The Interest Of Men And Women In Casual Sex According To A Study.

Peter White 3-4 minutes 6/14/2022

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I had a premonition, but I didn’t expect these results.

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Are men or women more interested in casual sex?
I would guess men. Classic evolutionary theory claims the same thing, that women are choosier and less interested in casual sex.

A study put this to the test and the results are astonishing.

The Study

In the late 70s, one of the most famous psychological studies was conducted on a busy campus. The purpose was to test whether men are actually more interested in casual sex than women. The researchers instructed a team of young men and women to ask people, of the opposite sex, pretty straightforward, one of the following three questions:

  1. Would you go out with me tonight?
  2. Would you come to my apartment tonight?
  3. Would you go to bed with me tonight?

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The Results

To the first question (“Would you go out with me tonight?”), about as many men as women answered yes. For both genders, about half were willing to go out with the other person.

The second question (Would you come to my apartment tonight?), however, already revealed a big difference between the two genders. While 69% of the men were interested in going home with the other person, this was only the case for 6% of the women.

This difference was even greater in the third question, which was more or less casual sex: 75% of the men and 0% of the women agreed to sleep with the other person.

What is striking is that among women, the rate of those who answered yes to the questions decreased the more intimate the offer became. While half of the women were ready to get to know the man, only 6% wanted to come home to him and no woman wanted to sleep with him. The exact opposite was observed among the men surveyed. The higher the chances of sex, the more of them agreed.

So it’s safe to say that men are more likely to want casual sex. The evolutionary theory was therefore confirmed by the experiment.

Gay Men Have More Sexual Partners Than Gay Women

As Steve Stewart-Williams writes in his book “The Ape That Understood The Universe”, the same phenomenon can be observed in homosexual people.

According to him, they are the perfect group to show the different sexual behaviors between men and women.

In the relationship arena, gay men don’t have to compromise with women, and lesbians don’t have to compromise with men. As such, their sexual behavior gives us an unusually clear window on the sexual inclinations of men and women in general.

He goes on to mention a study that in San Francisco in the 70s, 75% of gay men reported having had more than 100 sexual partners. 28% even reported more than 1000. Of the lesbians, only 2% had more than 100 partners and none of the respondents had more than 1000.

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