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Love in the USA: Here are the states where people stay married longest

On Valentine’s Day, love is definitely in the air — but it might be a little more potent in certain states. Although couples would like for their love to last forever, a new study finds where you live may have a lot to say about that.

Worst ways to get engaged: Via text message, phone call, or at a fast-food joint are top 3!

What are the best and worst ways to get engaged? The most sure-fire path to the altar may begin during a romantic, intimate dinner. A survey of 2,000 Americans in a relationship finds that half believe wining-and-dining their potential spouse may help seal the deal when proposing.

Super Bowl 2022 betting: Average gambler to throw down $462 on big game

Cincinnati Bengals or Los Angeles Rams — who ya taking? One-third of Americans will be tuning into Super Bowl LVI this year looking for a win — for their own bank account!

James Webb Telescope sends back its first images from space, including a ‘selfie’

The James Webb Space Telescope has seen its first star – 18 times. The NASA images, released on Feb. 11, show light from the same star as the brand-new telescope works on aligning its 18 mirrors for deep space exploration.

Artificial fish grown from human cardiac cells swims just like a heart beats

Scientists from Harvard University have created a fish that’s all heart — literally. Using stem cells, researchers have grown their own artificial fish which can actually swim around their tank by mimicking the beating of a human heart!

Cutting calories linked to gene that may help create a treatment to extend human lifespans

Scientists may be on the verge of a treatment that can extend the human lifespan — thanks to a protein tied to how much you eat.

7 Health Benefits From Drinking Coffee Every Day, According To Scientists

Coffee lovers around the world who reach for their favorite morning brew probably aren’t thinking about the ways it improves their health. Most people are drinking coffee simply because of its ability to provide a much-needed energy boost from caffeine. However, according to numerous studies, coffee also offers fantastic health benefits.

Eating prunes may help prevent bone loss in older women

Prunes rarely get as much love as other fruits, but researchers from Penn State suggest older, menopausal women should consider adding at least a few prunes to their daily diet.

Ditching the Western diet could help you live up to 13 years longer

Switching to a healthier diet of nuts, beans, and whole grains can help you live a decade longer, a new study on longevity reveals.

Lifting weights for just 3 SECONDS a day can improve muscle strength!

No time for exercise? No problem! A new study finds lifting weights for as little as three seconds a day can still have a positive impact on your muscle strength in the long run.

Nearly all young children have traces of tobacco on their hands, study reveals

Young children are often getting their hands into everything. Unfortunately, a new study finds one of those things is tobacco.

Study of 6,000 Weight Watchers success stories reveals biggest secret to losing pounds + keeping them off

Losing weight is obviously easier for some than it is for others. So, what’s the secret to shedding excess pounds and keeping the weight off? A new study reveals the biggest secret to success may be finding the ability to overcome setbacks in your weight loss plan.

Watching TV, listening to music before bed can actually help you get BETTER sleep

Can’t fall asleep without having the TV on while in bed? Turns out you may be doing yourself a favor. Research reveals that catching up on your favorite sitcom or listening to some music before bedtime could ensure a better night’s sleep.

New birth control option traps sperm inside semen’s natural gel

A new, over-the-counter contraceptive could prevent pregnancy by trapping a man’s sperm inside the natural gel of his semen, a new study explains.

College is no equalizer? Study finds student debt still holds low-income graduates back

Getting a college degree often opens up opportunities in the working world that lead to higher salaries and even better health. Although many view a college diploma as “the great equalizer” when it comes to financial and personal well-being, a new study finds the costs of that education keep holding lower-income families back.

Taking acetaminophen regularly linked to high blood pressure

Acetaminophen is one of the most common medications worldwide for treating and managing both short-term and chronic aches and pains. Now, however, researchers from the University of Edinburgh are warning that people who use it regularly are more likely to have high blood pressure.

Ball’s in her court: Dates more likely to end in bed if women make the first move

“Hookup culture” is something many people likely associate with young adults, and especially young men. Despite that perception, a new study finds dates are more likely to end in sex if the woman makes the first move.

Hard times: 7 in 10 Americans say they’re living paycheck to paycheck now

In these tough financial times, a new study finds it’s getting harder and harder for people to save any of their money. In fact, seven in 10 Americans say they’re living paycheck to paycheck.