting to and from the airport, to dealing with unruly or unreasonable fellow passengers on your flight, it...

Joe Biden Rang in the Holidays With a James Bond-Approved Watch

Plus: LeBron joins a very rarified club.

Why My M.B.A. Students Turned Against Business

During a lecture in my Modern Political Economy class this fall, I explained—as I have to many students over the course of four decades in academia—that capitalism’s adaptation to globalization...

In praise of the humble tote bag

They say so much about who we are and who we want to be. Saúl Guzman bought a tote bag in 2010 that has not left his side since. Walking around one day through a small London street fair, he...

Turned Tables: In Presidential Polls, Brazil’s Lula Leads Judge Who Locked Him Up

Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, Jair Bolsonaro, and Sergio Moro, three major candidates in Brazil’s 2022 election, have a turbulent and intertwined past. The post Turned Tables: In Presidential Polls,...

The Ethics of Leaving Public Art in Outdoor Spaces

When you get creative with natural materials in parks, some call it art; others call it litter. The post The Ethics of Leaving Public Art in Outdoor Spaces appeared first on Outside Online.

Child Tax Credit’s Extra Help Ends, Just as Covid Surges Anew

A pandemic benefit that many progressives hoped to make permanent has lapsed in a congressional standoff. Researchers say it spared many from poverty.

Just how big in media does Apple want to be?

The $3trn tech firm is not playing the same game as its rivals

Anthony Edwards ‘Had To Beat Somebody By 30, 40 Points’ In ‘Madden’ After John Madden Died

Anthony Edwards paid his respects to John Madden the only way he knew how: firing up 'Madden' and demolishing someone.

7 Engagement Ring Trends That Will Be Big In 2022, According to Experts

Pairing the notion of a fashion trend with something as long-lasting as an engagement ring can seem counterintuitive — the latter is equated with timelessness while the former is usually thought...

20 Outfits To Start Your 2022 Off Right

Ever stand in front of your jam-packed closet, staring at more than enough clothing options, and think: I have nothing to wear? Same. But perhaps the issue isn’t that you’re out of viable outfit...

Read Our Best Stories of 2021

Extremism. Drugs. Immigration. Abortion. We covered it all during this wild year.

Vaccine Passports Are Here to Stay. Why Worry?

The key to reanimating public life may also be the linchpin of a global surveillance network. The post Vaccine Passports Are Here to Stay. Why Worry? appeared first on The Intercept.

The 100 Most Popular Baby Names From 100 Years Ago

Many are what we’d now consider “old lady names” and “old man names,” but 1922’s newborns weren’t all christened Mildred or Eugene.

How to Look Ahead With Hope for Our Planet in 2022 and Beyond

How to Look Ahead With Hope for Our Planet in 2022 and Beyond  Smithsonian

House of Romeo in Verona, Italy

Romeo and Juliet is one of the most famous tragedies in literary history and is set in the city of Verona, Italy. While the story is just a play written by William Shakespeare, the tourism it...

Garbh Allt Falls Bridge in Ballater, Scotland

Deep inside Queen Elizabeth's Balmoral Estate is a beautiful iron bridge arching over the Falls of Garbh Allt. From the rough forest road, there is an easy footpath that leads to the bridge, but...

Homeowner Trying To Smoke Out Snakes Accidentally Burns Down House

A Maryland homeowner trying to get rid of a snake infestation accidentally burned their house to the ground, causing about $1 million in damages, with officials stating that the well-being of the...

Man Realizes ‘The Texas Chain Saw Massacre’ Actually Pretty Creepy After Rewatching It As Adult

LEBANON, NH—Saying he was stunned by the film’s macabre subject matter, area man Tyler Duchesne told reporters Friday that he had never realized The Texas Chain Saw Massacre is actually pretty...

The Best End-of-Year Sales to Shop Now at Amazon, Caraway, Solo Stove, and More

The new year is almost here, but you can still save a ton thanks to these end-of-year sales happening at Amazon, Caraway, Nordstrom, Our Place, and other top retailers.

Ring in the New Year with Streaming Programs Inspired by the Smithsonian's World of Knowledge

Ring in the New Year with Streaming Programs Inspired by the Smithsonian's World of Knowledge  Smithsonian

How to Make a Better Fitness Resolution Than “Get Abs”

Focusing on perfection—extreme weight loss? a six pack?—might be stopping you from even starting to do something good for your body.

Virtual-property prices are going through the roof

Investors are paying hard currency for software real estate

Sports In 2021 Were Mostly Back To Normal … Except Who Won

When we looked back last December at the state of the sports world in 2020, we could only marvel at a bizarre juxtaposition: While the COVID-19 pandemic created the strangest year of sports in...

The Fallen Mercenaries in Russia’s Dark Army

Former Ukrainian intelligence officers spent seven years compiling a database of Russia’s notorious mercenaries.

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