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Naked Dreams 22-28 minutes 2/10/2022

An erotic tale: New nudist neighbours’ housewarming party gets raunchy as ever more naked people get ever more horny.

Photo by Rocketmann Team from Pexels

Luka had lived at his house, a small mid-terrace, for almost a decade. In that time the neighbours on both sides had regularly come and gone; seeming to change at least every couple of years. For a few years now the house on the right had been let out to students (attending the nearby university), and so new groups had moved in just about every year. At the start of September Luka was thus used the house, normally left unoccupied over the summer, coming to life again, and to seeing new faces when he happened to bump into his neighbours. He was not quite expecting everything else he saw when he met his newest neighbours though.

It was an uneventful Wednesday, so far. Luka worked from home most of the time, just going into his office once or twice a week. So sat in his home-office he had heard noises from next door since the day before; suggesting the house was occupied once more. He was taking a break for his lunch, and decided to go and sit out in the garden, where he had a little table and chair set up ready for whenever the weather allowed him to do just that. The small back gardens of the row of houses were divided by walls; about two meters tall near the back of the house, so to block views between windows from the neighbouring houses, but dipping down to about waist height after about three meters, so you could actually see into the neighbour’s gardens — And indeed the windows if you cared to crane your neck over the wall. It meant most of the neighbours actually knew each other in this neighbourhood, leading to an active community between the households.

Luka had sat down and was about to take a bite of the sandwich he had prepared when he heard the backdoor of the neighbours’ house open. He looked up expectantly, ready to introduce himself. But as his new neighbours appeared his jaw just dropped; and almost so did his sandwich — He was greeted by the sight of three (so far as he could see) topless women, chatting away as they passed from behind the taller wall to the more open area. They were debating how to find out about bin collections, when one of them noticed Luka staring open-mouthed at them.

“Oh, hi, sorry, hope you don’t mind us”, she called.

“I, uh..” Luke stumbled, his eyes glancing between the tall slim blonde girl’s face and her not insignificant breasts. “It’s no… I mean… hi”, he managed to jumble out.

“Hi”, she replied, smiling sweetly, “I’m Jenna, and this is Mariam, and Alyssa”, she gestured in turn to her shorter curvier olive-skinned friend, who had smallish tear-drop shaped breasts, and then her larger and even curvier dark-skinned companion, who had enormous boobs hanging down the length of most of her torso. She paused, as Luka’s eyes darted between all three of them, before prompting: “Do you, have a name?”

“Sorry, yes, of course, I’m Luka, Luka from number twelve.”

Jenna giggled, “well hi Luka-from-number-twelve, nice to meet you. As I was saying, hope you don’t mind our, uh, state of dress, we’re all nudists you see. Will that be a problem, if we’re ever out here naked?”

“It would be great!” Blurted Luka, “I mean, uh, great to, um, have nice new neighbours. Yes, no problem, no problem at all”.

“Well good, we do hate having to get dressed if we can help it. That’s why we moved in together you see, we were all friends in halls at uni our first year, and when we found we were all nudists we thought it would be cool to have a nude house together!”

“Sounds amazing”, was all the dumbfounded Luka could manage in reply. He was going to have three beautiful naked neighbours, for probably a year, maybe more. He couldn’t believe his luck.

“Do you ever enjoy some naked time, Luka?” Jenna pressed on, “maybe you’d like to come round later, we’re having a nude housewarming party, from eight”.

“I’d love to come!” Luka had no hesitation that time.

“I don’t suppose you know anything about the bins anyway? The council website is a bit confusing, says something about blue, black and green ones, but we only have blue?”

“Well, blue is for recycling, and black for landfill. Green is for garden waste, but most houses here don’t have that one, as our gardens are all so small. Not sure why you won’t have a black one though, maybe the last tenants never got it in when they last put it out for collection?”

“Oh, maybe, yeah there were a few bins out on the street.”

“I’ll go check”, offered Mariam, who then headed straight for the back gate, which lead to an alleyway down the back of the houses, and then to the street.

Luka’s head followed her as she walked out of the garden and off towards the street, his jaw having dropped again.

“Oh Mariam likes to have an excuse to go naked out in public”, offered Alyssa, by way of explanation. “She’s an exhibitionist as much as a nudist, she’ll be thrilled we got caught by you”, she winked at the close of the sentence.

A few moments later a rumbling sound approached, and they all turned to meet Mariam returning, with a black wheely-bin in tow. “Found it! Full of someone’s rubbish already, but guess we can just put it out next collection day; at least we’ve got one. I met some more neighbours too! Jia and Jim a couple of doors down. I invited them later as well”.

Luka didn’t know Jia and Jim that well, so was curious how they would have reacted to having met naked Mariam. Maybe he would ask at the party later.

“So we’ll see you later then, Luka-from-number-twelve”, Jenna reminded him, “it’s a nudist party don’t forget”. Luka failed to verbalise reply, managing just a nod, while lost in fantasy at events to come. “Oh, and thanks for explaining the bins”.

The three girls then headed back inside, leaving Luka to eat his lunch—Eventually, when he recovered from what he had just seen, and what he had just been told.

Later that evening Luka was feeling very nervous. A naked party. So he would have to be naked, in front of his three very attractive new naked neighbours. And Jia and Jim from down the round — The couple were slightly older than him, but he’d always found Jia, an Indian woman, devastatingly attractive. Plus who knows who else was coming. A minimum of four women that he all found attractive, four women that could all easily on their own give him a raging erection, and they were all going to be there, together, right in front of him, naked. Would they mind, if he got excited? The thought of it, got him excited. “Damn it, get down”, he commanded his own penis, looking down at it. “Well at least you’re pretty big”, he conversed with his loins, “I shouldn’t mind letting them see you at your full potential”. With that, his penis got even harder. “Just hope they don’t mind either…”

Letting his thoughts drift to another issue, and his penis fall limp for a moment, he looked at his wardrobe. What to wear, to step out of his door, to go next door, to go in, and take off? He wanted to make a good impression, but not have to mess around undressing awkwardly in front of everyone. After starring at his wardrobe for a couple of minutes he settled on a nice shirt with a fun pattern, and a pair of shorts. Nice and casual. he’d just wear sandals too, to step outside, and not bother with socks or underwear.

So after a quick shower, he got dressed. And stepped out his own door. Then took a step to the side, and knocked on the next door.

The door opened a moment after “Hi, it’s Luka-”

“From-number-twelve”, finished Jenna. “We’ve been expecting you”.

Luka didn’t go right in, he was too busy taking in the sight of Jenna’s head-to-toe naked body — He’d only seen the top half earlier. In addition to her large round breasts, her slim toned figure continued down to just slightly wider hips, and between them a busy tangle of pubes just about as bright as the blonde hair on her head. She had dizzyingly long legs below that. Her skin, all of it, was light but slightly tanned; with not even a tint of a tan line anywhere.

“You can get a good look at us all in a minute”, she prompted, “just as soon as we can see you too”.

Luka gulped, caught already, and stepped into the house.

“You can get undressed in Mariam’s room, just to the right there.”

Luka followed the gesture of her arm to a nearby door, and walked towards it. He stepped in to find Mariam blow-drying her hair. Naked of course. Her curvaceous body, he now saw, continued down to a cute round bum. She had a neatly shaved narrow strip of black pubes at the bottom of her tummy. “Hi, sorry, should I come back in a minute?” Luka offered.

“No, of course not, won’t be any different then. Other than I’ll be less wet”. She paused. “Or maybe not, now someone is watching me. I like that”. She winked.

Alysaa’s comment about Mariam’s exhibitionism was confirmed again. Luka was delighted. This very attractive naked girl seemed to have just told him to watch her naked, and that that turned her on. He started to get hard.

“So are you joining us or what?” Prompted Mariam, at volume over her hairdryer.

“I, umm, might need a moment.”

“Oh, enjoying the show already? I don’t mind, let me see.”

“Are you sure? I don’t want you thinking I’m-”

“A perv? Too late dude, we all saw you gawking at our boobs already”, Mariam pronounced with a teasing air. “But that’s ok, I like being perved on. So do the others really, but they might not tell you like I will”. She winked again.

“Well, ok…” Luka undid his shirt buttons, and slipped it off. Revealing a slightly toned and fairly hairy chest.

“Nice”, commented Mariam.

Then nervously Luka undid the button and the top of his shorts, and unzipped his flies. His now very erect penis thrust out. He looked to Mariam, who took in the sight approvingly. So he let his shorts fall, and stepped out of them and his sandals.

“Big boy”, Mariam finally commented, getting a good look at his dick, and the hairy nest of pubes it emerged from. “Would be nice to put that to good use”.

“I-” Luka started, but was cut off.

“Maybe later. Let’s show the girls”. Mariam put down her hairdryer. Which she’s stopped actually using while watching Luka undress. And walked out of her bedroom door. “Come on then, big boy”.

Luka did as he was told, following his very hard penis out of her room to the living room at the back of the house. He was expecting to see Jenna and Alysaa, and was excited to show himself off to them. He wasn’t expecting Jia and Jim already. So no sooner as he walked through the door proudly sporting his erection, he doubled over and hid back behind it.

The three nudist girls all laughed. Jia and Jim, both dressed, looked surprised. Jia also had a twinkle in her eye; she had enjoyed what she had seen, ever so briefly.

“Hey, don’t hide”, Mariam protested. “You’ve seen us now, it’s only fair”.

“She’s got a point”, pondered Jia, addressing Jim, “we should really get undressed too”. And without hesitation she pulled her summer dress up and over her head, revealing her completely naked body beneath.

Luka always thought Jia was pretty, now he could see her body was beautiful too. Her long dark wavy hair cascaded down over her shoulders, partly obscuring her slighting sagging breasts, but not so much that Luka couldn’t she had large and pointy dark brown nipples. Her milk chocolate brown skin looked delicious. And as his eyes continued down he saw she had no public hair at all, revealing prominent fleshy labia between her legs. The sight did nothing to ease Luka’s still hard erection.

“Come on Jim, you’re the only one not naked now”, Jia protested to her husband.

“I thought you weren’t sure?” Jim hesitated.

“Well the more naked people there were the sillier it seemed to be left out. It’s nice. And we can’t have poor Luka being the only naked guy can we?”

“Show Jim how easy it is to be naked, hey Luka?” Jenna said as she yanked him from behind the door he was still hiding behind. “Nice cock by the way. Don’t worry about it being hard. We take it as a compliment. Right girls?”

They all affirmed, including Jia, who was getting a very good look.

“I told you he’d be big, Jim”, she addressed her husband, while still starring at Luka, who was apparently the topic of a previous conversation between them. “Would be fun to invite him round to be one of our number threes”.

Luka’s eyes darted between Jia and Jim attempting to comprehend what he had just heard. Jim, now getting undressed himself, nodded. Jia smiled. Had they just agreed to invite him to be part of a threesome? Today was crazy.

Before he could explore that prospect any further, Jenna pulled him away again. “Come on Luka-from-number-twelve”, more of our friends are coming soon, and they’re not all us horny as everyone already here. Better get you calmed down”. She yanked him back into the corridor, and then up the stairs, taking him into a bedroom, and pushing him to sit on a bed. Her bed.

She then stood, feet apart, in front of him, presenting her body. “Come on then. Enjoy the view, and do what you need to do”.

“Sorry?” Luka hadn’t quite grasped the instruction.

“Make yourself cum. Then you’ll be able to calm down a bit.”

“You want me to wank?” She nodded. “In front of you?”

“Well I can leave you to it if you want? I thought it might help, to give you some inspiration…” Luka did not protest. He got to work, pumping away on his penis.

“Nice” Jenna pondered as she watched. “Hey, I bet the girls would enjoy this too. Shall I call them up?”

Luka looked at her a bit dazed at the prospect of masturbating in front of everyone. But then gave a slight nod.

“Hey girls”, Jenna called out, “get up here, now!” A rush of feet followed.

Mariam was first to enter. “Sweet. Nice one Jenna.”

Then came Alysaa, her whole body seeming to jiggle as she walked in. Her curvaceous folds of darkest brown skin stood in sharp contrast to Jenna’s lean pale body. Luka enjoyed seeing both, as well as Mariam’s petite olive body, and thrust away ever more enthusiastically.

Then not to be left out, Jia came in too, her whole body swaying in the sexiest walk Luka had ever seen. He wanted to just look at them all, but his eyes rolled up as pleasure began to overwhelm him. Jenna quickly stuffed a tissue into his free hand, which he positioned just in time to capture the powerful burst of cum.

Watching him, the girls all smiled, enjoying the show. Mariam was clapping and bouncing on her feet. “Nice Luka. I’ll make you cum even better later”, she promised.

“Come down when you’re ready” Jenna instructed, “come on girls”. And they all walked out, Jia out last, looking back to give Luka a very approving look.

Luka thought he must be dreaming, and actually pinched himself to make sure he was awake! The last people in this house were a couple of geeky guys that barely managed more than a grunted hello when they had met. Now he had a whole gaggle of extremely friendly, extremely hot, seemingly always naked, and very horny, new neighbours. And then there was the revelation that Jia and Jim seemed to be swingers with the hots for him too. “Whatever could be next?” he pondered aloud to himself, as he heard the door downstairs. More guests. He checked his penis was at rest, and then headed down to see who else had arrived.

Next in was a less exciting sight for Luka, although the girls seemed very engaged. A tall black guy was undressing in the living room. He had just throw his shirt off, and then pulled down his trousers, revealing a thick penis that Luka was a little envious of; it was an impressive sight.

“Hey, I’m Kyan” he offered with a nod. “I’m Alysaa’s boyfriend”.

Luka felt a sudden panic, that he’d just been masturbating in front of someone he just assumed was single.

“I hear you’ve been keeping the girls entertained already.” Kyan continued, “They do like a show. Right Aly?” He addressed his girlfriend.

“Oh yeah, love to watch”, Alysaa teasingly replied, eyeing up Luka. “But only want you inside me KiKi”, she stroked the larger man’s extremely muscular arm.

Luka relaxed, no harm done. Until he jumped a little, as someone knocked on the door. He poked his head into the corridor, to enjoy the sight of Jenna’s perfect butt walking towards the door. And then found himself alarmed again. As the door opened he saw two of his colleagues walking in, Samantha and Hina, the former a freckly ginger with slightly chubby features, the latter a short and slim Japanese girl with a sharply cut bob. Both noticed Luka, and looked a little shocked themselves.

“Luka, what are you doing here?” demanded Samantha.

“I live next door”, Luka offered simply. Before asking himself, “how do you know these guys?”

Samantha and Hina exchanged uncertain looked, before shrugging simultaneously, and turning back to Luka: “Well, we go to a nude swim sometimes, we met the girls there…”

It seemed Luka’s life was actually full of nudists and exhibitions. How had he only just found out? “Cool, I’m just, uh, learning nudism today, I guess”, he offered up his body as proof, stepping fully into the corridor.

“It suits you”, offered Hina.

“I imagine it suits you too”, Luka blurted back.

They giggled at that. “You’ll see well enough in a second. We’ll just get undressed”. And then they made their way into Mariam’s room.

Luka waited in the corridor expectantly, to which Jenna raised an eyebrow. “Enjoying the party, Luka-from-number-twelve?”

“It’s really quite-”, Samantha and Hina walked back out into the corridor, now both naked as well. “Really quite something”, Luka let his thought continue, with new meaning.

“Thanks”, they both replied. “No telling at work thought, ok?” insisted Hina. “We prefer to keep out naked lives just among fellow nudists”.

“Sure, of course, your secret… our secret! Is safe with me”, Luka reassured.

They all made their way into the increasingly crowded, and very naked, living room. Samantha and Hina greeted Mariam and Alysaa with big hugs — Luka felt pretty jealous missing out on that experience.

Noticing him looking on and left out, Alysaa waved him over as the hug broke up. “You missing out on the hug? Come her silly”, and she yanked him into her arms. Her huge breasts parted as their bodies drew closer, seeming to wrap around him. As she pulled him in tight, the soft folds of her tummy, her boobs, and fleshy arms seemed to almost absorb him. He felt flesh upon flesh all over him. It felt amazing, so smooth, and so comforting.

It was over before he really realised how much he was enjoying it. But he wasn’t left alone for long. Jia spun him towards her. “Hey, I want a hug too!” She embraced him, and it felt much more intimate; she seemed to whither around him, making sure to feel all of his body, pushing her hips into him so that he could feel his penis pressed hard against her. Her perfume was sweet and intoxicating. She stared into his eyes. “I always wanted a chance with you, Luka”. He didn’t know what to say, so just tried to stay cool. She continued, “just come knock, any time, we can have some real fun. Me and Jim. Or just you and me, if you want…” and with his earlier suspicions confirmed, she pulled away and returned to twist herself around her husband’s side.

“Hey there big boy”, Mariam pulled his wondering mind back to the moment. “You’ve got all excited again”. He looked down to find another raging erection he’d not even realised had arose. “Come with me, don’t want you getting in trouble with Sam and Hina, huh?”

Taking his hand, she pulled him out into the corridor, and into her room. She then jumped onto her bed, and spun into a position facing him, parting her legs wide, to offer an enticing view of her already very wet looking vulva.

Luka just starred. He was ever more convinced he must be dreaming; surely all this in one day couldn’t be real? But a pinch again convinced him he was awake.

“I told you I’d make you cum later. It’s later. Get inside me already!”

“Have you got-”

“Yeah, top draw next to the bed”.

Luka moved along the side of Mariam’s bed to get to her bedside table. He pulled open the draw, readying himself to rummage. But he needn’t have worried, the entire draw was near overflowing with condoms! “Wow, you’re, uh, prepared”.

“I like to have visitors.”

“Well, I like to visit”, he picked a red packet, checked the date, briskly opened it up, and started to roll it down his penis.

“Good. You’re ready. I’m ready. Will you fuck me now?”

He didn’t need asking another time. Luka crawled onto the bed, and positioned himself to slide in. Mariam felt amazing. She was so wet, he easily glided in and out of her. But she was also snug on his big penis, and that stimulated them both.

“Faster”, she commanded. Luka complied. “Harder”, she insisted. Luke pushed deeper and more forceful. “Kiss me”, she requested. Luke leaned forward, and they kissed messily, wetly, and passionately.

“Get on your back”, she pushed at his chest. Luka slipped out of her vagina, and did as he was told. His penis stood hard and tall, waiting to go back in. Mariam started to climb into position. When.

The door opened, and Samantha and Hina walked in chatting. They stopped abruptly, and stared in shock at the sight of Luka, laid out on the bed, his condom wearing dick pointing up to the ceiling. And Mariam’s naked behind pointing towards them, frozen mid-movement at the shock of being interrupted.

“Luka!” Exclaimed Hina.

“Mariam!” Blurted Samantha.

“Oh, hi guys”, replied Mariam, super casual.

“Oh god, Sam, Hina, I-”, began Luka.

“He, was just fucking me”, continued Mariam. “Want to watch?”

“What?!”, a shocked Luka managed.

“Sure”, said Hina, rather enthusiastically.

“I’ll leave you to it”, was all Samantha had to say, as she walked back out, having plucked a charger out of her bag.

“Hina, you’re really going to?”, Luka trailed off.

“Hey, you’re cute. And your dick is huge. If I can’t ride it, I might as well enjoy the show.”

“Who said you can’t ride it”, offered up Mariam.

“Me!” burst out Luka.

“Ah you don’t mean that, I saw you checking her out before, you’ve got a crush on her or something.”

“Well, maybe”, now Luka was getting embarrassed.

“You do?” From a delighted Hina. “So can I, really? Fuck you? Now?”

“Of course you can. Luka can finish me off with his tongue while you ride him.”

“I can”, began Luka, but before he managed to say more, Mariam was already lowering herself onto his face. Very happy with how this moment was unfolding, he began to lick enthusiastically at her clit. And just as he was getting going, he felt another vagina slide down onto his dick. Hina was tighter, not quite as wet, but wow, she felt as amazing as he had always imagined, the very many times he had masturbated fantasising about her.

He licked Mariam, and thrust into Hina, and in short order all three of them climaxed powerfully. They collapsed into a tangled heap of naked bodies. Laughing, smiling, and touching.

They stayed there some time, until they had all recovered. Then, after tidying themselves up a bit, rejoined the party.

Luka enjoyed the rest of the night in great company, with amazing sights all around him. As the party drew to a close, he invited Hina to stay at his for the night. They both didn’t bother getting dressed, to step out into the street, take a step to the left, and then into his house.

As they drifted off to sleep, cuddled tight in his bed, Luka reflected on what a remarkable day he had had. His new neighbours had opened up a whole new, very naked and very horny, chapter of his life.

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