Spanking Good April fool by Marie A. Rebelle |

Marie A. Rebelle 8-10 minutes 4/1/2022

photo: SexArt


What will be her reward?

“I bet I can make an April fool of you,” Mia says, biting the inside of her cheek, her head cocked to the side.

Zack’s eyes seem to darken a fraction, looking at her.

“You really want to go there?” he asks.

After only a moment of hesitation, Mia nods, keeping his gaze while butterflies dance in her tummy.

“Yes, I do. I have a brilliant idea,” she laughs.

The butterflies vanish in the silence that follows. A tight knot forms inside, and her heart fights to flee from its confinement. She straightens her back, pushes her breakfast plate away, leans forward and rests her chin in her palm with her elbow where the plate has just been. She hides her nervous smile behind her fingers, which gently rest on her upper lip.

“Okay,” Zack agrees, “give it a try.”

Mia’s eyes grow in surprise.

“But…” Zack continues.

Mia sits back in her chair, every fiber in her body at attention because of that one word.

“There will be consequences either way.”


“Yes,” Zack nods, “consequences. You trying to make an April fool of me can turn out three ways. For one, I can see right through your plan even before you get to execute it. Or, you play your prank, but it doesn’t work because I see it for what it is — you trying to make an April fool of me. Or, the one with the least chance of success, you succeed and I am your April fool.”

Mia nods, not feeling comfortable at all. She senses there’s more to this. She soon learns there is, when Zack continues talking.

“Let’s start with the last. If your little prank works, we will go out for dinner, and when we come back home, I will spank you until you beg for mercy, then fuck you.”

Mia smiles. She can live with that.

“If you play your prank and I realize it’s just that, a prank, then we also dine out, you wearing your plug with no underwear, and when we get back home, the paddle will have some work to do.”

Mia shifts in her chair. He knows she’s not a fan of the paddle, and hearing this makes her wonder what he will come up with next. Also, he said nothing about fucking her.

“If I’m onto your little prank before you can even try to make an April fool of me, you cook and serve me dinner, naked, nipple clamps, butt plug, and you get six strokes with the cane. No mercy.”

It takes a few moments for Mia to realize she’s staring at him, her mouth open. She closes her mouth, thoughts swirling around in her head.

Is her prank strong enough?

Can she pull it off?

Even if she can, is it wise to go through with this?

His eyes are still on her, and… for a brief moment, she sees doubt in his eyes. So briefly, she thinks she may have imagined it. But, it’s enough for her to straighten her back, and say, “Game on!”

Inwardly, she chuckles when she sees the surprise in his eyes. Surprise he quickly conceals again. Mia knows he will be watching her every move until after the first of April, but she has her plans ready.

Like she has said: Game on!

Rushing back from his early morning meeting to get papers from the office and be on time for the next meeting, Zack almost jumps in his chair when the phone rings. He wants to ignore it, but knows he can’t. When he has a day like this, filled with meetings, his secretary only transfers calls which are urgent. He grabs the receiver from the hook and almost barks his name.

Panic grips his heart when he listens to the man on the other end of the line. They have discovered the uninsured car he has hidden in a friend’s demolition yard some months ago. Zack knows that even if you don’t use a car, when it’s registered to your name, it has to be insured. He has always known the risks, but has thought himself clever to hide the car where it is now. When the man mentions a fine of quite a substantial amount, Zack’s eyes dart to the calendar next to the phone.

The first of April!

A sly smile crosses his face. He stops the man, asks for his name and writes it down: Smith.

Not very original, Zack thinks.

“Mister Smith, sir, I’m not sure you are who you say you are, seeing today’s date. Let me call you back on the number I see in the display,” Zack says, and before the man can react, he disconnects the line.

For a moment, Zack considers not returning the call, but he is too sure this is Mia’s prank. There is no way the number he has jotted down is that of the State Vehicle Authority. He dials the number, a huge smile on his face.

“State Vehicle Authority, how may I help you?” a woman’s voice enters his ear.

Momentarily taken aback, Zack stumbles over his words.

“Er… uh… good morning. I would like to speak to Mister Smith.”

A couple of seconds later he hears, “Smith, good morning.”

After a lengthy conversation, Zack hangs the phone up again, thankful for the understanding he received from Mister Smith. He has explained everything to the man, and has said he’s willing to pay the fine, after apologizing for just hanging up on the man. Mister Smith, having mercy on him and understanding Zack’s line of thought about it being a prank played on him, has let him off with a warning, on the condition that insurance for the car is arranged within 48 hours.

Zack is quiet at dinner that evening. Mia chats away, telling him about her day at the office. She keeps a close eye on Zack, not sure whether he’s listening to her.

“Is something wrong, Zack?” she asks, putting her fork down and waiting for him to look at her.

He does.

“What?” he says, then realizes what she has asked and answers, “No, it’s fine. Just tired after a busy day.”

“Or pre-occupied because you have to do the insurance for that car?”

Mia watches as his fork stops halfway to his mouth, his eyes fixed on his plate. Slowly, he puts the fork down. Shivers run down Mia’s spine.

She knows he knows. Knows her prank has worked. When he looks up at her, the tension drains from her body. She watches as a knowing smile forms around his mouth.

“How?” is all he says.

Mia tells him about the new colleague, whose husband works at customs, where they have the same number as the State Vehicle Authority, and they reroute calls from there. The husband loves to play pranks, and has done so with Mia and some of her other colleagues, and that’s how her idea for a prank has taken form. Zak has to hand it to Mia: her plan to make an April fool of him has definitely worked.

Her bottom deliciously warm and bright red after the spanking, Mia sighs when finally Zack enters her. He holds her hips, pushing in until he rests against her burning bottom. She moans slightly, partly because of the tenderness, partly because he slowly pulls out again. With only the tip of his cock inside her, he pushes in again. Her muscles tighten around him, trying to hold him there, but Zack is in control, and Mia knows this.

Despite her win, her fooling him, Mia is at Zack’s mercy. She begs him to fuck her harder, but he ignores her pleas, slow-fucking her to absolute frustration.

Mia reaches for her clitoris, but he slaps her hand away, then holds on to her hips again. Mia moans and pleads, but Zack ignores it, enjoying the sensations of his cock moving in and out.

When he pulls out again, Mia expects him to flip her over and finally fuck her to an orgasm.

“On your knees,” Zack says, and for a moment Mia looks at him, not able to match her expectation with his words. He raises an eyebrow, and just before he can speak again, she scrambles to her knees.

Where he has been too gentle with her cunt, he’s not with her mouth. Zack uses her mouth the way she wanted him to use her cunt. There’s no way she can suck him, so she keeps her mouth open, gasping and gulping for air when she can. Relief only comes when his semen fills her mouth, and he finally pulls out after she has licked him clean.

“Time to sleep,” he says, and when Mia protests — she’s in desperate need of an orgasm — he pulls the covers up to his chin and smiles.

“You didn’t think I was going to reward you with an orgasm for playing a prank on me, did you?”