Going Deep -

BunsesTedses 4-4 minutes 1/15/2022

Wonderful winding roads in the south of Italy. We came chasing the sun, looking to relax by the sea. The beauty of this unwinding is that we end up quite intertwined in bed. Tonight is a perfect example of it. We went for dinner at a fancy place that Bunny found, and in between dishes we were fondling each other under the tablecloth.

Bunny placed her feet on my legs while I gave her a foot massage. And as we left I held her by her slender, feminine waist, while stopping for a hug and a kiss every now and then. So when we walked through the door of our apartment it was just a horny dash to the bedroom.

I knew I wanted my second dessert, and after removing all clothing from Bunny I threw, rather than placed her, on the bed. I wanted to go down on her and she knew it. She grabbed a second pillow and handed it to me to place under her butt. I think she likes to be in the front seat to watch how my lips and tongue play with her clit.

I start by playfully biting the insides of her thighs, just to move to the outside of her labia. Bunny is laughing nervously but as I place my tongue on top of her clit, calm descends on her. I feel how she enjoys the few moments of peace before the storm.

And then Bunny starts moving her hips slowly up and down, giving my tongue the starting signal. So I get to work on her. My upper teeth on one side of her clit, my tongue lapping rhythmically on its tip. My lower lip in contact with the entrance of her vagina.

And so we dance, and dance. Leap after leap, I can feel how she is getting even wetter. Her viscous cum is coming out generously as I am focusing on the right speed to bring her over the edge. My hands move up to caress her boobs, and I get my fingers tapping her nipples.

I can hear Bunny’s moaning in this beautiful melody, a hymn to pleasure. I look up at her face and her eyes are closed as if focusing on the orgasmic waves that are about to descend on her. I hear her telling me:

“Teddy, I am going to come!”

A few licks later I feel the seismic wave starting. Bunny’s legs start shaking and she rubs her pussy forcefully on my mouth. I stop with my tongue on top of her clit and admire the wonders of nature emanating from her body. Her moans are so strong they border on cries. She moves her hands down and holds my head.

My dick is by now so hard that when I move up my tip just lays on her entrance. Bunny brings her arms to my butt and she starts pushing me inside of her. A second dance starts, and this one involves hip motions from both of us.

Bunny raises her legs as I am opening her up shove after shove. Suddenly I am all the way inside of her. Bunny tells me:

“You are so big!”

And suddenly it is like skating away on the thin ice of a new day. I start moving my hips at the right rhythm. I move my arms to the side of Bunny’s head. I see how she is looking at me and placing her hands on my chest, just to move them to my butt, then to my back and finally using her right hand to grab my balls.

She is now taking me over the edge, yet I can feel how she is getting ready to crash in her orgasmic waves. I see the point of no return go past me. And as Bunny starts shaking with her orgasm the twitching of her vagina on my manhood just extracts my semen right out of me.

We are laughing, and trying to catch our breath. I feel dizzy and fall down on Bunny who starts caressing my back. A beautiful end to a beautiful journey.