Lost and Found -

Manus Dare 10-13 minutes 8/24/2022

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Guilty Girl Cheats with her Ex-Boyfriend

“Honey, are you sure you have to go over there?”

Miller looked worried as I picked up my purse and keys. I smiled, patting his cheek.

“It’s fine, baby,” I said. “I just need to pick up a few things then I’ll come right back home.”

I knew why Miller was worried. My relationship with Trip had been a tempestuous one, up and down with lots of sex in between. Trip was the ultimate ladykiller, sexy and suave, and I’d never tell Miller but he had a beautiful cock that never failed to get me wet.

But, it was exactly his womanizing and his ego that had convinced me to leave. And Miller, sweet, loving Miller who’d had a crush on me since college, finally got his chance. He asked me out, and I said yes. With Miller, everything was easy, while everything about Trip was complicated.

Take getting back my stuff, for example. Trip had texted me a week ago and let me know he had a box of my things. Rather than drop them off, like a gentleman, he was forcing me to come pick them up.

I kissed Miller on the cheek and gave him a hug.

“Don’t worry, OK? I’ll be back before you know it.”

I wish I was as confident as I sounded. Did I mention things with Trip were complicated? Besides being the first love of my life, Trip was drop dead gorgeous. I knew that him making me come pick up my clothes was just a way to try and sneak back into my life.

Miller gave me a harder kiss than usual to show me how much he loved me. I gave him another reassuring smile and headed out to my car. As soon as I was safely inside, my smile faded.

“You can do this,” I said to myself in the mirror. I fingered the thin, gold necklace with a small pearl pendant Miller had given me for my birthday, as if it could give me strength. “You don’t care about him anymore.”

I drove over to Trip’s house, steeling my nerves against what I was sure would be a contentious conversation. I knocked on the door and of course, Trip opened it wearing only a baggy pair of shorts.

His body was brown and beautiful. It was impossible not to look at the muscled expanse of his chest and the rippled abs leading down to my favorite part, the thick V of muscle I used to love to kiss before I put his thick brown cock into my mouth. I would be lying if I said I had not conjured up the image of Trip many times when I was with Miller. Not that I didn’t enjoy sex with Miller, it was just that memories of Trip were so hot and vibrant; they brought me off like a firecracker rather than the slow smoulder of Miller’s love.

But, I wasn’t about to let Trip know that. I peeled my eyes away from the low waistband of his shorts only to see the knowing smirk on his face.

“Long time, no see,” he said, leaning a large muscled arm against the doorjamb.

“I’m just here to get my things,” I said.

I stepped forward and caught the rich, masculine scent of Trip’s body. The man never needed cologne, he smelled great no matter what.

Fucking bastard.

Trip kept giving me his annoyingly handsome, annoyingly charming smile. Finally, he stepped aside and let me into his apartment.

“Where’s my stuff?” I asked.

“Over on the couch,” Trip said.

I walked over to the overstuffed leather couch. That couch had many memories I wanted to forget, but couldn’t.

I reached down and looked through the box, trying to ensure that all the items I’d left were in there. I lifted a sweater that I liked and saw a photo lying near the bottom of the box.

“What the hell is this?” I snapped, holding up the photo.

“What do you mean?”

Trip stepped forward and wrapped his arms around my waist. I pushed against him but met only firm muscle. He gripped my hands and held the picture up so I could see it.

The photo was the two of us on the beach in Cabo San Lucas. We’d gone after I’d graduated from college and before I started my internship at the accounting firm. It was the first real vacation I’d ever had.

Two weeks of sand, sun, and margaritas. And sex. Lots of sex. I remember Trip’s cock inside me every night, filling me with heat. Then, I’d wake him up with a blowjob so he could fuck me again. I’d never been so connected physically with a man in my life.

“I don’t want this,” I said, trying to throw the picture away.

“You remember that trip?” Trip murmured in my ear. “You remember how hot it was?”

“Stop!” I pushed my ass against him, only to feel his throbbing lust through his shorts.

Damn! He was influencing my body. Inhaling his scent and the immense heat of his body made me quiver inside. I felt the familiar wetness spread into my panties.

“Please,” I moaned. “I can’t do this.”

“Do what?” he said and took the picture out of my hands and threw it into the box. “You don’t have to do anything you don’t want to.”

“Please, Trip,” I turned in his arms and pushed my palms against his hard chest. His skin was burning, and that heat spread from my hands, to my stomach, even my scalp. “I’m with Miller now.”

“So?” Trip said and brushed his hand across my neck, brushing the thin, gold chain Miller had put around my neck himself. “He can never give you what I can give.”

“Oh, really?” I said. “And what’s that?”

Trip smirked, grabbed my wrist, and pulled my hand down to his cock.

“You remember what it felt like, don’t you?” he murmured. “Remember what it felt like when I was inside you? Because I do.”

I whimpered. Goddamnit! It couldn’t be that easy, could it? I mean, I loved Miller; I wasn’t going to risk that with Trip, no matter how good he was in bed. I wasn’t some slut that would fall to my knees, right?

Trip brushed his thumb across my lower lip, teasing my mouth open. Then, he pushed his rough finger between my lips until I was sucking it.

“That’s it, baby!” he cooed. “We both know what you want. Now, all you have to do is take it.”

And with that, Trip popped his thumb from my mouth, placed his hands on my shoulders, and pushed me to my knees.

Trip didn’t give me any time to think. He pushed his baggy shorts down and the thick cock I dreamed about bounced out of his pants and hovered in front of my face.

“Now,” Trip said. “Why don’t you suck my cock and forget all about your weak ass boyfriend?”

“He’s not — ” I began, but Trip grabbed my head and pulled me into his crotch, smashing his heavy, hot shaft against my lips.

“Shh!” He said. “Just do it! Be my little slut!”

“Mmm!” I moaned, but I moved my face up and down the belly of his shaft, covering myself in the scent I had missed.

Trip chuckled knowingly, a sound that angered me, but I was already too far gone. Poor Miller. It wasn’t his fault, but there was nothing my boyfriend could do to compare to the desire I felt for Trip. Sadly, me on my knees in front of my ex had been a foregone conclusion. The only question was why had I tried to fight it?

Growling, Trip pulled back hard on my hair. I gasped, my mouth falling open and Trip shoved the thick, throbbing length of his cock down my throat.

I choked and gagged as my powerful ex fucked my face with his hot shaft. It took me a moment to become accustomed to his size, Miller being about half of Trip’s size, but I was soon taking him deep until, with one huge thrust, he lodged the fat head into my throat, forcing my nose into the dark thatch of his pubic hair.

He held me there, unable to breathe until I beat against his hard thighs, pleading for release with my hands.

“Fuck!” Trip groaned as he enjoyed the full length of my mouth and throat. “I hope you fucking remember this when you suck on Miller’s little cock.”

Then, he let me go and his cock burst out of my mouth with a gush of spit and drool. I coughed up even more spit, gasping for air. Trip rubbed his dripping cock across my face, covering my face with spit and sticky pre-cum.

“I will,” I finally said as I grabbed his cock and sucked the ropes of spit off its length. “I do. Every time I’m with Miller.”

“Oh, you are such a little slut!” Trip laughed and lifted me to my feet. “Does Miller even know what kind of slut he’s got?”

“No,” I moaned as Trip bent me over the couch, ripping off my shorts and panties. “I’m not a slut for him.”

Trip gripped my ass, and I looked back over my shoulder at him with a simpering grin.

“I’m your slut. Not his!”

The admission hurt as I thought of poor Miller, waiting for me at home, but it was exactly what Trip wanted to hear. He grunted and thrust his cock deep into my cunt, burying his flesh into my soft, hot center.

I fell forward onto the couch as Trip hammered me from behind. My body remembered the many times he had fucked me, quickly reshaping itself to his hard pounding, and throbbing with excitement as it was once again invaded by this powerful man.

“He can’t fuck you like this,” Trip growled. “I know he’s never fucked you like this!”

“No, nuh… nuh… never!” I cried, the rising heat in my belly reaching its searing threshold.

“Who’s pussy am I fucking?” Trip continued. “Who owns this pussy?”

“You do!” I screamed, Trip’s cock forcing away the guilt. “It’s your pussy! All yours!”

Trip leaned forward and pushed my face cruelly into the couch cushions, covering my face. It didn’t matter because I was already cumming shamefully on his cock, screaming my submission into the pillows.

Trip pulled out while I was still twitching, gripped my hair, and threw me to the floor. One hand stroked his cock while the other held my face tilted upward so I could see the slit in the head of his cock pulsing with lust.

“You want me to cum all over that face, don’t you?” Trip hissed through gritted teeth. “You want me to send you back to your boyfriend with a face full of my cum?”

I was beyond arguing, too exhausted by the hard fucking and the explosive release of my orgasm. All I could do was bend to Trip’s will.

“Yes!” I spat. “Yes, paint me with your cum. Send me back to Miller with your jizz on me. Do it! Do it!”

My words became an insistent chant that Trip could no longer ignore. He grunted in pleasure and thick ropes of cum splashed over my cheeks and forehead. Stinging drips of his lust dripped into my eyes and salty dollops of froth hit my tongue.

I stayed there, dutifully letting my ex unload his lust over my face and down my throat. Finally, when he was done, he bent over and unclasped the necklace that had been around my neck the entire time he fucked me.

“What are you doing?”

Trip held up the necklace. A drop of cum dripped from the pearl.

“Just giving you an excuse to come back,” Trip said.

He bent over and gave me a fierce, passionate kiss.

“See you soon,” he said, then left me to clean up my face and pick up my box.

At the bottom, underneath my sweater, I carefully placed the picture of Trip and me at the beach. No reason to forget all the good memories, right?

I touched the spot on my neck where the gold chain had been.

Besides, I could always return it when I came back.

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