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Woman's Explanation Of Why Greek Statues Have Small Penises Goes Viral

Jake Massey 12-15 minutes 5/14/2022

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Woman's Explanation Of Why Greek Statues Have Small Penises Goes Viral

A woman's explanation of why ancient Greek statues have small penises has gone viral. Check it out here:

Ruby Reign found herself scratching her head after noticing the disproportionately small kn**s on the historic statues, so she took it upon herself to look into the matter.

"Have you ever wondered why so many of the ancient Greek statues have colossal muscular physiques and yet a tiny package?" she asked in a video shared on her TikTok.

"Well, I have, so I did some digging."

While nowadays our attitude towards pretty much anything - especially penises - seems to be, the bigger the better, Ruby's research indicated that this hasn't always been the way.

She continued: "What I wasn't aware of was that the Greeks often presented their enemies, the Egyptians, the satire creatures, and even fools in comedies as having large appendages - so it was quite a negative thing to have, which is quite different today.

"So actually, what I discovered was that big D's bad and small D's good in ancient Greece. But why was this? This is obviously different to today."

Ruby is asking the important questions. Credit: TikTok/@rubysaysstuff
Ruby is asking the important questions. Credit: TikTok/@rubysaysstuff

By this point, you're probably absolutely desperate to know why the heroes of ancient Greece were immortalised with little peckers.

Well, Ruby claimed it is all to do with how perceptions have changed.

She explained: "Turns out that in ancient Greece, having a smaller package was considered a sign of virtue, of civility, or self control or discipline.

"Meanwhile, having a bigger one was a sign of lustfulness, of gluttonous appetites and barbarism, which is quite interesting because it's different to today."

Together, Ruby's clips have racked up almost four million views, with many people in the small willy community delighted by the lecture.

One person commented: "Remember lads we were on top, now the Barbarians have taken over."

Another said: "We definitely gotta return to our roots."

A third added: "I was really born in the wrong generation."

Ruby concluded that our changing perception of size illuminates the fact there is no such thing as objective beauty.

She said: "I just think it's interesting to compare the perspective back then that smaller is better with the view today that, sometimes people think bigger is better.

"And it just goes to show that our beauty standards, our ideals, are all a social construct and we shouldn't get bogged down feeling bad about ourselves."

Featured Image Credit: Egisto Sani Flickr/TikTok

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Wife Forced To Defends Husband's Manhood After Optical Illusion Photo With Dog Goes Viral

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Wife Forced To Defends Husband's Manhood After Optical Illusion Photo With Dog Goes Viral

A woman had to defend her husband's manhood after she shared an accidental optical illusion of him cuddling their pet dog.

Ben Glews posed for a sweet snap with their five-year-old bulldog Boss on Saturday morning, which wife Linda shared on Facebook alongside the caption: "Morning snuggles with this daddy."

But the photo ended up going viral for all the wrong reasons as social media users mistook the photo for an X-rated picture due to Boss' positioning.

Credit: Kennedy News and Media
Credit: Kennedy News and Media

The photo was quickly flooded with comments, with one person commenting that they 'felt sorry' for Linda as Ben had a 'micropenis'.


Within hours of the picture being shared online, it racked up more than 600 likes and comments - forcing Linda to have to reassure people Ben 'hasn't been castrated'.

Ben, from Kingswinford, West Midlands, said: "I thought people were mad, I remember thinking 'surely they can see it's a dog?'.

"It was just an off-the-cuff photo on Saturday morning, I'd just woken up with the dog lying on me like that.

"The wife said 'aww let's take a photo, that's lovely ', she put it on Facebook and it went semi-viral. I was shocked.

"You look at it one time and you don't see anything and then you look at it again [and you do]."

Credit: Kennedy News and Media
Credit: Kennedy News and Media

Fortunately, Ben has managed to see the funny side of the mix-up, but has been quick to shut down claims of a 'micropenis'.

He added: "Some have commented saying they felt sorry for Linda because of my 'micropenis'.

"It's definitely not me and I don't have a micropenis."

Linda went on to explain that she initially had no idea why people were commenting on the photo.

She said: "When I initially put it on there one of my friends commented 'I had to look twice then', which left me and my husband both questioning what they were talking about, we didn't understand.

"We had no idea what the issue was, but then the comments started flying in.

"I still see the picture as Ben cuddling Boss, but I now understand what people see - that it looks like Ben is naked in bed.

Credit: Kennedy News and Media
Credit: Kennedy News and Media

"I've replied in the comments reassuring people that my husband doesn't like posting his bits on Facebook, and that he hasn't been castrated either.

"I also said that unfortunately Boss doesn't like wearing pants.

"I'm still shocked that so many people commented and gobsmacked by what people have said because it was such an innocent photo but I obviously caught it at a fantastic angle.

"It's funny but it's quite embarrassing for my husband [with people] thinking he's got a micropenis.

"He doesn't have a micropenis, there's no complaints in that department."

Featured Image Credit: Kennedy News and Media

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Woman Shares Hilarious Reason Why She Thinks Belgians Get Free Parking

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Woman Shares Hilarious Reason Why She Thinks Belgians Get Free Parking

A woman has shared the hilarious reason she reckons Belgium has so many free parking spaces. You can see her reasoning here:

TikTok user Shauna Dewit - who posts using the handle @shaunadewit - regularly shares clips with her 960,000 followers, detailing what it's like living in Belgium.

And one recent clip has left people in stitches as she takes a swipe at the country's weather.

In the clip, Shauna can be seen wearing a green coat with the hood up to keep the rain off, while she explains: "You know most of the parkings in Belgium are free. Let me tell you why [sic].

"The machines to pay the parkings work with solar panels - let me show you.

Credit: TikTok/@shaunadewit
Credit: TikTok/@shaunadewit

"You see. But it is free, why? Because there is never any f***ing sun in Belgium."

Perfect explanation, if you ask me.

She then adds: "I don't care, because I don't have a car. I don't have a licence. I don't have a life. I don't have myself..."

TikTokers have found the clip pretty bloody funny, with one person writing: "Glad it ain't just London then."

Another added: "We need this in the UK, it's always raining here."

A third person joked: "The ending was dark... just like living in Belgium."

While yet another confirmed the less than ideal weather conditions, saying: "I lived nine years in Belgium and I can approve."

However, others - quite rightly - pointed out that solar panels do still work even when it's cloudy. Don't worry, guys, I think Shauna was just joking around.

Credit: TikTok/@bigbruva_77
Credit: TikTok/@bigbruva_77

In a video, @bigbruva_77 explained how we could all be using the spaces much more economically and also save on the repair bills too.

Heading towards his own car, he proposed that we take note of it and start using the method in our own lives.

He says: "What if I told y'all we've been parking in parking spots wrong the whole time?

"This is where we pick up GM trucks at (showing the white markings on the floor).

"Look how they parked, they parked on the line. And see how evenly spaced they are?

"Imagine if everybody in Walmart parked on the line, it would lessen the amount of dings and give you space to get in and out of your car.

"We've been doing it wrong the whole time y'all."

Jake Paul Trolls Tommy Fury After Nightclub Video Goes Viral

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Jake Paul Trolls Tommy Fury After Nightclub Video Goes Viral

Jake Paul has trolled Tommy Fury after a video of the fighter shirtless in a nightclub went viral. Watch here:

Fury seemingly had a good night in a club in Liverpool recently after he was seen whipping off his top and beating his chest from his boot.

Footage of his Wolf of Wall Street-like antics went viral and of course, the video made its way to his YouTuber rival Jake Paul, who took the opportunity to have a dig at him.

In a video shared on TikTok, Paul can be seen watching the video before holding up a sign which reads: "Date Molly Don't Take Molly."

In case that trolling makes absolutely no sense to you, the first Molly he's referencing there is Fury's girlfriend, Molly-Mae Hague, while the second Molly in his sign is meant as a slang word for ecstasy.

The 24-year-old also shared his impression of 'Fury on molly' on his Instagram story.

Quite the impression. Credit: Instagram/@jakepaul
Quite the impression. Credit: Instagram/@jakepaul

Fury recently extended his unbeaten run to seven professional fights with victory over Anthony Taylor on the undercard of Paul's bout against Tyron Woodley, and now he believes that the YouTuber has 'no excuses' for not taking him on - though he's confident that the fight wouldn't last long.

"A lot of people were saying after my last fight that I should have stopped that guy, but - don't forget - that was a four-round fight.

"If that had been a six-round or an eight-round fight, that guy would have been out of there.

"If me and [Jake] Paul do fight, it's going to be an eight-rounder, or even a 10-rounder, whatever he wants to do. I know for a fact, he can't do the eight very well.

"He spent at least three of the rounds, possibly four of the rounds, walking around the ring not throwing a punch, Tyron Woodley the same.

"The two of them probably threw 500 punches in the entire fight. They weren't very active.

"I would be forceful in that fight, putting him on the back foot, purely and simply because he's not been doing it for long enough."

Fury now has a record of seven fights without defeat. Credit: PA
Fury now has a record of seven fights without defeat. Credit: PA

He continued: "It's not about his ability, skill-wise, he just wouldn't know what to do when he's hit and hurt.

"You saw in the Tyron Woodley fight, he got hit and hurt, fell into the ropes and didn't know what to do. That's just through experience.

"I'm not talking as if I'm a 20-year veteran here, but I know what to do in those situations because I've been doing it my whole life.

"There's a difference between doing it for your whole life and doing it for two years."

Bill Gates Watches Himself Get Roasted By Chris Rock In Viral TikTok

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Bill Gates Watches Himself Get Roasted By Chris Rock In Viral TikTok

A clip is going viral showing Bill Gates laughing along as comedian Chris Rock goes on a f-bomb fuelled rant about him. You can watch the PG version here:

The piece formed part of Rock's 2017 Netflix stand-up special Tamborine and saw the comic talking about whether the Microsoft founder was bullied in school.

The 56-year-old said: "Do you think kids were nice to Bill Gates in high school? 'Hey Gates, you Charlie Brown looking motherf*****. F*** you Gates, you four-eyed b****. F*** you and your Windows, you gap-tooth motherf*****. I'm going to smack the s*** out of you f****** Gate, Gates motherf*****, you can't get in the gate, Gates.'"

Sometimes in these situations, all you can do is smile and take it. Which is exactly what 65-year-old Gates did so very well.

Credit: TikTok/zionscott0
Credit: TikTok/zionscott0

The clip - which has been watched more than 1.8 million times - was shared by Zion Scott, a family friend, who captioned it: "Just smile through the pain."

In a follow up video, explaining some questions, Zion said: "So I'm really good friends with Bill Gates' daughter, Phoebe. So me, Phoebe, two other friends and Bill were just watching that comedy special.

"That part came on and we were all laughing super hard so we rewinded [sic] it and I started filming it. That's what happened, not that confusing."

Credit: TikTok/zionscott0
Credit: TikTok/zionscott0

In the comments section under the video, someone asked what Gates is like to which Zion responded: "He's cool. Talks just as much as a regular person would. I don't understand the conversation when we talk though cause it's too intelligent for me."

Another wondered why the billionaire doesn't have a bigger telly (don't lie, it crossed all of our minds) and Zion said: "I mean he does. There's more than 1 room in the cabin."

Fair enough.

Someone else asked whether they have Xboxes or PlayStations and Zion confirmed that they're a household of Xbox users. Not really surprising considering the console is developed by Microsoft...

Another question was: "Can you ask Bill why he thinks he doesn't have enough money?" Zion replied: "He doesn't think that."

And when someone asked whether he's 'secretly evil', the TikToker simply wrote: "No."

Well, there's that cleared up then.

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