A Look Into The Past...At The Way Things Used To Be - Caveman Circus

2-2 minutes 5/17/2022

Teenagers at an archery party in Briarcliff, New York, 1956

Diner in West Virginia in 1930

Woman and her dog in her one room house, Texas, 1938

Motherless family, the oldest girl seated in the doorway of the house trailer cares for the family. Yakima Valley, Washington 1939. by Dorothea Lange

Loading passengers onto an airship from a mooring mast, 1930s

School girls practise childcare using a doll, 1935

Family between Dallas and Austin, Texas. The people have left their home and connections in South Texas, and hope to reach the Arkansas Delta for work in the cotton fields. The father is under the truck doing some repairs. August 1936.

Christmas dinner near Smithfield, Iowa. Dinner consisted of potatoes, cabbage and pie. 1936. Photographer – Lee Russell

A man sleeps on his dance partner after dancing  1,491 hours during an undated marathon.

People watching a television set for the first time at Waterloo station, London, 1936

School house photo in Texas, 1930’s.

Sharecroppers in front of their cabin. Boone Arkansas. October 1935

Moving Day. 1920’s

A waitress in a diner taking a break, New York City, 1955

A young couple spending an evening in Las Vegas (1957)

Swimming at the Tidal Basin beach c.1918

School dance, 1956, photo by Wayne Miller

These children from 8 years old up go to school half a day, and shuck oysters for four hours before school and three hours after school on school days, and on saturday from 4 a.m. to early afternoon. 1911 by Lewis Hine

Gun safety being taught in an Indiana school, 1956

Elementary school class taking an imaginary trip to the moon, Lincoln, Nebraska, 1966

Cop, musicians and a dead drunk, a New York diner scene. circa 1940s