Working up a Sweat with her Personal Trainer -

Marione Touvel 7-9 minutes 5/4/2022

photo: MetArt

He’d been checking her out, and she was tired of working out…

Lisa was in the gym working out. As a successful but busy woman in her early fifties, she knew how important exercise was to her wellbeing. However, today she did not feel like it. She could not bring her mind to force her body to perform the exercises Chad, her personal trainer, had ordered her to do.

Lying on the bench, she pushed up the barbells. Sweat ran down her neck and accumulated in her cleavage. Exhausted, she dropped the weights and rested her head on the bench.

Chad sat on the machine behind her. Resting his elbows on his knees, his strong biceps were revealed by his tank top. Lisa thought that she could see a bulge between his legs. He must have been staring at my cleavage, she thought.

“Five more lifts,” Chad ordered with his deep voice.

I’d rather have you lift me up and down your pecker, Lisa thought. She knew it was unprofessional. But she’d had a crush on him for a while. Besides, she was sure he had been checking her out the entire time.

“Uff. If you say so.” Lisa sighed and pushed up the weights. “Done,” she exclaimed triumphantly after the fifth rep. “Aghh!” She let out a scream as she put the weight down.

“What is it? Everything ok?” Chad rushed over to the bench.

“I pulled something. Here.” Lisa took Chad’s hand and put it on her side.

“There?” Chad asked as he inspected her tummy. It had gotten much flatter since they started working out together.

Chad stroked over the sweaty spot Lisa had indicted. His touch was the spark that lit her desire, already glowing, into a blazing fire.

Lisa grabbed Chad’s neck with her hand and pulled him in for a kiss. Her supple, full lips touched his mouth.

“Is that okay?” Lisa asked.

“Yes. If that’s what you want, I want it too…”

Another kiss interrupted Chad’s response. Lisa took Chad’s hand and led it to her chest. He felt her breasts under her sports bra. Her tits were firmer than he had imagined. And he had often imagined how they would feel. He knew it was wrong, but he could not help but fantasize about some of his clients.

Lisa was one of his favorites. After their sessions, which were the last ones of the day, he touched himself in the shower while secretly hoping she would join him. He would think about her boobs. They were huge, but did not sag a tiny bit despite Lisa’s age. He wondered whether she had gotten them done. Touching them, he was sure these melons were the result of a boob job. And one done exceptionally well.

Chad caressed Lisa’s big breasts. She moaned lightly as his fingers ran across her nipples. They were so sensitive. She loved getting them rubbed.

“I’ve fantasized about this for so long, Lisa.”

Chad could not hide his excitement as his hands pulled down the sports bra. With her tits hanging out on full display, Chad let his tongue wander up her neck, from her cleavage all the way to behind her ear. He devoured the salty taste of Lisa’s sweat.

“Chad, let me see what package you got.” Lisa grabbed his crotch. His cock felt big, almost fully hard already.

“Lean back!” Lisa said as she pulled his cock out of his shorts. With his cock out in the open, Chad laid down on the bench. Lisa knelt beside him. Stroking his cock, she felt the soreness the workout had left in her arms. She pushed up Chad’s shirt and revealed his perfect abs. He must practice what he preaches, Lisa thought as she looked at him.

His dick in her firm grip, she crawled forward and licked Chad’s abs. She didn’t know why but she loved to lick abs. Letting her tongue run over the hard valleys and peaks of a guy’s muscles turned her on like nothing else.

“Can…can you suck me please?” Chad moaned as her tongue teased him.

Instead of answering, Lisa pushed her lips onto the purple tip of Chad’s now fully rigid cock. She took him in, and ran her mouth down his shaft. She loved his length and girth, but she preferred them to be a little smaller when blowing them. Nonetheless, she could handle it. In her 35 years of sucking dicks, she had not seen a cock she could not handle.

Lisa grabbed Chad’s balls. She liked sucking his cock, but today she was more into getting fucked. Still, she wanted to please him first. So she wrapped her lips tightly around his pecker and pushed her head down. Faster and faster. With every push of her head she went deeper, finally taking him all in as her lips touched the base of his shaft.

“This hard dick will feel so good in my pussy.”

Lisa got up and bent over one of the machines. Chad took the hint, pulled down her yoga pants and pushed his cock into her pussy. Her vagina was not the tightest he’d ever felt, but it was the wettest pussy he had ever fucked.

Chad’s hard strokes made Lisa’s tits swing back and forth. He had the desire to pull her ponytail. But he didn’t dare to. Even as he fucked her, Chad had some respect and awe for this sophisticated older woman. So instead he grabbed her sports bra and pulled her up.

“Oh, yeah. Hard and deep. Make my tits bounce!” Lisa grabbed her left butt cheek and pulled it to the side. “I’m opening myself up for you. Don’t disappoint me,” she demanded.

And Chad did not disappoint. He kept going and going until he felt Lisa’s pussy clench around his cock.

“I’m. Almost. There. Don’t. Slow. Down.”

Lisa exploded with moans as Chad’s relentless penetration pushed her to climax.

“I’m not done yet. I need more of you.”

What an orgasm-hungry cougar she is. I’m a lucky boy today! Chad smiled at her words and replied, “My body’s all yours.”

With Chad stretched out over the weightlifting bench, Lisa straddled his cock. Her right foot on the floor, her left one on the bench, she rode his hard penis. Up and down. Repetition after repetition.

“This is a much better workout. I even sweat more,” Lisa moaned. Sweat ran down her body and dripped onto Chad. He reached for her tits that danced in front of his face. They were so big he couldn’t hold them with a single hand.

“Can you stand thirty more reps?” Lisa mocked him. She didn’t want him to cum inside her yet. “I’ll let you come over my tits if you do!”

Counting down every time her pussy swallowed his hardness, Lisa got close to her second orgasm. “Only ten more. Ohh. Ohh. Eight. Seven. You got this. Don’t let me down. Four. Three. Two. One.”

She stopped. Her pussy wrapped tightly around his cock, she put one finger into his mouth and another one on her clit.

Chad sucked her finger and fondled her tits. Suddenly, Lisa’s lower body shook uncontrollably, and she collapsed onto his chest. Resting herself on his muscular upper body, Lisa enjoyed every last bit of her orgasm.

After two minutes, she got up and smiled.

“Your turn. These two” — her fingers pointing at her chest — “are ready for you!”

Chad asked Lisa to sit down on the next machine. He took his hard cock in his hand. Sensing what he had in mind, Lisa pressed her tits together.

Chad walked towards her, and let his hard cook slap onto her chest. Once. Twice. He didn’t make it to the third time before cum shot out of him. His dick propelled his white juices all over her neck.

Watching his semen run down over her tits, Lisa took Chad’s dick and stroked it. With a smile on her sweaty face, she moaned, “Give me every drop of your cum. Every little bit.”

As he gasped for breath, she added, “Thanks for that good workout today. Fancy joining me in the shower?”

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