Bar Doggy Story -

BunsesTedses 5-6 minutes 4/16/2022

photo: MetArt

The perfect location for our lovemaking.

I am laying on the kitchen bar on my belly. Teddy holds my ankles with his hands while he is parsimoniously pushing his dick in and out of me. It feels like making love floating in a cloud. I look back and try to see our reflection in the mirror. I can only see how his muscular thighs help him push in and out of me in that motion that wets all my insides for him.

We went for a weekend trip, visiting a friend of mine in this city near the Alps. I rented a room at the same serviced apartment block where my friend is staying. The room is a bit larger than a hotel room with a kitchenette and most importantly a breakfast bar dividing it from the bedroom.

As we walked into the room Teddy showed me how the full length mirror on the wall of the bedroom would show our reflection on one side of the aforementioned bar. And thus the idea of doggy in that special spot was planted in our minds.

We wandered through the city with my friend, visiting beautiful museums and going for dinner at a fantastic Italian place. In between bruschetta and cannelloni I was daydreaming of all the things that we would do back at that bar in our hotel room. Teddy must have guessed what I was thinking because he was looking at me with that expression of hunger that melts my insides.

After dinner we walked back to our place enjoying the cool evening breeze, and as we got to our room I decided to take a warm bath. I needed to warm up from the cold weather, and I also needed to relax to get even wetter than I already was. I knew I wanted doggy, and I knew it would be really good.

Teddy was laying in bed naked when I got out of the bath. I stood by the bar, just at the spot where I could see my reflection. I was looking good; Teddy is a lucky son of a bitch! I dropped my towel to the floor and used my index finger to beckon Teddy to come here.

I don’t think I had finished moving my finger the second time before he was already next to me. His eyes were devouring me, and I liked that feeling of power over his primal senses. He had brought a pillow with him, and placed it on the bar. We embraced and our mouths found their way to each other.

I was showering wet kisses on his thick lips.

“You are a good kisser”

were my words.

“And you should see how I can kiss you in other places,” was his answer.

I felt his hands on my butt as he started trailing down my body with his mouth. My neck, my chest, my boobs. He sucked my nipples just lightly, making them hard and pointy. My lower rib cage, my belly, my hips. I had to raise one leg to make space for him as he reached the landing strip above my clit.

I was so aroused that a few licks on my vulva started making me crazy. I grabbed his hair and pulled him up. I turned around and placed my hands on the bar top, presenting my round ass to him.

He embraced me from behind and gently pushed me on top of the pillow he had placed on the bar.

“Good thinking!”

were my words. As I turned my head towards the mirror I saw him holding his very erect rod, getting ready to give it to me. I wiggled my ass a bit just to present him with the best angle, and god, did he find it.

Time stood still as I felt his bulbous head against my entrance. I started moving back and forth, enjoying how deliciously he was opening me with each stroke. I adore this part of lovemaking, all my horny senses coming alive, one centimeter at a time.

I looked at our reflection and saw his howling expression, head looking up, eyes shut tight, mouth reflecting the excitement of filling me up. His hands were on my hips and he dug in until he had pushed himself all the way inside of me.

And then he stood still.

His hands reached down to my ankles. I raised first the right, then the left, and felt suspended in the air as if I was flying. He started rocking my world and I had to grab the corner of the bar. The soft pillow under my belly gave me some extra traction.

Suddenly everything sped up. I had to close my eyes to focus on my feelings, yet I had imprinted the view of his thighs as he was fucking me deliciously. He was hitting the right spot and my orgasmic energy was building up. I heard myself cursing while I heard him groaning.

As if a dam had burst, my orgasm hit me with a vengeance. I felt my legs shaking uncontrollably. He had hit all of my buttons and the rocket of passion had been launched.

I looked back at our reflection in the mirror just as he started pumping the second round into me. I knew this would be a bar to remember…