Sex Not Quite on the Beach -

katebriggswrites 9-12 minutes 5/30/2022

photo: SexArt


I need a distraction, and he fits the description nicely…

Maybe it’s not a tropical island, but Coronado is an island in the Pacific, so I’m just going to pretend I’m more than a few hours from home and relax on the sand that glitters like gold when it gets wet.

I might also pretend that I can afford to come here by myself instead of sharing an Airbnb with five other people. Add to that I had to pay extra because I’m single and therefore have a bedroom to myself, that puts the icing on the cake.

I broke up with my boyfriend two months ago after I found some sexy texts on his phone from another woman. I don’t know if he fucked her, but it was sure ramping up to that, so I cut him loose.

Deep breaths.

I was the first one to arrive, so I used the digital code to get into the house we’re sharing, unpacked, then headed immediately for the beach. My two best friends — and their boyfriends — are supposed to meet me here.

Jeanie’s boyfriend Eric said he’s bringing a friend who’s going to take the fourth bedroom. It stinks of a setup, but I plan to spend most of the week lying on the sand and playing in the ocean.

The beach is deserted since it’s early on a Thursday morning. I figure my stuff should be fairly safe, so I walk toward the water and wade in.

I’m about to my waist when I turn and see someone walking near my beach towel. I watch him, deciding if I should head back out, when a wave hits me from behind and pulls me under.

I somersault under the surface. When my head clears, I berate myself. I know better than to turn my back on the ocean. I hold my breath and try to relax. The water calms and I can see which way is up, so I break the surface.

Not until after I stand up, wiping hair from my eyes, do I realize that I’ve lost my bikini top. I gasp and try to cover myself, but when I look up, the man is walking toward me, laughing.

“You could have at least turned your back,” I say.

“No guy in his right mind would turn his back on a gorgeous view like that. But I did bring you a towel.”

He takes a towel from behind his back, one I don’t recognize. Since beggars can’t be choosers, I take it and wrap it around myself as I walk toward my things.

“I’m staying here with some friends for the weekend,” he says. “You should come over and hang out with us.”

I picture a house full of guys. I shake my head. “I don’t plan on spending my weekend with a bunch of strangers.”

“What about just one stranger? Then again, if we introduce ourselves, we wouldn’t be strangers. I’m Liam.”

I pick up my towel, turn away from him, re-wrap myself, then hand his towel back to him.

“This is where you tell me your name.”

“Michelle. My friends call me Shelly.”

“Okay, Shelly. I’d really appreciate it if you’d have dinner with me at some point this weekend.”

“So I’d be doing you a favor?”

“Well, yeah, kinda. I’m pretty sure my friend’s girl is going to try to hook me up with every available woman. She tries to play wingman so that I don’t ask my friend to do it.”

I huff out a sigh. Liam’s adorable, really. He’s not super tall, but he looks amazing in a pair of board shorts and nothing else. I’d rather spend the weekend with someone I choose rather than someone my friends try to push me together with.

“Maybe. It’s got to be better than whoever my friends push me toward.”

“Did you just break up with someone?” he asks.

“How’d you know?”

He gives me a smile that has my skin tingling. “Had to be. Someone that looks like you do naked won’t stay single for long. Plus, you seem smart, nice. Why don’t you let me walk you back to your hotel?”

I nod. “Okay.”

I wait for him to put the moves on me as we walk back to the house. When I get to the front door, I realize that Liam is still standing on the street.

“Is that as far as you go?” I joke.

“That’s a pretty big house.”

“I’m sharing with friends,” I remind him.

He nods, but he still hesitates. That makes me trust him a little more. He’s waiting for permission, not sweet-talking or demanding his way inside.

“You want to come inside?”

His face brightens. “You’re inviting me in?”

“My friends won’t be here for a few hours, so we have the place to ourselves for a while.”

“So your friends… you said they’re going to hook you up with someone?”

“I’m pretty sure of it, yeah.”

“Maybe what you need is someone to make them think you’re taken. That way, they’ll leave you alone.”

“Are you applying for the position of fake boyfriend?”

It’s not the worst idea ever, but schemes like that usually don’t work. Still, it might be fun for a weekend to pretend I’m not the pathetic loser that needs to be fixed up.

“I’m definitely willing, but I’m wondering what the fringe benefits will be.”

“You think I’m going to have sex with you that fast?”

“Actually, I was thinking more about skinny dipping in that pool in the backyard. I’ve already seen yours. I’ll show you mine.”

I let my gaze trail down his body. I have to admit that I want to see what’s under those shorts. “Okay, show me yours.”

He walks closer to me, one slow step at a time. When he gets close enough, he pushes his board shorts off until they land on the cement. He’s already hard. He’s also big and perfectly formed. I can’t seem to tear my eyes away, even when he reaches out and tugs at my towel, sending it to the ground with a soft thump.

“So, about those fringe benefits…”

He curls a finger under my chin and lifts my face to his just in time for our lips to press together. This is crazy. I just met him. Maybe it’s born out of desperation, but I want him.

I feel that buzz along my skin that tells me I’m doing something reckless. I’ve been burned enough that the feeling usually makes me step back. Instead, I wrap my arms around him and press my bare chest to his. Liam groans and pushes at my bikini bottoms until they land on top of my towel.

“I’d rather go swimming in your sheets than this pool,” he says.

I nod because feeling his hard length against my hip has me tongue-tied.

“Then again, I’m not sure we’ll make it that far.”

As he leads me to a double-wide lounge, he plucks up his shorts and pulls out his wallet. When he takes out a condom, my mind stutters to a halt. But not because I don’t want this. He’s bigger than any guy I’ve ever been with and the XXL condom proves that point.

Before I can think too much about it, he presses me back until I’m lying down and he’s between my thighs. Then he’s distracting me with his mouth as he sucks my nipples, tugging at them with his teeth.


His name is a moan and I don’t really have anything to add to that except that I want more. I haven’t let myself do anything as wild and free as having sex with a stranger in the outdoors. And the backyard of the house we rented isn’t exactly secluded. Anyone walking down the side street can see into the yard. That should make me want to cover up and go inside. Instead, I arch my back and moan louder.

His hand moves down my torso until he finds my clit. Liam knows exactly what he’s doing as he circles and flicks, as his mouth continues to tug at my breasts. It’s like both are connected to each other, as sparks volley back and forth between my nipples and my clit.

I say his name again and he groans against my breast. One more pass over my clit sets my body on fire. And that’s when he thrusts into me.

“Oh… fuck.”

His girth stretches me wider than I’ve ever been stretched before. He doesn’t pause when he bottoms out, he fucks me hard and fast. His mouth moves up to my neck as his hands move down to my hips and hold tight.

“I’m gonna make you come again,” he promises.

I shake my head. It’s not possible. Not all my boyfriends have been able to make me come one time without my help, let alone two.

But then his fingers are between us again, circling my clit, grinding against it. It’s too much. I’m too sensitive. Each flick of my clit makes me jolt as sparks of something burst inside me.

“I want to feel you,” he says. “I want to feel you come. I want those sexy little spasms to tighten around my cock. Show me, Shelly. Show me how hard you can come.”

Then he pinches my clit as he clamps one nipple between his teeth and tugs. I grip his shoulders, digging my fingers in because if I don’t hold on to something, I might melt to the floor.

“Liam. Fuck.”

“Yeah,” he groans. “That’s it.”

My eyes widen as he swells inside me, stretching me more, sending a powerful aftershock through me. Inside me, he jerks and jolts, almost as if his body is fighting mine, as he spurts into the condom.

After that, it feels like I’m floating. My mind is light and pleasantly buzzed, as if I’ve had a little too much to drink.

I wake with a start when I hear voices. I’m naked in my bed at the rental house. I hear Jeanie and Eric’s voices, though I can’t hear what they’re saying. Then I remember… Liam.

Did he leave? The bed is empty beside me and that fills me with disappointment. I didn’t even get his number. I don’t even mind if that was a booty call because… wow. But I wish he’d fuck me again.

I pull on a new swimsuit, taking a moment to mourn the cute new bikini top I lost in the ocean today. When I step into the living room, I’m shocked to see Liam talking to Jeanie and Eric.

Jeanie turns to me. “Shelly. You met Liam, Eric’s friend? He’s our sixth for the weekend.”

I look at Liam with my mouth open in shock.

He gives me a smile. “Like I said, it’s a pretty big house, but sometimes it’s a small world.”

It’s going to be an epic weekend.

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