Fucked By My Boyfriend and His Best Friend - Bella Cooper Books - Medium

Liah Wilder 6-8 minutes 7/16/2022


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It’s been a long time since Jeffrey has been in town, and my boyfriend, Mark was eager to be with him. We had dinner together, and are now at our place, watching a movie.

“Damn, this movie is boring as hell,” Jeffrey says.

Mark agrees.

“What if we played a game?” I ask.

“Like what?” Mark asks.

I shrug, glancing around the room. His empty bottle gets my attention.

“Truth or Dare?”

They glance at each other, before agreeing.

We start with some truths, but we quickly move to the dares.

It’s my time to challenge Jeffrey.

“I dare you into giving me a massage.”

He glances at Mark, who simply smiles.

Jeffrey moves behind me, pressing my back with his fingers.

I moan as he presses the stress away from me.

“That’s enough,” Mark says. “My turn.”

He spins the bottle and it’s my turn to choose.


“I dare you to kiss Jeffrey.”

I look at him, surprised, thinking that he’s kidding, but no. He’s dead serious, staring at me expectantly.

I lean closer to Jeffrey and press my lips to his. I’m about to move away when he pulls me closer to him, his tongue slips between my lips, exploring the insides of my mouth.

I moan, kissing him back with the same passion.

I’m breathing hard when he breaks the kiss, and I look at Mark, afraid that he might be mad about this, but he just looks excited.

“My turn.”

Jeffrey spins the bottle.

“Dare,” Mark says when the bottle stops. “Make it good.”

Jeffrey gives me a devilish smile.

“Suck her nipples.”

I gasp, surprised by his challenge.

The look in Mark’s eyes tells me he’s accepting the challenge.

He leans closer to me, taking my lips into his, kissing me deeply.

His hands move down my shirt, cupping my breasts through the thin fabric.

I moan against his lips when he pinches my nipples. As I break the kiss, Mark pulls my shirt off by the head, revealing my tits.

He moves down, licking a nipple before sucking it into his mouth.

I close my eyes, lost in pleasure, and arch my back, pressing my tits closer to him.

I whimper in protest when Mark moves away from me.

“Your turn to play, babe.”

I look at Jeffrey, his hard cock visible against his jeans.

Spinning the bottle, I trace a plan in my mind.

“Dare,” Jeffrey says in a husky voice when the bottle stops facing him.

“I dare you to eat my pussy.”

It’s Mark’s time to gasp, shocked by my dare.

I give him a challenging look, waiting for him to say something, but he just smiles, nodding.

“Forget the game,” he says. “Let’s go to the bedroom.”

I shook my head, as I stand from the couch, removing my shorts and my panties.

“Why? Let’s just stay here.”

I sit back on the couch, opening my legs wide, and resting back in a relaxed pose.

The two men share a look, before stepping forward.

Jeffrey kneels between my legs, grabbing my knees, and licks my pussy. His tongue moves from my entrance to my clit, pressing before he starts sucking on the engorged bud.

I moan, closing my eyes in pleasure, as my head falls back on the couch.

Mark removes his clothes and approaches me.

As I hear him closer to me, I open my eyes to see him stroking his cock a few inches away from me.

Reaching out to him, my hand replaces his on his dick as I start stroking him.

Jeffrey slips two fingers inside me, moving them in and out of me while he keeps licking and sucking on my clit, making me moan.

“Come closer,” I tell Mark. “I want to suck you.”

Mark moves on the couch, so his dick is just a few inches away from my face.

I lean forward, and he slaps me with his cock before I take him completely into my mouth, sucking.

I let his cock fall from my mouth with a pop when Jeffrey curls his fingers inside me, hitting a perfect spot, and sending me over the edge.

I run my tongue across Mark’s tip, before moving down to lick his length and his balls.

Jeffrey moves between my legs, and I feel his cock pressing against my cunt as he enters me with a thrust.

I gasp, shocked by the size of him inside me.

Mark takes the chance to shove his cock back into my mouth, thrusting into me at the same rhythm Jeffrey is fucking my pussy.

Jeffrey grabs me by the hips, pounding me harder and faster with every thrust.

Mark’s dick hits the back of my throat, making me gag as I try to take as much as possible inside my mouth.

“Don’t cum inside her,” Mark says all of the sudden.

With this Jeffrey pulls out of me, sitting next to me on the couch. Taking my hand, he rests it on his cock.

I start stroking him, as Mark pulls his dick out of my mouth, and grabbing me by the hips, makes me kneel on the couch.

“On all fours. Suck him until he cums.”

I take Jeffrey’s massive cock into my mouth, sucking. He groans and his head falls back on the couch, while his hand holds my head in place.

I feel Mark behind me before his dick slips inside my cunt, stretching me.

My head moves up and down Jeffrey’s cock at the same rhythm Mark is fucking my pussy,

Grabbing my hips, Mark thrusts into me faster and harder, until I feel his cock throbbing inside me.

His hand moves to my pussy, finding my clit, and caressing me in a circular motion.

Jeffrey’s hand reaches to my nipple, pinching me. The feelings are too much for me to bear, and the best orgasm of my life takes over me as I scream in pleasure.

My pussy clenches around Mark’s cock, taking him over the edge too, and he cums inside me with a roar.

Jeffrey pulls my head back into his dick, thrusting into me, ad making me gag before he blows his load into my mouth, forcing me to swallow.

I sit back on the couch with the two of them between me.

Mark kisses me deeply, his tongue exploring my mouth, ignoring the taste of his best friend’s cum.

I rest my head against his chest, hearing his heartbeat as we all breathe hard and try to catch out breath.

“You’re free to stay here, if you want,” Mark tells Jeffrey.

“Thanks, man, I’ll stay on the couch.”

Mark stands from the couch, taking me with him into our bedroom.

We lay on the bed together. He pulls me closer to him.

“That was so hot, babe.”

I snuggle closer to him and nod, sleepy.

“Maybe we could try this again?”

“Again?” I ask as my eyes become too heavy to stay open.

“With your best friend.”

I laugh. “Yeah, she would love to fuck you.”

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