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How an enormous project attempted to map the sky without computers

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Video: Backing away from an elephant charge [0:31]

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What Kind of Extraterrestrial Life Should We Be Searching For?

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Video: Spirit of Liberation - The Liberation of Europe 1944-45 | For the first time in color & HD [1:33:11]

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Physicists Just Entangled A Pair of Atomic Clocks Six Feet Apart

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Gut Feelings: How Does Intuition Work, Anyway?

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Air pollution cancer breakthrough will rewrite the rules

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They built a Minecraft crypto empire. Then it all came crashing down

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Johnson & Johnson and a New War on Consumer Protection

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Nebraska Man Makes World’s Longest Journey by Pumpkin Boat

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Did humans domesticate plants, or did they domesticate us?

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These vintage photos show what air travel looked like between 1930s to 1950s

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The Mushrooms That Ate Luke Perry

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For the First Time, These Incredible New Images of the Sun Reveal Its Mysterious Chromosphere

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This Man Is Trying to Put Mirrors in Space to Generate Solar Power at Night (see also)

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Webb telescope captures 'breathtaking' images of Orion Nebula

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