Watching the Roses Bloom | by May More |

May More 6-7 minutes 6/6/2022

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As I began to turn away, I saw Laura arriving on the scene. To my surprise and great pleasure, she was completely naked…

I hit the big time with my job when the large manor house on the edge of town employed me as their gardener. The grounds were extensive, so I was given free rein to come and go as needed. Then Mr Rose would pay me what I was due. I should say Monty, he was always telling me to call him by his first name, as did his wife Laura; mid-thirties, so a little older than me, and in her prime. I admit to lusting after her and often timed my visits to when she would be out tending to her personal herb garden or picking flowers.

The estate was gated, so on occasions if I wanted to do a few hours gardening at the weekend I would nip in through a small gap in the tall hedging so as not to disturb them. Monty was forever mentioning to me that he intended to put some fencing up, but as this was a convenient shortcut into the grounds, I never reminded him about it.

One Sunday afternoon I had just reached the opening when I thought I heard something. I hesitated and looked through the hedgerow. It was a sweltering hot day, and Monty had brought their summer furniture out into a sheltered patio area about twenty feet from where I stood, shrouded by the shrubbery.

He was laying with his feet up, hat tilted over his face, sleeping or at least relaxing on the outdoor sofa. I hesitated. The table in front of him was littered with empty wine bottles. I was looking at the remains of an informal soirée. Bad timing. I would have to come back tomorrow.

As I began to turn away, I saw Laura arriving on the scene. To my surprise and great pleasure, she was completely naked. A nymph. Breasts jiggling slightly as she ambled over to her husband.

But why was she naked?

I didn’t have to wait long for the reason to become clear. She sat down next to Monty. He took off his hat and smiled at the vision before him. She undid the button on his shirt and he kissed her lovingly. I moved slightly to get a better view and marvelled at how eagerly Laura helped Monty remove his trousers. He was rock hard already and indeed my own dick was growing fast. Laura was sideways on to me, tits hanging down, as she showered Monty’s cock with attention from both her mouth and hand. I could see her plump pussy lips, smooth and inviting, slightly protruding from behind.

This was almost too much. I undid my fly and my cock sprang free like a greyhound from a trap after the hare. But I had to be content with my palm rather than the gorgeous bunny on the patio.

As I began to ease back my foreskin, Monty was feeling his way into Laura’s slit, slowly, gradually. His fingers were being pulled into her heat. Face-forward, she straddled him so his cock emerged between her legs, and she slipped up and down, rubbing his shaft along her slit.

He gripped her breasts to the sound of Laura’s moaning, eyes closed, lost in the moment. I imagined how wonderful her nipple would feel if I flicked my tongue across it. Reaching for the base of my cock, I exerted slight pressure as the blood pumped down the length. Stroking along the smooth skin, my mind’s eye replaced my own fingers with Laura’s small hand.

Meanwhile, in the auditorium, Laura gradually eased Monty’s cock into her core. I had a delicious view of her swollen and rouged pussy lips as she wilfully fucked the intrusion. I would not have anticipated she would be so nubile, but the ease with which she rose and fell, impaled, was something to behold. The slapping sound of flesh on flesh echoed around the garden. Then, as she rhythmically swivelled her hips, Monty pressed his hand to her clit. With a gasp she threw back her head in ecstasy as his cock easily sank in and out repeatedly.

Laura really did appear to be in charge. Skin shining in the setting sun like alabaster.

I squeezed my balls ever so slightly. I couldn’t hold back much longer. Having my own personal porn video was almost too much to bear.

Now Monty took control as Laura knelt. Forcefully pumping her from behind. Her tits swayed — he was pounding her as if she was a fuck doll. Getting into his stride, he rode her like a mare, clenching on to the mane, hand over her mouth — a bit to keep her in place, thrusting with short sharp jabs.

By this time, his face was full of concentration — he wasn’t finished yet. Pulling his cock out, he licked Laura’s slit and between her bum cheeks, then penetrated her again. Had he entered the forbidden hole? I couldn’t quite see, but she lowered herself, nipples grazing the sofa. She looked so small in his grasp while he used her for his pleasure, hips relentlessly striking against her backside. At that very moment, she moaned to a climax, submitting to his force.

Without pausing, she turned and held her breasts together while he pressed his cock between them. I couldn’t wait a moment longer. To feel that warm and inviting flesh against my dick would have been heaven. I started to tug at my shaft and finally squirted my load all over the bush in front of me. Within moments, Laura gazed lovingly down, smiling at the sight of her tits covered in Monty’s milky fluid, barely visible against her translucent skin.

For all three of us, it had been a worthy finale.

While they returned to kissing, I gulped in the warm afternoon air, struggling to level my breathing, and retreated, ready to return home for a well-earned shower.

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