'Dinosaur mummy': Researchers believe they found one of the best preserved dinosaurs ever (see also)

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The Magnus Carlsen Chess Scandal, Explained

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Here's Why Car Wheels Are So Flat These Days (And No, It's Not Just Aerodynamics And Styling)

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Strange Phenomenon on Sun Imaged by Solar Orbiter for First Time – Mystery Solved

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NASA Has a New Target Date to Launch SLS Megarocket

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The round homes that can last centuries

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On this day in 1979 two families executed an ambitious and dangerous plan to escape from authoritarian East Germany

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The Mystery Behind the Crime Wave at 312 Riverside Drive

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150M-year-old vomit found in Utah offers 'rare glimpse' into prehistoric ecosystems (new word: 'regurgitalite')

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Video: 'I Sold the French Laundry. Then It Became "The Best Restaurant in the World."' [20:32]

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Record-Breaking Robot Highlights How Animals Excel at Jumping

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Unearthing a Maya Civilization That ‘Punched Above Its Weight’

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The Other Monuments Men

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To save endangered eels, researchers have been working for decades to figure out where they reproduce

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Punishment, Puppies, and Science: Bringing Dog Training to Heel

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We Spoke With the Last Person Standing in the Floppy Disk Business

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'We all make mistakes,' says woman who got bit by an octopus she put on her face

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A Dubious Truck, a Whistleblower Army, and Inept Spies: Inside the Very Weird Nikola Saga

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