My first hotwife experience while I was also a submissive fuck toy by the pool. Is that a thing?

Delisha Keane 11-14 minutes 7/25/2022

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I was gang-banged and used as a cum bucket by 6 big black cocks while my white cuckold boyfriend watched [My Sex Life Diary]

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For the first time in my life, I had a hotwife experience. I think. My friend’s husband and five of his buddies fucked me for half a day by the pool while my boyfriend couldn’t do anything but watch.

I’m confused, though. I always thought of a hotwife adventure as one in which the woman was in charge. In this case, my boyfriend had to watch my three holes being used repeatedly by six big black cocks, but I wasn’t in charge. I was my usual self: a submissive fuck toy. Does it still qualify as ‘hotwifing’?

Here’s what happened at the end of last month. Please tell me if you think I am a hotwife on top of being a cock-pleasuring sex doll. Does the term even apply since I am not his wife but just his girlfriend?

Recently, my boyfriend found out that I enjoyed being a submissive fuck toy for my friend, her husband, and his buddies. I thought he would ditch me, but instead, it appeared it made his cock get harder!

He had a lot of questions about the size of the big black cock carried by my friend’s husband. Men (especially white ones) seem more obsessed with big rods (especially black ones) than I am! I can have fun with all sizes and shapes but they always wonder.

In any case, my friend Madison and her husband, Darnell (made up names for this online report on my sex life), offered to show him first hand. Well, I mean… His hand wasn’t welcome. Only his eyes! They offered to show him big cocks banging me, and he jumped on the occasion. I don’t know why, but it seems to me that many men have the fantasy of seeing their wife or girlfriend used by other men. Only a handful of them get to see it for real!

When my boyfriend Romeo (another made-up name) arrived, I opened the door in the nude. I was already at Madison’s beach house, where I had challenged myself to remain naked for at least a month. It’s that commitment and the fact that I wasn’t available in June that led to Romeo being informed of my particular graving for being used and gang-banged. Meanwhile, my sex life with him had always been very conventional. He never even penetrated my ass once, while many other men were, by now, as comfortable using it as if it was their own sex toy — a free one, on top of that!

I invited Romeo to follow me by the pool where Darnell was already there with five of his buddies.

When I had mentioned Romeo’s question about the size of his cock, Darnell seemed annoyed and I guess it explained why all of his buddies on that day were also African-American. Not only that, but they were all built like football players. Perhaps he wanted to make a point? I found out later what it was and I’ll get back to this.

Madison invited Romeo to sit on a long chair by the pool, placed an ice-filled beer cooler next to the chair, then informed him he was not allowed to talk, move, or touch anything except to go to the toilet and quickly come back. If he disobeyed, she would personally kick his balls. But he was welcome to leave at any point. Ouch!

When I found out that my boyfriend was excited by the idea of other men using my body, I also got excited. Furthermore, as an exhibitionist, I thought I would like him to see my ass in action. But somehow, this Madison speech had me concerned. Why would Romeo actually want to see me as a slut? And what if he found it disgusting? Even if we broke up, he would remain my neighbor at my condo!

But I was not about to back out. I never do! I only used my safe word once, and it’s because I ran out of breath while sucking cocks underwater in the pool. I want to experience, live, and feel all the thrills that my body can take!

Madison brought me stiletto shoes to replace my flip-flops. Men enjoy my nude body even more when I wiggle my ass on top of fancy high-heel shoes.

She also shoved a butt plug in my rear-end while having my back right next to Romeo.

“This hole must be stretched and ready for cocks at all times,” she announced before instructing me to do everything her guests wanted for the rest of the day, including being their waitress. She clarified that “her guests” excluded Romeo, who I was to ignore.

Yet, waitressing is not how it started!

As soon as Madison left, Darnell got up, dropped naked and shouted: “Party time! Fill the cum bucket!”

And I sure got filled with male juice! His buddies all dropped naked and joined Darnell in using me in every possible way. They made it a team effort, taking turns in my ass, my mouth, and my pussy. At all times, there were at least three big black cocks outside of me, fully erect, for Romeo to see.

Penis size has never been a concern of mine. I get orgasm from clit stimulation and that has nothing to do with the rod. In fact, a woman between my leg is great! But since it all started with a discussion on cock size, I kept looking at these male tools and I had to admit that Romeo seemed small next to them, although his penis was simply average.

I’m not sure how long this gang-bang lasted, but at the end, I was exhausted, my legs were shaking, and I was covered in male gooey jelly. I don’t even recall much of it because I was constantly glancing at Romeo and wondering how he felt about the whole thing. At first, he stared continuously but toward the end, he only peeked occasionally at me and my harem of cocks.

The only time I manage to keep his eyes on me was when I gave everything I got on sucking and licking Darnell’s cock with my tongue doing most of the work outside my mouth. I finished that performance with deep-throating and that also caught his attention. He looked away when my eyes got watery which is just a normal reaction when I swallow such a big rod.

Eventually, the six black cocks were drained. I took an outdoor shower. Cold water seems to be the best way to get sperm off my body and hair. Then I put my fancy prostitute-like shoes back on and served them drinks. And drinks. And more drinks.

I didn’t have much time to sit as one of Darnell’s friends always wanted me to stand by the pool, dance, and caress myself. At one point, I almost forgot about them and focused on Romeo. It was as if I was dancing for him. He watched and smiled. “Maybe he’ll be OK,” I thought.

But that didn’t last long. Darnell grabbed me by the hair and gave it to me. He clearly didn’t like that I was wiggling and caressing my nude body for the benefit of my boyfriend.

I got it the way I like it: rough! But it was the most rough Darnell had ever been with me. I got my ass pounded with his cock going straight into my mouth afterward and he finished it by banging me from behind, pulling hard on my hair and sometimes pinching and pulling on my nipples by wrapping one arm around my body. I am quite small next to him!

When Darnell was done with demonstrating that my body was for him to enjoy, he grabbed me like I was made of feathers and threw me in the pool like a bag of garbage he didn’t need anymore. I had never seen Darnell like that before. Was he jealous?

Darnell’s buddies fucked me regularly in that afternoon but never in a gang-bang like they did at first. In fact, at one point, fucking me became almost as casual and normal as me bringing them a drink.

One of them penetrated me for every single beer he drank. He didn’t ejaculate each time. I think he just wanted to see a blonde, young chick taking in his big, black cock. My skin sure contrasted next to him!

Another one was particularly fixated on my tits while he requested numerous cock worshipping sessions.

Meanwhile, another one was obsessed with my bum cheeks. He slapped or groped them every time I walked by.

I guess men have difference preferences for female body parts. Maybe I should go back to school and study sexuality.

I work as a social media manager for a variety of clients and I think it’s mainly because these companies are run by old men who are overwhelmed by social media. And they picked me simply because I was young. Meanwhile, in my sex life, in many cases, I am an object of pleasure for old men because I am young. There’s a theme here! But I’ll get old one day. Maybe I use all of this as a springboard to build a career as a sexual therapist of some sort!

I didn’t see Madison all afternoon. She came back just before dinner with two guys from a catering service. They set up a table outside with mostly finger food, like chicken wings. She invited Romeo to get a plate and go back to his seat.

The two catering guys were in no hurry to leave. While their hands were busy on the table, their eyes were glued to my naked skin. I can tell you that! But eventually, everything was setup, and they had no more excuses to hang around. “Poor neglected cocks,” I giggled to myself. I also wondered if Madison had specifically requested guys. It may be a sexist comment, but I thought the catering service staff is often female, no?

In any case, Madison then showed up with a cat bowl and asked the guys to feed me. Darnell understood immediately because they had done that before during an NBA & NHL weekend. He masturbated to unload sperm in the bowl, then passed it on to his buddies. They had all remained naked all afternoon, by the way. Romeo had plenty to look at and mentally “measure.”

Soon the bowl was full. She put it on the ground and signaled to me. It was my cue! I got on all fours. She handcuffed my hands in my back. I bent forward and licked the sperm out of the cat bowl, trying to see Romeo’s reaction at the same time. His face seemed to show disgust and that sadden me. I didn’t eat much protein on that day.

After dinner and another beer, Darnell’s buddies finally put their cocks back in their shorts and left.

Then Madison grabbed my leash and dragged me inside, ordering Romeo to follow. She put me in the cage that they had also used during the NBA & NHL weekend, with my hands still handcuffed in my back.

“Darnell may need the little slut later,” she casually stated, clearly because Romeo was listening. “She’s starting to have some mileage, though. May need to throw it into the trash soon!”

She then turn toward Romeo and said something like: “I hope you had a good time but this was a one-off. She’s not the same when you are around. So, if she chooses to keep on having fun with us, you are not welcome back here, ever again.”

Wow! That was harsh and straight to the point. But I quickly realised she was right. I had been quite focused on Romeo and I probably didn’t do all the male-pleasuring actions I normally perform.

After Romeo left, Madison sat on the floor next to the cage and we had a long conversation.

She suggested we end our sexual relationship so I could pursue a different kind of adventure with my new boyfriend. I yelled “no” right away, almost instinctively. Then I thought about it and I really didn’t want to lose what I had with her and her husband.

I insisted on completing my commitment to being nude at their place for the month of June and sexually entertain her guests at the 4th of July party. Only then would I reconnect with Romeo and consider my options. She was OK with that game plan.

It was strange to have such a serious conversation while continuing to be caged at her feet! But the truth is, I almost feel at home in that cage! You may think I have “issues” but I think I’m having the time of my life and it’s hurting nobody, is it?

On the next morning, I sent a text message to Romeo. Yes, I was a chicken! I didn’t want to have a conversation. He knew about my June commitment and the 4th of July party, so it was straightforward to simply let him know I would see him on July 5th.

He didn’t reply. At all.

I’ll let you know about my following face-to-face (or other body parts) with Romeo on July 5, soon. Stay tuned!