Little Mermaid -

BunsesTedses 4-5 minutes 6/18/2022

photo: MetArt

An afternoon at the nudist beach puts her in a magical mood…

I close my eyes and see her slender figure walking out of the sea towards me. The sound of the rhythmic breaking of the waves adds to the special atmosphere of the moment. When I open my eyes I see her riding my cock in deliciously slow movements. I slide my hands up to hold her waist and help her with the cadence…

Holidays by the sea with Bunny mean looking for a nude beach where we can go spend an afternoon. So today we are joining the dozens of beachgoers running like ants in the forest beside the sea. She got the tip from Google Maps, and after reading the reviews we packed towels, sunscreen, beach umbrella, some fruit and water.

No swimsuits, for that is exactly what you do not need at a nudist beach. We meet an elderly couple walking back to the sea and ask them, “Which way to the beach?”

To which they answer, “To the right, or to the left, or uphill.”

I realize I need to clarify. “We mean the nude beach.”

The guy immediately answers, “Oh, then up the hill and you’ll see it from there…”

Bunny gives the guy a wink, and the wife looks at the wicked smile he gives back. I am sure he will have some talking to do after we turn around.

Up the hill, under the shade of the pine trees, and then down a small path until we find the beach. A mix of topless ladies, fully naked families, and other beachgoers that did not get the memo. We set up camp and walk freely to the sea.

The amount of respect in such a place is amazing. Everyone is keeping to themselves, yet the eye wanders. And the mind wanders with it. Bunny lies next to me and we enjoy the sea breeze, the warmth, and the sheer happiness of being.

Being the playful thing she is, Bunny starts fondling my balls and gives me a major erection that she covers with her leg crossed on mine.

“You are going to pay for this”

is the deterrent I try, but it’s no use. Things are getting hard, pun intended. I have no choice but to get up and go cool off in the ocean. Bunny follows me and in no time I am carrying her on my back with the water up to my pecs. The water is clear and we can see the bottom.

After a few hours we decide to head back to our abode. Riding in the car with open windows, Bunny’s hair is flowing in the wind, my hand wandering to her knee. I park the car and we make it to the Airbnb in no time.

Bunny pulls down her swimwear and guides my hand to show me how wet she is. I am not really asked, but taken to the bedroom, undressed, thrown on the bed, and made to watch her climb on top of me as she removes her T-shirt.

By then I have a massive erection. Bunny spends a few seconds wetting my tip with her lips. I think more out of curiosity than of need. She grabs my manhood with her hand and guides its tip right into her entrance. And that’s the moment where I close my eyes.

I feel her moving down and up, using me to open herself. I have been turned into an instrument of her pleasure. She reaches bottom and starts to move her hips slowly, caressing my cock with every motion. She moves almost all the way up, just to fall back down all the way.

She is killing me with her need for my body. But as I move my hands to hold her waist I realize that she does need a firm pair of hands to guide her to completion. And so I start moving her hips at just the right rhythm. Like a little kitten she places her paws on my chest and closes her eyes. She raises her head as if invoking a supernatural power.

And the invocation works, for her breathing starts to become deeper, and her Ahhs are giving place to her Oohs. The whole thing is magical, and never-ending, and just an enchantment of natural energy. The prolonged make out session at the beach shows as her body explodes in an orgasmic expression of power, and beauty.

I move my knees up and start pounding her as she lies on me. She has reserved the nuclear option for me. She moves her hand down and back and starts caressing my balls. It is building now for me. As if it were not enough she starts giving me playful kisses, just a peck here, and then a deep tongue there.

I cannot hold it, I do not want to hold it. Her intoxicating dance on top of me is taking me to the edge. And like a wild dear corralled by the hunter I jump over the cliff and fall into oblivion…