Banging the Bride -

Donal Greigh 7-9 minutes 3/22/2022

photo: MetArt

I was the best man. Not the groom.

It felt really awkward. I’ll tell you that much.

My best friend had no idea that I was sleeping with his wife for the last year. Granted, Darryl and Maya did not get along and had no business getting married, but that was really none of my business.

“I do,” said Maya. Darryl had already said his vows and devoted his life to his cheating bride.

What made it worse was that she said her “I do” while staring directly at me.

Did anyone else notice?

The crowd applauded. I shook my head and stared at the ground. The bridal party shuffled toward the banquet hall where the after-ceremony festivities would begin.

I was super single. I didn’t bring a date to the wedding. All of the women I was seeing at the time had begged to come with me, but I knew that doing so would send the wrong idea, that I was serious about them. I took no one serious except my damn self.

Darryl and Maya had already started arguing before they cut the wedding cake. Drama was in the air and the 300-guest party had turned into a soap opera of gossip and whispers.

Funny thing is, none of the guests knew the half of what was really going on.

I walked out of the banquet hall and toward the exit so that I could have a cigarette break and escape the toxic vibes of the gathering.


I heard my name being whispered in the background.

I turned around to see the newly married Maya peeking out from the ladies bathroom door. It was one of those restrooms that only had one toilet.

She motioned for me to come inside with her.

“Are you fucking serious?” I whispered back at her.

I scanned the hallway. No one was around.

“Get in here, Declan!” she demanded.

I looked Maya up and down. Her brown curly hair hung loosely over her breasts. She definitely picked out a sexy wedding dress for herself. It was not traditional. It was more of a stripper outfit.

It provided easy access. You see where I was going in my mind.

I’m fucking incorrigible. Apparently, she was as well.

I skipped toward the bathroom.

Maya grabbed me with her fist, balled up the front of my button-down shirt and pulled me into the bathroom.

She slammed the door behind us and locked it.

“It’s just you and me in here, babe,” she said, her eyes watery from recently crying, it seemed.

“What the fuck are you doing?” I asked, although I knew exactly what she was doing. My dick was hard as fuck. Maya was stunning. She had big tits. She had a big ass. Big thighs. She was just perfect. She was also my best friend’s wife. Fuck my life.

“I made a big mistake, Declan,” she said, as she tugged at my belt and began removing it from my pants. “It should have been you and I in there.”

Yeah. I had told her I loved her a few times during sex. It is what it is. The moment is the moment. Sometimes I get lost in it.

“They’re going to be looking for you,” I said, as I reached underneath her dress and grabbed her panties, pulling them down as she sat on the bathroom sink, spreading her legs as she pulled my pants down, exposing my erect, precum-dripping cock.

“Fuck them,” she said, obviously emotional over whatever argument they just had after their doomed nuptials.

“I don’t have a condom on me, Maya,” I said, as I positioned my legs between hers.

She guided my bare tip in between her throbbing pussy lips. I pushed inside.

“I don’t give a fuck,” she said. “I’ve never had you raw before. If you get me pregnant, we’d have an excuse to run away together.”

Maya was truly out there in her fantasies. Regardless, I wasn’t going to talk logic into her during this moment. Opportunity knocked and I wanted my cum inside of her. Apparently, she wanted it inside of her as well.


We both froze.

I pushed deeper into her wetness. We both moaned.

“I’m on the toilet!” screamed Maya. “Give me a few.”

“Sorry!” said a female voice outside. We waited until the person’s steps grew fainter.

I looked into Maya’s eyes and we proceeded to kiss and hug each other tightly. Our tongues circled slowly and our lips sucked one another with love. The way Maya and Darryl should have kissed when they said, “I do.”

What they did looked forced.

The chemistry between Maya and I was natural. It was electric. It felt right, but so damn wrong at the same time.

I slid my hands past the outside of her thick, meaty thighs and grabbed her big ass cheeks, gripping them so that I could grind my dick deeper into her. I knew she loved that move.

“Ohhhh fuck…” she sighed, biting into my shoulder.

“Quiet, babe,” I said, looking into her eyes.

“Cover my mouth,” she whimpered. “I can’t help it. You feel too damn good.”

As she requested, I placed my left hand over her mouth.

“Cover mine as well, baby,” I said.

She put her right hand over my mouth.

That’s when my strokes pumped in and out of her dripping pussy faster.

I pulled out slow.

I pushed in hard.

Maya moaned underneath the palm of my hand, her tongue licking my fingers. I sucked the inside of her hand and grunted in response as my cock pummeled her insides with quicker strokes.

I looked in the bathroom mirror behind us and concentrated on her ass cheeks and how they bounced with each push and pull of my cock. Watching her skin ripple with each thrust would make me cum quicker. Time was of the essence. This had to be a quickie and we were not used to that.

I removed her hand from my mouth and pushed it toward her clit.

“Rub your clit, babe,” I said. “Cum for me while I cum in you.”

She nodded. I kept my hand over her mouth. Maya could get loud.

My pants dropped from my knees to the ground. I kicked them off along with my shoes. I needed the flexibility to grind her pussy the way it needed to be fucked. I loved making Maya cum. It had to be done the right way, even if we were in a bathroom stall at my best friend’s wedding.

Maya rubbed her clit back and forth quickly from left to right. I could feel her knuckles against my abs as I slammed in and out of her trembling pussy.

In and out I pushed as we stared into each other’s eyes.

She looked into my soul with need, guilt, and attraction. What a combination.

I stared back at the mirror at her ass as my nuts slammed into her wetness and she let out her first orgasm.

Her legs shook and her hands stopped flicking as she bit the inside of my hand.

Regardless of me covering her mouth, I could hear her.

“Declan! Ohhhhhhhh!” she yelled.

“Fuck, Maya!” I sighed in response. I could feel my cock twitching as my sperm boiled through my vein and began to shoot up to my tip.

I guess being quiet went out of the window.

I placed both hands on the sink and unceasingly slammed into her over and over and over again.

The sink shook from the vibration of our bodies. I hadn’t recalled fucking her with such desperation and passion before.

“Give me your baby, Dec,” she whispered into my left ear as the first stream of cum blasted from my cock inside of her.

I came so hard it fucking hurt.

“Ohhhhh fuck, baby. Oh shit, Maya!”

“That feel good, Dec? That pussy feels good, huh?”

“Yeah, baby. It does. Oh shit…”

I spurted hard again. My knees almost buckled as I came hard into her wetness, slumping into her shoulder.

I looked into the mirror behind us and stared at myself.

What a character. I shook my head.

We dressed quickly without saying a word.

She exited the bathroom. I stayed inside.

By the time I stepped out into the hallway, the coast was clear.

I took a cigarette out of my pack and headed outside to light it.

Darryl was already outside, puffing on a cigar, celebrating his new life with Maya.

“My best man!” he exclaimed. “I’ve been looking for you, bro! Where have you been?”