A Look Into The Past, At The Way Things Used To Be - Caveman Circus

Theodore Lobo 2-2 minutes 8/17/2022

Teenagers listening to records 1957

1915 Creighton University football team

Elite Egyptian women at french tailor shop in Cairo, 1890s

Somewhere in Los Angeles c1959

Visiting Disneyland, 1968

East Kentucky Appalachian girl, 1964

Boeing 747 and an International Gathering of Stewardesses, 1970s

Children’s Playground in New York City, early 20th century

Katherine Johnson, “human computer”, famously calculated the flight trajectory for Alan Shepard, the first American in space, in 1962

Los Angeles International Airport. 1970’s.

A former chicken coop, in which during the berry season the Arnao family, seventeen children and five elders, live on Hitchen’s farm, Seaford, Delaware, 1910.

A group of children posing in their classroom, 1900s.

Three generations having a picnic c1953

A girl and her cat, San Antonio, TX, 1939

New York City, 1900

Kmart Employees in North Carolina watching the moon landing (July 16, 1969)

Passengers aboard a Boeing 307 aircraft operated by Pan American World Airways, 1940s.

A Pacific Southwest Airlines stewardess in go-go boots, 1970′s.

A sailor from the USS Oriskany proudly showing off his tattoos, 1950s

Children on a mule pulling a plow, Ozark Mountains, 1930’s

Just Married, New Hampshire, 1958

Diner in Alpine, Tex. 1939