Late Night Action in the Hot Tub -

Cyra Wilde 12-14 minutes 8/2/2022

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Exhibitionism | Voyeurism | Ménage MFMFF

Will watching their threesome lead to something more?

Clad in my bra and panties, I sashay across the wooden deck and slip into the hot tub that’s spacious enough to fit six. A moan escapes me as the deliciously warm water embraces my skin. Next to me, my husband sips his chilled cranberry sangria while eyeing our hosts, Hailey and Nolan, with their sexy plaything.

Who would’ve thought a dinner party would lead to a late night soak? We were invited, among other guests, to celebrate Nolan’s promotion. The others left by eleven. Cole and I were about to call it a night when Hailey suggested we should hang out in their Jacuzzi. Little did I know at the time she had other plans in mind.

So here we are, lounging in their private back yard overlooking the Hollywood Hills. Joining us in the tub is another visitor, Ivy — a gorgeous, twenty-something blonde the couple met at a bar last weekend. From the looks of things, they’ve gotten pretty acquainted with one another. Soon, the small talk dwindles, and the mood becomes increasingly sensual with the glow of candles and soft music playing in the background.

“Look at them go,” Cole whispers in my ear, his heated gaze affixed to the three of them.

Seated on either side of Nolan, Hailey and Ivy share a lingering kiss as they take turns giving him some hand action under the water.

My nipples tighten at the sight. I sip my sangria, welcoming the slight buzz I’m already feeling from all the drinks earlier. Cole and I are no strangers to threesomes or even foursomes, but this is the first time we play audience.

“Think they’ll let us join in?” he whispers again.

Is he joking? The slight bob of his Adam’s apple tells me he’s seriously considering the idea of group sex. We usually pick people we don’t know for our rendezvous. Nevertheless, if Hailey and Nolan, our business associates and friends for six months, are open to swinging… why not?

Nolan and I have flirted quite a bit in the past. Shrouded in a masculine aura, the man has a dark, piercing gaze, disarming smile, and a body sculpted by long hours at the gym. Hailey is equally charming with her curvy body and an overall classy appeal. Indeed, these two are an attractive forty-something couple I certainly wouldn’t mind having some fun with, not to mention the newcomer I’d love to get to know better.

“Maybe.” I sidle closer to Cole, nibble on his earlobe. “Doesn’t mean we can’t have a little fun of our own first, right?”

“Oh, Leah,” he murmurs, “always such a vixen.” He scoots in front of me, runs his hands up my back, and pulls me in for a deep kiss. “And yet, you’re the only one in this tub wearing any clothing.”

I drink him in, whatever’s visible above the water — broad shoulders, flexing biceps, hard pecs — then wrap my hand that seems inadequately small around his semi-hard cock. “Why don’t you remedy that?”

“Gladly.” His breath tickles my ear. He unhooks my lacy, red bra with ease, slips the straps off my shoulders. The second my boobs spill free, he captures one and squeezes before rolling the pointed tip between his thumb and forefinger. His knee presses between my thighs as he leans in, pinning me to the tub.

“Mmm, what if I’m the only one screaming?” I ask, half-grinding on his muscular thigh. “You know how loud I can get.”

There’s a wicked gleam in his eyes as he rips away my panties and rubs my clit back and forth, first with his fingertips, then his thumb. “I’m sure they won’t mind.”

I rock my hips to seek more friction, my legs caging his hand. “Unnghh, yes. Right there, baby,” I hiss through clenched teeth.

It doesn’t take long for my husband to drive me to the brink. He knows exactly where and how to touch me. Circling his thumb over my clit. Dipping two fingers in. The man is a pro at getting me off in record time. Might be one of the reasons I married him.

Over his shoulder, I catch a glimpse of Ivy sitting at the edge of the tub with Hailey’s face buried between her thighs. Nolan’s gaze flits from them to us, one hand stroking his cock. The man is certainly enjoying the best of both shows.

Locking eyes with Nolan, I purr to my man, loud enough for everyone to hear, “Fuck me.”

Cole obliges without missing a beat, pushing his cock into me so deep in one smooth thrust that I moan my approval. His hands curve under my shoulder blades as he plunges in and out.

Nolan’s stare, intense and hungry, blazes through me as I arch into Cole and take him balls deep. “Oh, yes, yes, yes.” Being the only vocal person in the tub so far, my cries seem to echo everywhere, but I’ll be damned if I’m going to hold back my pleasure.

My loudness must’ve encouraged Ivy as her moans are now audible. So are Hailey’s, when Nolan moves behind her and proceeds to fuck his wife, pounding into her with frenzy as though he’s trying to compete. I bite back a devious grin.

A sharp nip to my collarbone draws my attention back to Cole. “Getting distracted?”

“Just a little,” I grunt between his vicious thrusts.

“Focus, Leah. Unless you want me to punish you?”

My clit pulses at the tone of his voice and the thought of his handprint on my ass. Nothing reels me in like his dominant side.

Gritting his teeth, he works me with long, hard strokes. “Come for me.” His mouth finds my throat again.

Oh, yes. Everything Cole is giving, I want it all. I want all of him. I surrender to the orgasm building deep within me. Moan his name as I let go and shatter. I forget where we are, why we’re here, and who else is present.

“That’s it. Good girl. That’s it,” he whispers, tunneling non-stop, chasing his own climax.

And once again, I soar, this time together with Cole, his body quivering with his own release.

We rock the goddamn tub. We rock the glittering city and sparkling hills.

“That was fun,” Cole whispers as I take a large swig of my sangria.

I toss him a naughty smile, knowing from experience we’re far from done. Despite hitting forty-eight this year, my husband is still very much a virile, hot-blooded male who has no problem keeping up with my insatiable libido.

“I love you, baby girl.”

“I love you,” I whisper, kissing him deeply. “Let’s go get ’em.”

“As you wish.” Cole approaches the couple, leaving Ivy up for grabs. As if he’s read my mind — I’ve been waiting to get her to myself. She must be new at this. How long will it take to coax that slutty little princess inside her to come out and play?

I gulp down my sangria and shimmy over to her with a lazy smile. “Hey, darling. First time?”

“Yeah, that obvious, huh? I broke up with my girlfriend last month and thought, what the hell, right?” She laughs.

“Oh, sweetheart, I’m so sorry.” I slide my hand up her toned arm, her skin dotted with goosebumps. “If it’s any consolation, an attractive girl like you will have no problem finding a date.” My eyes roam down her throat to her perky breasts and taut stomach.

“Thanks,” she says, turning to me fully. “I think you’re hot, Leah. May I touch you?”

My turn to laugh. “Oh, honey, you can touch me anywhere you like.”

She reaches out to grasp my hips before sliding her hands to my size D boobs. I moan, surprised at how full and heavy they are. She cups them both, squeeze, knead, squeeze, her fingers tweaking my nipples to a hard peak.

“Mmm, you can do more than touch if you want to,” I murmur.

Her smile is cheeky. Leaning down, she sucks an aching tip into her mouth.

My fingers tangle in her hair. She’s so good at this.

Another set of hands wrap around my hips. “Hey, ladies.”

Nolan is standing right behind me. As he and Ivy exchange a wet kiss, I glance sideways to find Cole warming Hailey up with his skillful hands and mouth, teasing every inch of her. The thought of my husband’s prick inside another woman’s cunt always gives me a heady rush. I press back into Nolan’s crotch, grinding myself against him.

Ivy’s lips are soft and luscious. Our tongues dance together while Nolan kisses my nape. Pinned between lush curves and hard muscles, both of them assaulting my senses, I sway to a sensuous rhythm.

“Let’s get you out of the water,” Nolan says.

One moment I’m climbing out of the tub, the next I’m lying on the deck. My gaze flicks to Cole and Hailey who are still in the tub. He’s ramming into her. Judging from her expression, she’s fucking loving it. The instant Cole and I make eye contact, my pussy throbs. I’m aching to be filled.

Ivy lowers herself, clutches my thighs, her lips soft and scorching against my belly. She kisses down to my core, suckles my clit. Her tongue sinks into my blazing slick flesh, unraveling me. It’s absolutely divine. This girl definitely knows how to eat pussy.

Nolan feeds me his cock. He’s thick and long but no bigger than Cole’s, so I have no trouble taking him all the way to the base. My nose mashes against his balls and I inhale deeply.

“Just like that,” he groans.

I twirl my tongue along the underside of his shaft and tease the crown. Savor the salty sweet tang. When Ivy switches from kittenish licks to relentless strokes, though, I freeze. Nolan grips my hair and starts moving his hips, hitting the back of my throat with every thrust until my eyes water.

He withdraws and asks hoarsely, “Do you want more, Leah?”

“Yes.” Saliva drips down my chin. My mind is focused on the hot, wet suction of Ivy’s mouth. By now, my cunt must be overflowing with Cole’s cum and my own juices. She laps it all up like a starved kitten. “Jesus Christ,” I moan. “Ivy…”

Nolan shoves his cock right back in, muffling my cries.

My mind is spinning, my body craving more, more, more even as the waves sweep me under. At last, Ivy pulls away, her hazel eyes meeting mine. She wipes her face and licks her lips.

Nolan isn’t finished yet, but he withdraws to let Ivy have a taste. Then we both worship him in tandem.

He growls my name. “Will you let me fill up your pretty little pussy?”

An offer too good to refuse. Straddling him with renewed vigor, I impale myself on his solid length — inch by delicious inch. We moan in unison.

Water splashes. My husband and Hailey are joining us. Perfect timing. Cole pulls Ivy into his arms. Their lips collide.

Hailey crawls over, nuzzles my neck. “How’s Nolan treating you, hon?”

“Pretty fucking good,” I huff, my gaze never leaving Cole’s. He’s got Ivy down on her knees now. Her tongue darts out to lick his shaft.

Hailey’s nails rake down my back as Nolan thrusts upward. “Yeah? Milk his dick, honey. I wanna taste you both. I’ll lick it all up.”

Her words swirl at my core, and watching Ivy pleasure Cole nearly tips me over the edge.

Nolan is certainly all riled up, his pace increasingly frantic. “Christ, you’re so fucking tight, Leah.”

Hailey’s smile widens as she reaches between my legs and rubs my throbbing clit. My walls clench around Nolan as another powerful orgasm rolls through me. I can tell he isn’t far behind, the way his cock swells and pulses inside me. Then he erupts, emptying his load with a long shudder.

Hailey makes good on her promise to clean me up before suggesting we move things to the bedroom.

Somewhere along the line, I’m riding Nolan again when Cole leans behind me and squeezes my ass. “Want to be fucked thoroughly, love?”

Sandwiched between two hard bodies, I mewl, “Yes. Fuck my ass, please, baby.”

The two women are sprawled at the other end of the king-sized bed, caressing each other while observing us. A smirk plays on Hailey’s lips.

Cole takes his time to lube me up nicely. Even then, the stretching is intense. “Fuck. I need you to open up, Leah. Relax. Come on, baby girl. That’s it.”

The five of us fuck way into the night, feasting on one another— until I’m breathless and all wrung out, drifting in a haze of lust and sex, a tangle of limbs above silk sheets.

When I wake, Cole is lying next to me, his fingertips brushing my cheek. “Hey. Did you have fun?”

“Oh, yes. That was…”


It was more than that. So much more. Pleasantly sore from last night, I turn to face my husband. I can’t begin to describe how lucky I feel, finding someone who understands me and shares my passion, how happy I am that Cole and I trust each other.

“It was perfect.”

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