The Fruit of her Lust -

G. Charles 6-8 minutes 8/26/2022

photo: SexArt

Maddie’s trip to the grocery store leads to a mouthwatering threesome

The apples were cool, and Maddie enjoyed touching them. Who would have ever thought a grocery store could be sexy? But the produce aisle had plenty of possibilities.

Maddie held her basket while she picked a few apples and when she reached in the bin for one that looked especially appealing, she wasn’t aware that the hem of her sundress lifted up her thigh and revealed part of her ass.

Until she held her basket and noticed a couple smiling. A woman with a dark complexion and a man who was graying slightly around the temples were behind her.

“Excuse us,” said the woman, wearing a skirt just as short and with no bra beneath her T-shirt.

Maddie saw just how hard her nipples were and felt a sting of arousal.

The woman bent forward while the man watched approvingly, a knit shirt stretched over his chest. Maddie saw how graceful her movements were and caught a glimpse of a royal blue thong.


Maddie had been working 50-to-60-hour weeks to recover from a breakup and had immersed herself in work. She was pulled in by this invisible connection and laughingly blurted out, “Your place or mine?” when the woman set her apples in the grocery cart.

The woman smiled. “I’m Alazahn and this is my husband, Roberto. We have to run but we’d love to talk over a drink sometime — soon. Very soon.”

“Okay.” Maddie’s instincts told her the couple was cool and they exchanged phone numbers.

Maddie went home with her fruit and bit into the apple. She liked how the tanginess made her mouth water and hadn’t noticed before how that happened.

Fruit. And a sexy couple. She couldn’t wait for drinks.

Alazahn snuggled against Roberto in the pub’s booth while she and Maddie talked and chatted. “Fruit is fun,” she giggled. “Ever play with it?”

“Not really,” said Maddie.

“Ever do anything you felt was outside the norms?” Alazahn had stunning eyes that drew Maddie in like a magnet.

“What do you mean?”

“Like this.” She reached her hands beneath the table, wiggled, and produced a g-string. “I was wearing this, until now.” She smiled. “Try it.”

“Here?” asked Maddie.

“Yeah.” Alazahn rested her hand in Roberto’s lap, and he sighed while she moved her hand slowly over his mid-section and between his legs.

Maddie was wearing shorts. They were sporty but it wasn’t like slipping something off from beneath a dress. “It’s not easy. I’ll go to the restroom — ”

She looked into Roberto’s eyes and could tell a sexual heat was blazing behind them.

“The restroom?” Alazahn asked like she was confused.

“You mean, here?” Maddie was breathing heavily. The pub had soft lighting, music, and people were busily chatting with each other.

Alazahn shrugged. “It’s always nice to try something different.”

A server stopped by the table. “Everyone doing okay?”

“We’re doing just fine,” said Alazahn.

Maddie hesitated. She wanted to do it, badly. But if she was caught? Her fingers toyed with her zipper, and she undid the snap to her shorts.

“Good,” said Alazahn.

She tugged and slowly pulled them below her waist, down her thighs, and quickly down her legs. “Oh, my God.”

The server walked by again, smiled, and kept on.

Alazahn peeked beneath the table. “Nice.”

“Oh, shit.” Maddie whisked her panties off, grabbed her shorts off the floor, and wiggled back into them while focusing on Alazahn and Roberto.

“Quite a rush, isn’t it?”

“Yeah.” Once she had her shorts on, she sat back.

Roberto eyed her. “Move in closer.”

Maddie did and Roberto wrapped an arm around her and leaned in for a kiss. Maddie left her zipper open and the snap. She guided Roberto’s hand to her waist and lower.

“Nice,” he whispered in her ear while fingering her pussy.

Maddie moaned and Alazahn spoke up. “I think it’s time to leave.”

Roberto and Alazahn’s three-bedroom, two-bath home was modest, with a room turned into a playroom.

Alazahn turned on the light. A bondage bed, ropes on the wall, paddles, floggers and more were on display.

“Wow,” was all Maddie could say.

“Let’s get to know each other first,” said Alazahn, slowly undoing her blouse and standing semi-naked in front of Maddie. She held Maddie close, kissing her on the lips, moving her tongue inside and guiding Maddie’s hands to feel her breasts.

Roberto stood behind Maddie and caressed her ass and tits before slowly undressing her. His cock pushed through his jeans and up against her ass.

Maddie was sandwiched between Roberto, kissing her neck and Alazahn, who reached behind her back and undid her bra. Maddie slowly kissed from her neck to her tits and wrapped her tongue around Alazahn’s nipples. Tasting them was pleasurable and she nibbled gently, sparking an erotic chord in her new friend.

Roberto undid his shirt and pulled off his pants while Maddie and Alazahn dropped to their knees, licking his cock through his underwear and slowly pulling his shorts off until his shaft was naked and ready.

Maddie sucked first while Alazahn kissed up and down her back. Here they were, on the floor. The heat had taken them and then like a choreographed ballet, Maddie lay on the floor while Alazahn straddled her face and sucked her husband’s cock.

Maddie enjoyed Alazahn’s pussy and ass, riding along her mouth and her nose. Maddie inhaled the scent while Roberto moaned louder. Alazahn moved to her hands and knees while Roberto slid his cock into his wife’s pussy.

Maddie kissed Roberto, moving up his back and down again before sliding beneath Alazahn and licking Roberto’s balls while he fucked his wife. She licked and Alazahn buried her face in Maddie’s pussy, licking from one side to another while Roberto thrust and fucked harder and harder.

He groaned loudly, moaned and bucked hard as his cum filled Alazahn. He slowly pulled away and Maddie took the opportunity to fill her tongue and mouth. She raised her head, licked Alazahn’s butt, her pussy, and lapped up as much of Roberto’s cum as she could.

Alazahn’s licking had set Maddie on fire. She twitched, gripped Alazahn’s hips and cried out while her orgasm pushed and exploded. She did so while sucking on Alazahn’s pussy, finding her clitoris and giving as much pleasure as she possibly could.

Roberto busied himself kissing both women’s bodies while Alazahn surrendered to her orgasm, shuddered, and stretched along the floor. Maddie snuggled next to her and kissed her, sharing the many tastes in her mouth.

The trio moved to the couch and held each other tightly.

“There’s so much more to try,” said Maddie.

Alazahn smiled. “Yeah, so many more flavors. This was just a snack.”

Maddie smiled and kissed Alazahn while she enjoyed Roberto’s hands on her tits.