Her Perfect Ass Became All Ours -

Casey Holt 10-13 minutes 8/9/2022

photo: SexArt

Our new plaything’s boyfriend learns a thing or two.

Elbowing my husband, I got his attention and pointed at the couple in front of us.

“What? Oh!” I watched his eyes widen as he smiled. “Oh yeah.”

“Let me make the introductions,” I told him.

“Hope she goes for it. I'd love to get my cock into her ass.”

Leaving him behind as I walked ahead, I could see the allure. The young couple was making their way down the sidewalk and the girl’s ass was incredible as it moved with each step. A perfect teardrop that sat atop a pair of shapely tanned legs; the black crop top she was wearing left nothing to the imagination. I only had to convince her and her meathead jock-looking boyfriend to join us.

“Excuse me,” I told them as I caught up with them. The couple turned around and they were as equally stunning face to face as they were from behind.

“What?” the guy asked dumbly, and I immediately pegged him for exactly what my first impression was when we followed them.

“My husband and I have a proposition for you.” Jack caught up with us. “This is my husband, Jack. I’m Kristy.” I flashed my best smile at them both. “We’d like to sleep with you.”

“What?” the beautiful blonde gasped.

“What the fuck,” her not-so-brilliant partner blurted out. “Come on Harper. Let’s go.”

Harper was hesitating as she eyed both me and Jack. “You want to do what?” she asked to confirm.

“We want to fuck you,” I told her bluntly.

“Get out of here,” the boyfriend butted in. “You’re fucking old anyways.”

“Thirty-two isn’t old,” Jack interjected, squaring off with the younger man, who backed down at once. The hook was being set.

“With age comes experience,” I told our new young friends. “Sexual experience. It’ll be memorable.” I flashed Harper another dazzling smile and watched her blush as her face lit up.

“You mean…” she asked.

“I mean my husband loves to fuck younger girls. And I love to watch and join in. How old are you, by the way?”

“Eighteen. We both are.”

“Harper!” The boyfriend told her in shock. “Are you seriously fucking considering this?”


“And I love to watch him fucking them until they can’t walk after having so many orgasms,” I told her point blank, and watched her look over at Jack again with newfound respect.

“No way,” her boyfriend countered.

“What’s your name, kid?” Jack asked him.

“Levi,” he replied defiantly.

“Well, Levi. If you’ve been doing her right, then you have nothing to worry about. Right?”

Jack looked at Harper and we both noted her pained expression before she looked away.

“And Jack has a big cock,” I added for good measure.

“Fuck you,” Levi almost shouted.

“Listen,” I soothed him. “It’s not just for her. You can fuck me, or I’ll suck your cock. And if you pay attention, you’ll find out what your girl likes in bed.”

“I’d love that,” Harper spoke up. She looked at Levi. “I don’t mind if you fuck her.” She eyed my husband with hunger. “And it’ll be fun.”

Clapping my hands together with glee, I told them, “Follow us. Our hotel is just up the block.”

The four of us set off for an afternoon of fun and it was hard to keep my eyes off the twitch of the younger girl’s ass. It was a perfect teardrop, thick and ready for us.

In the hotel room, we got right to work as Jack took Harper in his arms, and Levi and I watched him roam his hands immediately down to her beautiful ass. I turned Levi’s face to mine as I felt him stiffen at my husband touching his girl. Kissing him, I felt him relax a bit and also felt his cock stiffen in his shorts.

Pushing him back onto the bed, I knew it wasn’t going to take him long to finish. It never does at that age.

Next to us, I caught glimpses of Harper’s flawless body as Jack undressed her. She gasped when his erection came into view and I heard Levi gulp underneath me when he spied my husband’s impressive member.

“Wait,” Levi started before I kissed him again and then worked my way down to pull his shorts down. I stopped when his cock was freed. It was short like a fire plug but thick like a beer bottle.

“What the — ?” I started, then stopped, not wanting to hurt his feelings.

Guessing that the young man measured in at four inches long and incredibly girthy, I could see why Harper was interested in fucking my husband. Flexing my jaw to warm it up, I readied myself for the short but stout jawbreaker.

Harper was moaning on the next bed as she sucked my husband’s cock, and I took her boyfriend’s cock in my mouth. My lips stretched taut around the short fat cock and we set to work pleasuring each other’s man.

Levi’s hips started bucking wildly as he jammed his cock between my lips. Rolling with him, I wasn’t worried about him making me gag, but he was certainly unpracticed. His salty taste soon intensified in my mouth as his precum leaked like a faucet.

“I’m coming,” he groaned, and I struggled to wrap my fingers around his fat stubby cock.

Pumping my fist, I was rewarded with a jet of salty spunk spurting into the back of my throat. Coughing, I swallowed down his load and pumped my fist to milk the rest of him. Less than three minutes after it had begun, Levi melted back into the bed fully sated and I reached for a bottle of water to rinse his cum from my mouth.

It was on to the real reason we were in the hotel room with them; his girlfriend.

Harper was moaning as Jack filled her from behind. Her perfect ass was in his hands, and he was holding her hips as he slammed his cock into her. I’d never seen a prettier picture. She was moaning his name as her pert breasts flailed beneath her with each savage thrust.

“I’ll be back, kid,” I told Levi as I climbed off the bed and went immediately for Harper’s ass.

“What?” she exclaimed as I joined them, followed by, “Ohhhhhh,” as I began tonguing her asshole.

“Holy fuck,” Levi groaned on the other bed as he watched the three of us and I ate his girlfriend’s ass.

Harper tasted delicious and musky as I pushed my tongue into her rectum. She came instantly as I licked her, and Jack plunged his cock into her tight cunt. His belly was smacking my head as he did, but I was beyond caring. I wanted to devour the girl.

Behind me, Levi joined us as he shoved two fingers inside me and began finger banging me awkwardly. Despite, his lack of skill, he was going to make me come. As I flicked my tongue in the deep groove before me, I moaned into Harper’s ass as I climaxed.

“Fuck yeah,” Levi exclaimed as I did.

“Nice work, kid,” Jack told him. “Turn around for me, Kristy,” I was ordered.

Joining Harper on all fours, I thrust my ass in the air as Jack moved behind me. The other girl took my hand in solidarity as the big cock was pushed inside my drenched cunt. He slid in easily, already drenched with the young girl’s cum.

“This won’t take long,” I told her, grinning before moaning as my husband began fucking me.

I was right.

He pounded his meaty cock into me as Harper slid to the bed then rolled onto her back. She maneuvered under me to suckle my nipple and I came instantly. The girl was really getting into the action.

Levi sat on the bed next to us watching in amazement. His fireplug cock was going to come back to life soon at that rate. Crying out, I came.

“Fuck yes!” I screamed as Jack pounded into me.

As soon as my orgasm subsided, he pulled out of me and was back on top of Harper. I’m not ashamed to admit it but after an orgasm from Levi and one from Jack fucking me, I was done. I looked over at Levi as Harper was fucked mercilessly and the entire bed shook violently. The kid was hard enough to cut glass.

Climbing over top of him, I pointed his stubby cock up into me and gritted my teeth as I impaled myself on him. He was short but incredibly fat as he stretched me open.

Harper screamed through another orgasm as I began fucking her boyfriend. It was obvious that coming once let alone multiple times was a new experience for her and she screamed it loudly. On top of Levi, I rocked my hips as he palmed my breasts. The guy lacked skill but showed enthusiasm as I fucked him.

Jack rolled Harper over onto her hands and knees again and I looked over to see him drizzling lube into her tight asshole. Knowing the cock inside me would never fit in such a tight hole, I knew she was about to lose her anal cherry.

As Jack sank into her perfectly plump ass, Harper moaned with delight. Inside me, Levi was pulsing like a quasar and as he thickened even more, I came right before he did. He jetted another load deep inside me as Jack impaled his girlfriend’s ass for the first time.

“You’re huge,” she breathed into the bedding.

“Your cock’s so fat,” I told Levi as he groaned through the remnants of his orgasm, and I collapsed onto him.

“Thank you,” he gasped as he squeezed my ass.

Harper was wailing as Jack plunged in and out of her. He had passed the delicate stage of sliding his cock into her and was reaming her like a pornstar. From the sound of it, she was enjoying every millisecond.

Pushing myself off Levi I rejoined my husband to snake a hand beneath the younger girl. Finding her drenched slit, I plunged two fingers inside her then set to work fingering her clit. She came instantly, screaming at the top of her lungs.

“It feels so fucking good!” Harper cried as she climaxed through her anal orgasm.

Levi lay lifeless next to us as we pleasured his girlfriend. After two orgasms, the young man was completely spent. Harper was about to be.

“Fill her ass, Jack,” I told my husband. “She’s about done.” His face tightened into a mask as his orgasm started. “That’s it. Fuck her ass — harder. That’s it — harder. She’s got the most perfect ass I’ve ever seen. Doesn’t she?”

“Yes,” my husband groaned.

Harper was screaming as he drilled her. Her muscular ass globes barely moved as he slammed his meaty cock into her. I was impressed. She was taking him like a champ.

“He’s getting even bigger!” Harper cried as Jack started to come.

Streaks of white semen appeared along the long length of his impressive cock and I knew he was filling her ass with come as he groaned. I’d been there several times before myself and had watched him many times fill a younger girl’s asshole. Harper climaxed with him as Jack finished.

Slowly, she slid to the bed to dry hump. Clearly, she was beyond sated.

“I can’t fucking believe it,” Levi breathed next to us.

“Don’t fuck her ass, kid. Not with that rig you got. You’re too thick.” Jack patted Harper’s ass as he grinned at me and Levi. “But I might do it again before we leave town.”

“Mine too, I hope,” I teased him.

“Please do,” Harper moaned into the bedding. “God, it fucking burns now though.”

“That’ll pass,” I told her as I brushed a lock of hair from her face and kissed her cheek.

“I want to fuck you,” she told me with a grin.

“Let’s recover a bit then get cleaned up. We’ll order dinner, then Levi can watch us again. Maybe we’ll see if he can go a third time.”

“I can,” he said confidently.

“Then it’s settled,” Jack said as he bent down to give Harper’s ass a kiss. “God, I love this ass. It’s perfect.”

“And it’s all yours,” Harper breathed as Levi’s mouth dropped open.

“It’s going to be a long night, kid,” my husband told our new lover’s boyfriend.