Tennis With My Girlfriend -

Christine's Adventures 10-13 minutes 3/20/2022

photo: MetArt

She’s got great form.

How was tennis with Jenny?


Who won?

Nobody, we just hit.


Anything else?

What? No. We hit for about an hour, that’s it.


And what?

You know what.





I’m sorry! I tried, I really did! She asked me if I wanted to come back to her place for coffee. And I swear, I said, ‘Yes, but just coffee! My boyfriend doesn’t want us fooling around anymore. Because he’s patriarchal and possessive.’

You said that?

Something like that.

But you know that’s not true. The reason I don’t want you fooling around with other people anymore is that you’re my girlfriend and we’re together and I thought you were going to give monogamy a shot, Chrissy! Jeez!

This is monogamy. It’s not like I fucked some guy. Why should you feel threatened by Jenny? Honestly, it was just like a continuation of the tennis game.

What do you mean?

Well, she started with a serve. She served me a coffee, but there was a little spin on her serve.

What kind of spin?

Well, after we started drinking our coffee, she put her hand across the table and took mine. Now, the ball was in my court.

Exactly. You could have moved your hand away, and then the game would have been over.

That’s certainly one way I could have played it. But instead, I let her hold my hand. I mean, I didn’t see what harm it was doing. But then, well, you know how she looks in her short tennis dress. I have to admit, her milky, supple legs had been distracting me all morning. And the longer she held my hand, the hornier I got. So I decided to play this shot in return. I put my other hand on her thigh and I started stroking it. Kind of the way you’re stroking your dick right now as I tell you this, you horndog.

I’m the horndog? You can’t even go to play tennis without fucking someone, and I’m the horndog?

Come on, you can’t have it both ways. You can’t jerk off when I give you the report if you want me to think like this is a terrible violation of our relationship.

I can’t help it. Men get an involuntary reaction to women touching other women. It’s hard-wired.

Well, anyhow, so now the ball was in her court. And she replied to my shot by moaning as my hand got closer and closer to her panties.

Oh, God.

And so I kind of, approached the net, so to speak. I moved my seat over closer to hers and we started making out and I kind of went for the overhead.


Well, I started yanking at her little tennis shirt and I pulled it up and over her head. And she told me I was so naughty, and then I pulled her sports bra up over her head, so I guess that’s two successive overheads. Then I told her that it’s her fault for having such a nice pair of boobs that I can’t resist. And you know how nice they are.

They are nice.

They were looking so beautiful there in the morning light of her kitchen. I put both my hands on them and started stroking them, and then I started kissing them, and as much as I was enjoying them, the effect of her boobs was to make me think of one thing and one thing only.

What? Me, sitting at home waiting for you to get back?

No. Her pussy. I couldn’t wait to get to her pussy, and now that things had progressed this far it was obvious I was going to get there, so I don’t know what was causing me such anxiety, but I was thinking, damn, what if she makes me stop right here and she doesn’t give me her pussy?

That would be bad.

I know! And that’s exactly what happened!

What! That’s awful!

It was awful. She started saying that she didn’t have enough time, she’s got to do this, and she’s got to do that, and she played that whole, sorry, maybe next time thing, and I was furious. But then I saw that it was just tennis.

What do you mean?

She was playing me!

Oh, thank God.

Yeah, she was winding me up. She started cracking up and she said, ‘You should see your face right now. You’re the little girl who didn’t get any candy.’ And I said ‘I want the candy, I want the candy so bad!’ And she said, ‘I want your candy first. I want to make you wait to get my candy.’ ‘Why?’ I said. And she said, ‘Because your candy tastes so damn good, I’ve been thinking about it all week. And that’s why I called you to play tennis.’

‘You didn’t want to play tennis?’ I asked her.

‘Sure, it’s nice to get out in the sun, early in the morning, and we have such a laugh together when we play tennis, but Chrissy, I’ve been worried about the way you’ve been talking lately, getting so serious with your boyfriend and this and that. And I’ve been really worried that you’ll cut me off and never give me the candy again. And I have to have that candy. I need it.’

So she stood me up and then she lay me back against the kitchen table, and the mugs went smashing to the ground. ‘Fuck it,’ she said, ‘don’t worry about it. I need the candy.’ And she pulled off my tennis shorts and my panties and she started licking my pussy there in the kitchen. And she said, ‘Oh, it tastes so sweet, how’d you get such sweet-tasting candy, I love it, I love it so much.’ So I told her, ‘I love the way you lick my candy. Keep going, keep going. Yeah…like that.’

And then it was like a really incredible tennis rally. She would hit me with three hard strokes with the tongue, and I would respond with three loud moans. And then she would reply with a real slow, long, suck of my clit, and I would put it right back in her court by curving my pelvis and pushing my clit further into her mouth. And then she went lick lick lick, and I went,
‘Yes, yes, yes. Faster, Oh shit, shit, oh. Oh!’ And this incredible rally reached a huge climax and I won the point because I had a super big and long orgasm, while she was going, ‘Yeah, baby, yeah, let it go, let it go, baby.’ And I could almost hear the crowd cheering because she made me cum so damn good right there on the kitchen table. I felt like she was eating me for breakfast. I felt like a nice plate of eggs and bacon.

Did she use a finger?

Two fingers, like normal, up my pussy. And then near the end, she knows how I like her to use the other hand to put a finger up my ass for the orgasm. I love to feel my ass pucker against her finger when I cum, and I pushed my hips up off the kitchen table, like a foot in the air, pushing into her face as she got me in those three ways, her mouth on my clit, her two fingers fucking my pussy, and the other finger pushing gently into my ass. Oh, God. It was good.

You’re such a slut!

Well! If you’re going to talk like that I won’t tell you the rest.

I mean in a good way! You’re the most sexual person I’ve ever met. You can’t ever just hang out with someone. You always have to fuck them. I mean, I like that about you, but I hate it. I mean, look at my dick right now.

It’s really hard.

I love that you are this person. But Chrissy, Chrissy, I get so jealous. I mean, does Jenny eat your pussy better than me?

Well, you’ve never thrown me on the table like that.

You would yell at me if I broke the coffee cups. You’re always complaining when I make a mess.

That’s true. I didn’t mind because it was her house.

Alright, so tell me the rest.

No, not until you apologize for calling me a slut.

I’m sorry.

You don’t sound sorry. You sound horny.

Please tell the rest. Please, Chrissy. I mean, look at my swollen dick.

Well, then she asked me if she should go get the toys because you know how sometimes she likes to fuck me with that black vibrator.

You love the black vibrator.

But I said, ‘No, you don’t have to get the toys.’

‘You mean, you don’t want to have your pussy fucked right now after I licked it so nicely?’

‘I do want to have my pussy fucked,’ I said. ‘But by a nice warm dick. My boyfriend is at home. I want to go home and have him fuck me with his nice big warm dick.’

Aw…. Did you really say that?

Yes. And she said, ‘But I thought you wanted to eat my candy?’ And of course, I felt a little obligated to reciprocate. I mean, it was delicious. She got on the kitchen table and I kissed my way up her beautiful soft thighs and I pulled off her panties and there it was, that lovely pussy of hers. And guess what! She had dyed her pubes purple to match her hair!

That’s kinda weird.

No, it was awesome. I told her how beautiful her purple pubes were, and I kissed them, and I kissed my way down to her clit as she started moaning. I love how she tastes. It’s like lavender and anchovies all mixed together.

Ew! Anchovies!

And it was nice to hear her cumming, you know how she makes that high pitched screaming, I love hearing that. I made her cum a few times and then she begged me to go into the bedroom and fuck her with one of the toys, but I said I wanted to get home to my boyfriend because I really wanted to feel his dick and she understood. Although she did pout a little and tell me how jealous she is of you.

Jealous of me?

Because you get all of me. She just gets a bite-sized portion.

True. You really want to feel my dick, huh?

Yes. Do you want to give it to me?

God yes!

Alright, let’s go. Fuck me, baby. Fuck me with that big hard dick right here on the kitchen island.

What if we break it?

Who cares, I just need you to fuck me. Come on. Oh yes…yes…yes baby, I love you. I love you so much, I love it when you fuck me. You’re the best, baby, you’re the best, nobody fucks me like you do. Nobody.

Oh!!!! Oh!!!! Ohhh!!

Harder!!! Harder!!! Harder!!!

Thanks, baby. You made me cum real good. So good! I love you.

I love you, you crazy person.

I’m sorry, baby. I am sorry I went over to Jenny’s. I know you didn’t want me to. But she was turning me on with those legs of hers prowling around the tennis court, in that little skirt, I just had to have her one more time. That’s the last time, I promise! (sob).

Hey! What’s that? Tears? Chrissy! I apologize! Really! I didn’t mean to call you a slut. It just slipped out. Please don’t cry, please don’t.

It’s tears of joy. Either that or a nervous breakdown. Don’t worry about it. (sob).

Oh shit.

We have something. Something so good, me and you. Don’t you think? (sob)

God yeah! That’s why you’re crying? Really?

Mmmhmm. I don’t know how long we’re gonna last. (sob) Because I always seem to find a way to fuck things up. (sob) And I know I’m not the easiest person to be in a relationship with. (sob, sob, sob) I know I’m crazy. (sob) You’re right! But I’m crazy in love with you now. (sob). It crept up on me. You hung around long enough, and then one day I woke up and I was head over heels in love with you. (sob). Like nothing I’ve ever felt before.


You feel it? (sob). You feel my love, don’t you?

Of course, I do! Chrissy! Please don’t cry any more! You’re scaring me!

Tears of joy, baby. That’s all it is.

Are you sure?

Tears of joy…