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Army Veterans Speak Out About Mind-Blowing 'Hypersonic' UFO Encounter In Egyptian Desert

Rachel Lang 12-15 minutes 5/17/2022

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Army Veterans Speak Out About Mind-Blowing 'Hypersonic' UFO Encounter In Egyptian Desert

Three US veterans have told the story of an eerie encounter they had with what they claim was a UFO while on deployment in the Middle East in 2014.

The former cavalrymen have told their story to the Daily Mail and say they spotted eight bright objects zipping about the sky at mind-blowing speeds from their desert outpost in Sinai, on the Egyptian border.

Sergeant Travis Bingham, E4 Specialist Vishal Singh, and Private First Class Dovell Engram all witnessed the same strange event.

All three were trained military observers and were familiar with all types of aircraft that should have been in the area at the time.

Credit: Instagram
Credit: Instagram

Engram was the first to spot the strange object and he reckons it was moving at 'hypersonic' speeds.

He told the Daily Mail that he was 'scared s**tless' when he initially spotted the alleged alien craft.

The former soldier said the UFO seemed to spin, with smaller lights branching out from it that spiralled like fireworks.

Bingham corroborated the tale told by his fellow soldiers.

"I would describe it as a big object with several smaller objects, which appeared to be communicating, or scuffling, like a dogfight in the air. We knew it wasn’t our military and it was baffling," he told the Daily Mail.

"The objects were glowing – you could clearly see them with the naked eye, and it was clear how fast they were moving."

He added: "To this day, I’ve never seen anything like the craft, covering such distance with extreme speeds."

Credit: Stocktrek Images, Inc. / Alamy Stock Photo
Credit: Stocktrek Images, Inc. / Alamy Stock Photo

The three men said they did not know how to tell their superiors what they had seen and there was no official way to report it.

Singh added: "The craft and smaller objects began moving like fireflies, left, right, up and down. They were turning everywhere instantaneously.

"They must have been 30,000 ft high in the sky.

"I cannot imagine any military that has this type of technology. We’re talking u-turns while at hypersonic speeds."

But that looks set to change, with US lawmakers meeting for a hearing on Tuesday (May 17) to discuss UFOs sightings.

Chairman of the panel of lawmakers, Democrat André Carson, said in his opening remarks at the congressional hearing that 'Unidentified Aerial Phenomena are a potential national security threat'.

"They need to be treated that way," he added, according to CNN.

Featured Image Credit: Troy GB images / Alamy Stock Photo. Science Photo Library / Alamy Stock Photo.

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Locals Suspect UFO Crash After Bizarre Cloud Appears In Alaska

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Locals Suspect UFO Crash After Bizarre Cloud Appears In Alaska

A bizarre cloud over a mountain in Alaska had locals wondering whether a UFO had crashed down to earth from the skies.

If you take a look at the cloud formation, as well as some of the other pictures of the strange phenomenon, you can easily see why they might have thought that something paranormal was occurring.

Of course, the authorities did eventually come up with an explanation for it, but there’ll still be people out there who are adamant that there are tiny green men and unexplained spacecraft involved.

The whole thing happened on Thursday after people started to notice a strange cloud formation above the Lazy Mountain in the northernmost US state.

See, pretty strange right? Credit: Facebook/Alaska Buzz
See, pretty strange right? Credit: Facebook/Alaska Buzz

Some folks thought it was a UFO, others questioned whether it could be a meteor.

More people suggested that it could have been a plane crash, or even a top-secret military weapon.

Either way, there was so much attention that the authorities eventually had to respond.

The Alaska State Troopers and the Alaska Rescue Coordination Center even started investigating whether there had actually been a plane crash.

The State Troopers released a statement that said: “'There have been no reports of overdue aircraft or ELT activations indicating an aircraft crash.

“A rescue team on a helicopter flew a mission around the Lazy Mountain area this morning and located nothing suspicious and there were no signs of crashed aircraft.”

That’s exactly what they’d say if they were trying to hide the existence of extra-terrestrials from us though, isn’t it?

Still, the chatter continued on social media.

One person wrote: “Looks like a meteor. I wonder where it landed.”

Another said: “Could it be a satellite? It’s so strange.”

A third commented: “We saw this on the way to school this morning as well. Very eerie!”

However, the truth might not be as exciting. Credit: Facebook/Alaska Buzz
However, the truth might not be as exciting. Credit: Facebook/Alaska Buzz

In the end, it was confirmed to have been something way less interesting – it’s just the trail left behind by a commercial airliner.

Officials later said: “Further investigation revealed that a large commercial jet was flying in that area around the time that the photos and video were taken.

“The aircraft was contacted and reported normal flight operations on its way to JFK airport in New York.

“Troopers believe that the photos and videos showed a contrail from the commercial jet combined with the rising sun which together caused the unique atmospheric sight.”

That’s not very much fun though, is it?

'UFO' Spotted Hovering Over Devon Seafront 'For 10 Seconds'

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'UFO' Spotted Hovering Over Devon Seafront 'For 10 Seconds'

A man has been left shocked after he spotted what he believes was a large UFO hovering 'for 10 seconds' above the sea down in Devon.

OK, so we're all pretty much agreed that UFOs exist these days, right?

Well, whether you believe in little green men being kept in a shadowy facility in New Mexico or not, there's definitely something going on - even the government of the USA has admitted it.

Maybe - just maybe - the visitors from another planet, if that is where they're coming from, aren't so different to us, and enjoy a lovely trip to the seaside as much as we do.

That's how student Matthew Evans might have come to spot one of their crafts hovering over the seafront at Teignmouth last week.

Ship on the horizon, or conclusive proof of alien life? Credit: SWNS
Ship on the horizon, or conclusive proof of alien life? Credit: SWNS

Evans, 36, noticed the brightly lit object floating in the sky while he was gazing out of his top floor flat last week, and managed to get his phone out quickly enough to snap a couple of shots of the unidentified flying object.

It consisted of four lights hovering in a triangular formation in the night sky, and - Evans claims - after hovering for a short amount of time, the lights whizzed away into the distance, leaving only questions behind.

The mature student said: "I couldn't help but see it.

"My kitchen window gives a great view of the sea so when it came across the horizon

"It wasn't moving like a plane would.

"It was moving a lot slower and went up and down for a bit before hovering a good ten seconds.

"It stayed in one spot long enough for me to pull out my phone and get those snaps."

Ships can appear to hover over the horizon like this... Credit: SWNS
Ships can appear to hover over the horizon like this... Credit: SWNS

Lucky that he did, because now we can all see what he saw, and debate whether the aliens really did turn up to Devon for the day.

He continued: "Then it quickly zoomed off at some speed and I couldn't see it anymore.

"The light was really bright.

"I just didn't know what it could be so I decided to take a picture.

"I'm not quite losing my marbles yet.

"But it's hard to place it so I suppose it is an unidentified flying object."

It's more exciting to imagine aliens in Devon, isn't it? Credit: SWNS
It's more exciting to imagine aliens in Devon, isn't it? Credit: SWNS

Well, it certainly fulfils the criteria, given that it is clearly a flying object and we've no idea what it was.

It may well have a logical explanation, but that's just not as much fun, is it?

Mum Spots Mysterious 'UFO' Flying Over The North Of England

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Mum Spots Mysterious 'UFO' Flying Over The North Of England

A mum from Northumberland thought that she was witnessing a UFO last night after spotting a bizarre light flashing around in the sky. The truth of the matter turned out to be pretty cool, even if it wasn't really aliens.

Jayne Dickinson saw that there was what appeared to be an alien spacecraft moving around in the skies last night, and it turns out that she was half right, at least.

It was a Nasa rocket, which is still exciting, albeit perhaps not quite as exciting as witnessing the moment of first contact with aliens.

The 47-year-old had gone up to Bamburgh Castle up on the North East coast of England in order to catch photos of the Northern Lights.

Instead of spotting Aurora Borealis, she saw the passing craft at around 10:30pm on Monday.

Credit: Hull Live/WS
Credit: Hull Live/WS

The postal worker from Morpeth said: "I'd gone in search of the Northern Lights but I couldn't see any.

"I was walking back to my car when I suddenly saw this incredibly bright shape soaring up in the sky.

"It was amazing and grabbed my camera and started taking pictures of it. I must admit I thought the aliens were landing.

"As soon as I got home I checked what it could have been and realised it was the NASA Landsat-9 satellite which had launched in California.

"It was a pretty great feeling to see it from the other side of the world."

The United Launch Alliance Atlas V rocket had set off from Vandenberg Space Force Base at around 7:12pm (BST) that evening, and the 'unidentified' conical object that Jayne saw was pasts of the rocket re-entering the atmosphere of the earth.

Sightings were also reported in Leicester, Hull, Nottingham, and Swansea.

One such witness said: "It was a huge white triangle in the sky no noise at all, no planes showing up on the flight tracker, has to be something in orbit but was something I've never seen before, and to say how high it was the projected light must have been miles wide."

Another added: "It was a triangle of light moving across the sky, it was so unnatural."

The Swansea UFO Network tweeted about the sighting at around 10:30pm last night, but moved to quickly assure everyone that it wasn't spacemen, rather the US rocket delivering satellites into orbit.

They said: "Don't worry, it's the Atlas V rocket entering the atmosphere, to deliver 9 satellites to orbit!

"The rocket launched from California and was last seen heading north across the U.K."

So, if you spotted something in the skies last night and were planning to surrender, don't fret.

You can all come back out of the bunker now.

British Army Parachutist Crashes Into Roof Of California Home


British Army Parachutist Crashes Into Roof Of California Home

A British soldier made a surprise entrance into a southern California residential home by crashing through the roof.

Locals were shocked to find the parachutist, who had hurtled through the sky before crashing through the home, after he experienced issues while in freefall on a training exercise.

The plane he jumped from was travelling at 15,000ft while he was part of a group training exercise.

It was conducted from Camp Roberts, a national guard base in California. It was initially training facility for new soldiers in preparation for the coming conflicts of World War II.

He had jumped from a plane in a High Altitude Low Opening, which is known as Halo.

It's used by both the SAS and SBS for covert insertions into hostile territory.

Once the man smashed through the roof of the bungalow, he was dazed, but amazingly not seriously injured. Images that have since circulated on Twitter show him sat on the floor, surrounded by debris from his crash, still attached to his harness with a bag on next to him.

The soldier descended rapidly toward the ground, landing about 200 miles northwest of Los Angeles.

When he was found by locals, they called emergency services immediately.

Neighbour Rose Martin told KSBY: "I was in shock. I'm like, what?"

"So I ran in to make sure he was okay and I checked on him and his eyes were open but I wasn't sure if there were any injuries. I didn't want anyone to move him."

She added: "It's a miracle in my estimation, really. I mean, who lands like that without a parachute and lives?"

Although the property was damaged at the time of the incident, it was empty, so luckily, nobody was seriously injured.

The soldier was fully conscious but in some pain and was taken to hospital.

An MOD spokesperson told LADbible: "There has been a parachuting incident involving a British soldier training alongside American allies in California.

"The soldier received minor injuries and is recovering well."

After experiencing issues in freefall, the parachute then did deploy, although there was then not enough height to land in the allocated Drop Zone.

The homeowner's mother, Linda Sallady, was amazed there wasn't more damage to the house, adding: "It's mostly the ceiling, the sheetrock. He missed the counters, appliances, everything."

A statement from the Atascadero police department said: "Investigation revealed that a parachute failed to fully deploy during manoeuvres by a group training at Camp Roberts. This was the only incident involved and all others participating in the jump landed safely at the designated landing field."

The police department also confirmed there were no more injuries.

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