Two Single Moms Slip Away to Have Sex -

Sam Kestrel 10-13 minutes 4/27/2022

photo: SexArt

They took advantage of the little time they had.

The early spring day promised to be sunny and warm. Elizabeth corralled her son into his car seat, not wanting to be late for their day at the park. On Tuesdays, a group of moms met at the local park to get much needed adult connection time. As a single mother, Elizabeth craved this time. Also, Grace would be there, hopefully. Elizabeth knew she shouldn’t let her mind wander as it did, to thoughts of Grace and how her body might feel under her hands. But she couldn’t help herself. It had been so long. Plus, it helped her at night, when she needed a sweet release, to think of her mouth on Grace’s breast, or her hand between her legs.

When Elizabeth arrived at the park, she noted the larger than normal group congregated near the playground. And there, in the middle, stood Grace. At least she’d get to say hi. Once her six-year-old was out of the car and happily running around the playground, Elizabeth sidled up to the group. Grace acknowledged her almost right away.

“Hey, Elizabeth.”

“Hi, Grace.” Elizabeth moved over to stand next to her. “How are you?”


The two women made the usual enquiries about the other’s kid. They already knew a lot about each other. Each were single mothers, Elizabeth having adopted her son on her own and Grace widowed far too young. Her husband died in a car crash when her daughter, now five, was only two years old. The two women hit it off almost immediately when they first met, two years previously, and their friendship flourished. But work and life interfered, and they didn’t see each other much outside the weekly group get together.

Over the past six months, Elizabeth perceived a shift in their relationship. Or was it merely her imagination fueled by late-night fantasies? An energy, like an electric pulse, seemed to course between them. Each time they met, Elizabeth felt it, or thought she did. But by the time she drove home and continued with her day, she convinced herself it was her imagination and her body playing tricks on her. Grace was, after all, straight.



“Where’d you go?” Grace asked.


“You seem like you’re far away.” Grace eyed her curiously.

“Oh, sorry.”

“I asked if you wanted to go on a walk with me.”

“Sure. When?”



Grace nodded.

“But what about the kids?”

“Sonya said she’d watch them.”


Grace smiled. “Yep.”

“When did you arrange that? I didn’t space out that much, did I?”

Grace chuckled. “No. I asked her before you got here.”

Heat coursed through Elizabeth’s body. She glanced away, pretending to watch her son, lest Grace catch her blushing.

“Yes, I’d love to.”

Elizabeth faced Grace again, only to be met with eyes that seemed to hold hers in an embrace. Grace couldn’t help it. She blushed again. Trying desperately to cover for herself, she stood up. “Let me just tell Damien where I’m going.”

Elizabeth gave herself a talking to as she walked across the playground to where her son sat in the sand, playing with a truck. The lecture comprised variations of Don’t make a fool of yourself. After checking in with Damien, who seemed disinterested in her announcement — he was, after all, playing with his best friend — she joined Grace, the two walking off down a trail adjacent to the park which rested on the edge of a wood.

The two women walked in silence until the path led them into the trees.

“Thanks for arranging this. It’s so nice to get away.”

“I figured we both needed it. I know I do. And …” She paused as if gathering her courage. “I wanted a moment alone with you.” Grace turned to face her, at the same time grabbing her arm.

That Grace grabbed her arm surprised Elizabeth. Not in a negative way. More confused. Her face must have shown it, for Grace rushed to explain. She didn’t, however, let go of Elizabeth’s arm, though her grip was gentle.

“I’ve sensed an energy between us these last few months. It made me wonder if I wasn’t the only one who’d developed feelings.”

Shocked that anyone could be so brave, it took a moment for Elizabeth to respond. Not sure exactly how to respond, all she came up with was, “I … I thought you were straight.”

Grace shook her head. “Bisexual.”

“Well, damn.”

Elizabeth noted a shift in Grace’s facial expression. Almost regretful. “Maybe … I’m sorry.” Grace released Elizabeth’s arm. “I … This was a mistake.” She made to leave, but Elizabeth stopped her, this time placing her hand on Grace’s arm.

“No, wait. You’re right.” She looked into Grace’s eyes. There has been something, a spark between us and I … you aren’t the only one who’s developed feelings. You just caught me by surprise, is all. And I really did assume you were straight.” Elizabeth smiled awkwardly.

They stood there in the trees alternately staring into each other’s eyes and breaking off to glance at the ground out of embarrassment.

Finally, Grace broke the silence. “The thing is … I can’t … I’m not ready …”

“You don’t want to have another relationship,” Elizabeth said.

Grace nodded. “Elle is my number one priority and with work, I don’t have time for much else.”

“I get it. I can’t imagine starting a relationship as a single mother of a six-year-old. Especially since he’s adopted. I can’t be too careful bringing someone else into his life.”

“So you get it,” Grace said, a look of obvious relief on her face.

“I do.” They stared, again, into each other’s eyes. “But where does that leave us?” Elizabeth asked.

“I’m not sure,” said Grace. “But what I do know is that I’ve wanted to kiss you for months now.” Her eyes drifted down to Elizabeth’s lips, lingering there enough for Elizabeth to get the message. Elizabeth’s hand still on Grace’s arm, she gently pulled Grace to her. Each searched the other’s eyes. Then both leaned in, hesitantly, and kissed, their lips only brushing against each other.

The women exchanged a glance, each asking the other for permission. Their next kiss lacked the hesitancy of the first, replacing it with lust and longing. Arms wrapped around one another, the women kissed like the lovers they wished they could be.

Normally cautious, Elizabeth’s body took over from her mind, neglected as it had been for so long. This was her first romantic kiss since she’d adopted her son five years ago. She kept that kind of information to herself. Her hands on Grace’s ass, Elizabeth pulled her closer, bringing together the heat between their legs. This surprised Elizabeth, as she didn’t remember sliding her hands off Grace’s back.

Grace didn’t seem to mind, moaning in Elizabeth’s mouth, allowing her hips to come forward. Locked in their embrace, their passionate kisses along with Elizabeth pulling them close and Grace’s arms holding Elizabeth’s back, the two women’s desire for each other grew.

Her hand sliding off Elizabeth’s back, Grace slipped her fingertips into the front of Elizabeth’s pants. She hesitated, as if waiting for a protest, but when none came, she slid her hand down between Elizabeth’s legs and into her wetness.

The women broke away from their kiss at the same time. A long moan erupted from Grace. Elizabeth’s head fell back without a sound while she shifted her feet further apart.

“It feels like forever since I touched a woman,” Grace said as her fingers slid up and down Elizabeth’s folds.The women exchanged gasps and moans of pleasure. And then Grace stopped sliding back and forth, choosing to focus on Elizabeth’s clit.

“Oh god!” Elizabeth moaned, her legs threatening to buckle. Her hands clasped around Grace’s neck, she hung on for dear life as wave upon wave of pleasure coursed through her body. The sensation in her clit suddenly soared, and she came with little warning. Grace supported her as her body rocked and then released all tension.

“Wow,” Elizabeth said. “I did not expect that today.”

Grace smiled, still holding her. They stayed arm and arm for only a minute before Elizabeth’s mind seemed to take back over from her body.

“Oh shit, the kids.”

“Relax. We haven’t been out that long.”

“You sure?”

“Pretty sure. Here, let me text Sonya.”

“Are the kids ok?” Grace texted.

“They’re fine. Don’t rush back.”

Grace held up her phone for Elizabeth to see. Her shoulders lowering half an inch, the corner of Elizabeth’s mouth turned up. “Don’t rush back, huh?” She pushed Grace back against a tree and kissed her.

This time, it was Grace’s hands that grasped Elizabeth’s ass and pulled her close. Elizabeth responded by grabbing Grace’s ass and thrusting her hips forward into her once, twice, three times.

“Ummm,” Grace said.

That response only encouraged Elizabeth. Her right hand came off Grace’s ass and slipped down the front of her pants. Up and down, her finger explored, moaning as she went. While she teased Grace’s clit, she didn’t stay there. Instead, she slid down, the tip of her finger sliding into her opening, but only a little. She pushed the very tip of her finger in and out, teasing them both.

“Oh … oh.” Not too longer after, this changed to, “Fuck me, please.”

Elizabeth didn’t need to be told twice. The back of her hand pushed Grace’s clothing away, allowing her to slide in farther. While not as deep as she’d have liked to be, as deep as would be possible if they were lying down, she wasn’t about to complain.

Grace’s wetness welcomed her, enveloped her as she plunged inside over and over. Elizabeth’s legs threatened to buckle and Grace pushed her against the tree while one hard wrapped around her lower back, hoping it would be enough to keep her upright.

“Oh, yes … yes.”

Again and again Elizabeth fucked her, the feeling of a woman’s wetness surrounding her making her wet too. Their bodies flushed with pleasure, neither could turn off her brain entirely. “I could fuck you all day, but I really don’t need anyone calling Child Protective Services,” Elizabeth only half joked.

“I know.” Grace slipped her hand down between her legs and masturbated as Elizabeth continued to fuck her. “Oh … oh … oh …”

Grace’s insides tightened around Elizabeth’s finger. Knowing Grace might come soon, Elizabeth fucked her with renewed vigor, somehow finding room to thrust deeper inside.

“Oh yes. Just like that,” Grace said.

Elizabeth plunged in as deeply as possible, over and over. Grace’s fingers moved rapidly under Elizabeth’s hand. Moans, frequent but quiet, sounded from Grace as she climaxed, her body rhythmically squeezing Elizabeth’s finger. Once Grace’s body relaxed, Elizabeth withdrew her hand and held her tight, allowing her a moment to compose herself.

“I know,” Grace said. “We need to go.”

“Yeah. We do. You okay?”

Grace nodded and smiled. “More than okay.”

The two women turned and headed back the way they came, back to their children and the reality of their lives.

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