It's That                                                      Easy. Mutual                                                      Respect.

It's that easy. Mutual respect.


75 Years Ago                                                      Today Was The                                                      Liberation Of                                                      Auschwitz. To                                                      Forget Would Be To                                                      Say These Faces,                                                      The Faces Of                                                      Millions Of Others                                                      Didn't Matter.                                                      Never Forget.                                                      Teach The Children                                                      To Remember.

On 27 January 1945 was the liberation of Auschwitz. To forget would be to say these faces, the faces of millions of others didn't matter. Never forget. Teach the children to remember.


Just One Of                                                      The Guys. (Wwii)

Just one of the guys. (WWII)


Laughter Has                                                      Sounded The Same                                                      Throughout                                                      Generations And                                                      Languages.                                                      (Unidentified                                                      Woman And Child,                                                      Jemez Pueblo New                                                      Mexico, By Jesse                                                      Nusbaum)

Laughter has sounded the same throughout generations and languages.
(Unidentified woman and child, Jemez Pueblo New Mexico, by Jesse Nusbaum)

Betty White                                                        In Her Los                                                        Angeles Home                                                        With Her Dog,                                                        1952.

Betty White in her Los Angeles home with her dog, 1952.


He Aims To                                                      Please. (1954)

He aims to please. (1954)


Every Group                                                      Has A Lead                                                      Singer.

Every group has a lead singer.


Some Of Our                                                      Favorite Old                                                      Photographs Are                                                      Merely Everyday                                                      People In Everyday                                                      Life.

Some of our favorite old photographs are merely everyday people in everyday life.


A Family                                                      Portrait.                                                      Gainesville,                                                      Florida - 1900.                                                      Source: State                                                      Library And                                                      Archives Of                                                      Florida

A family portrait. Gainesville, Florida - 1900.

Source: State Library and Archives of Florida


This Picture                                                      Circa 1900s Shows                                                      Knife Grinders                                                      Also Called                                                      Ventres Jaunes                                                      ('Yellow Stomachs'                                                      Referring To The                                                      Yellow Dust                                                      Released By The                                                      Grinding Wheel).                                                      By Laying Face                                                      Down, These Yellow                                                      Stomachs Would                                                      Save Their Backs                                                      From Being Hunched                                                      Over All Day.                                                      Workers Were                                                      Encourage To Bring                                                      Their Dogs To Not                                                      Only Keep Them                                                      Company But To Act                                                      As Heaters To Keep                                                      Them Warm By                                                      Having The Dogs                                                      Lie On Their Legs.                                                      (Photo Is From The                                                      Web-Site Of,                                                      French Knife                                                      Maker, Claude                                                      Dozorme -

This picture circa 1900s shows knife grinders also called ventres jaunes ('yellow stomachs' referring to the yellow dust released by the grinding wheel). By laying face down, these yellow stomachs would save their backs from being hunched over all day. Workers were encouraged to bring their dogs to not only keep them company, but to act as heaters to keep them warm by having the dogs lie on their legs.
(Photo is from the web-site of, French knife maker, Claude Dozorme - " The Wolf ").


How Wonderful                                                      It Is That Nobody                                                      Need Wait A Single                                                      Moment Before                                                      Starting To                                                      Improve The World.                                                      -Anne Frank

"How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world." -Anne Frank


This Simple                                                      Moment Is Brought                                                      To You By 1930.

This simple moment is brought to you by 1930.


A Very Moving                                                      Caption: This Is A                                                      Mass Burial At                                                      Sea, On The Uss                                                      Intrepid In 1944                                                      Following A                                                      Kamikaze Attack.                                                      I've Never Seen                                                      This Photo, And I                                                      Figure Most Of You                                                      Probably Haven't                                                      Either. I Posted                                                      So People Can See,                                                      And Remember The                                                      Incredible                                                      Sacrifices Made On                                                      Our Behalf.

A very moving caption:

"This is a mass burial at sea, on the USS Intrepid in 1944 following a kamikaze attack. I've never seen this photo, and I figure most of you probably haven't either. I posted so people can see, and remember the incredible sacrifices made on our behalf."


There Is                                                      Modern Beauty In                                                      This Photograph Of                                                      Lota Cheek Taken                                                      99 Years Ago.

There is modern beauty in this photograph of Lota Cheek taken 99 years ago.


And Then                                                      There Was The                                                      Spanish Flu                                                      Pandemic Of 1918.

And then there was the Spanish flu pandemic of 1918.


Animals Bring                                                      A Type Of Joy Not                                                      Found In Other                                                      Ways.

Animals bring a type of joy not found in other ways.


Timeless                                                      Photography Looks                                                      As Beautiful Now                                                      As It Did When It                                                      Was Taken.

Timeless photography looks as beautiful now as it did when it was taken.


Dressed To                                                      Impress. (1908)

Dressed to impress. (1908)


Formal                                                      Portraits Rarely                                                      Featured Smiles,                                                      But They Can Be                                                      Found In                                                      Photographs Of                                                      Daily Life During                                                      This Period.                                                      (1912, South                                                      Carolina.)

Formal portraits rarely featured smiles, but they can be found in photographs of daily life during this period. (1912, South Carolina.)


When Do We                                                      Gain The                                                      Inhibitions Not                                                      Present In Our                                                      Youth?

When do we gain the inhibitions not present in our youth?


A Boy Makes A                                                      Friend At The                                                      London Zoo, 1958.

A boy makes a friend at the London Zoo, 1958.


A Routine                                                      Repair.

A routine repair.


Is It                                                      Possible The                                                      Architects Had                                                      This In Mind When                                                      They Designed                                                      Grand Central                                                      Station? (1934)

Is it possible the architects had this in mind when they designed Grand Central Station? (1934)


Who Loved                                                      Jumping Off? (Even                                                      Though Mom Told                                                      You Not To.)

Who loved jumping off? (Even though mom told you not to.)


Boys Will Be                                                      Boys. (Undated)

Boys will be boys. (Undated)


Happy (And                                                      Very Lucky) To Be                                                      Alive - 1917.

Happy (and very lucky) to be alive - 1917.


This 1931                                                      Photograph                                                      Captures The                                                      Spirit Of The                                                      Season As Santa                                                      Delivers Presents                                                      To The Children Of                                                      An Adoption Home                                                      In London.

This 1931 photograph captures the spirit of the season as Santa delivers presents to the children of an adoption home in London.


She Was Born                                                      Mary William                                                      Ethelbert Appleton                                                      Billie Burke, But                                                      You Would Know Her                                                      As The Good Witch                                                      Of The North In                                                      The Wizard Of Oz.

She was born Mary William Ethelbert Appleton "Billie" Burke, but you would know her as the Good Witch of the North in "The Wizard of Oz".


104 Years Ago                                                      This Fountain In                                                      Detroit, Michigan                                                      Was Left Running                                                      Allowing It To                                                      Build Layer Upon                                                      Layer In To This                                                      30 Foot Icy                                                      Spectacle.

104 years ago this fountain in Detroit, Michigan was left running allowing it to build layer upon layer in to this 30 foot icy spectacle.


A Girl, A                                                      Dog, A Mule. From                                                      The 1921 Silent                                                      Film Through The                                                      Back Door Staring                                                      Mary Pickford.

A girl, a dog, a mule. From the 1921 silent film "Through the Back Door" staring Mary Pickford.


March 1938:                                                      70-Year-Old Mrs                                                      Elizabeth Arnold,                                                      Believed To Be                                                      England's Only                                                      Woman Blacksmith,                                                      Shoes A Horse                                                      Outside The                                                      400-Year-Old Forge                                                      In Walmer, Kent.                                                      (Photo By Fox                                                      Photos).

March 1938: 70-year-old Mrs Elizabeth Arnold, believed to be England's only woman blacksmith, shoes a horse outside the 400-year-old forge in Walmer, Kent. (Photo by Fox Photos).


They Wear                                                      Shoes And Clothes                                                      With Holes And                                                      Dirt Upon Their                                                      Faces, Yet They                                                      Are Absolutely                                                      Perfect. (1936)

They wear shoes and clothes with holes and dirt upon their faces, yet they are absolutely perfect. (1936)


1937: When                                                      Even Ice Skating                                                      Was Done In A                                                      Suit.

1937: when even ice skating was done in a suit.


Fred Messer's                                                      Life Spanned Three                                                      Centuries. He Was                                                      Born In 1792, 16                                                      Years After The                                                      United States                                                      Became A Counrty                                                      And Lived To See                                                      Automobiles Roll                                                      Along Roads, Dying                                                      In 1907. (North                                                      Carolina.)

Fred Messer's life spanned three centuries. He was born in 1792, 16 years after the United States became a counrty and lived to see automobiles roll along roads, dying in 1907. (North Carolina.)


A Woman On A                                                      Mission With Her                                                      Baguette And Six                                                      Bottles Of Wine.                                                      (Paris 1945 - By                                                      Branson Decou)

A woman on a mission with her baguette and six bottles of wine.

(Paris 1945 - by Branson Decou)


Two Innocent                                                      Souls From Days                                                      Long Ago.

Two innocent souls from days long ago.


Daddy's                                                      Office, John Jr's                                                      Playground.

Daddy's office, John Jr's playground.


How Homework                                                      Was Done Before                                                      Google.

How homework was done before google.


An Old                                                      Photograph With A                                                      Funny Twist In                                                      Today's Context.

An old photograph with a funny twist in today's context.


It Took More                                                      Than 15 Years To                                                      Take The Statue Of                                                      Liberty From                                                      Concept To                                                      Reality.                                                      Construction Is                                                      Pictured Here In                                                      1884, Less Than                                                      Two Years Before                                                      She Was                                                      Completed.

It took more than 15 years to take the Statue of Liberty from concept to reality. Construction is pictured here in 1884, less than two years before she was completed.


Be Thankful                                                      For What You Have.                                                      Be Thankful For                                                      One Another.

Be thankful for what you have.
Be thankful for one another.


1890s                                                      Walmart. So Many                                                      Great Details                                                      Inside This                                                      General Store. It                                                      Was A Time When                                                      You Knew Your                                                      Grocer And They                                                      Knew You. We Have                                                      More, But We In                                                      Some Ways Have                                                      Less.

1890s Walmart. So many great details inside this general store. It was a time when you knew your grocer and they knew you. We have more, but we in some ways have less.


Its Not About                                                      Where You Are, Its                                                      Who You're With.                                                      (1945)

Its not about where you are, its who you're with. (1945)