Diabetes drug leads to notable weight loss in people with obesity – study (see also)

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The Surreal Case of a C.I.A. Hacker’s Revenge (see also)

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International Space Station and Boeing Starliner captured in the same incredible image

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What Are Ocean Predators Doing So Deep Underwater?

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'It’s Been 50 Years. I Am Not ‘Napalm Girl’ Anymore.'

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Taking a break from social media improves psychological well-being, depression, and anxiety

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A New Kind of Genome Editing Is Here to Fine-Tune DNA

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Venus crossed the sun's face 10 years ago. Most people alive will never see the sight again.

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When Cars Kill Pedestrians

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Asteroid Samples Brought to Earth Contain Key Molecules for Life

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Carbon dioxide now more than 50% higher than pre-industrial levels

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Remembering That Time a B-52 Bomber Crash Nearly Nuked North Carolina in 1961 (see also)

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We're Beginning to Understand the Power of Eye Contact

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Graduate Student’s Side Project Proves Prime Number Conjecture

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An American murder suspect fled to Mexico. The Gringo Hunters were waiting.

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Bug v killer cactus: Kenyan herders fight to stop a plant destroying their way of life

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