My Recent Experiences as a Submissive Fuck Toy. I want more!

Delisha Keane 11-14 minutes 5/28/2022

I told her I was still sore from her rich buddies penetrating me for 12 consecutive hours on Easter Saturday. I was the Easter bunny to be fucked as part of a fundraiser for a charity that probably didn’t know how the funds had been collected.

She seemed concerned, so I reassured her I didn’t have any regrets. I always wanted to experience “the train” and she gave that to me but in front of a deviant, cheering crowd as a bonus.

She explained that the idea for the “Fuck the Bunny” Easter event followed my performance with public sex at their December holiday season party. Although she had organized sex events like that before, she insisted she had encountered nobody more popular than me.

I assumed she was saying so just to make me feel good and keep me as a plaything for her, her husband, and all of their rich friends. But, then… I don’t know! She was pretty convincing.

“Since Saturday, I’ve already received tons of phone calls asking when would be your next performance,” she said. “I could fill the place every Saturday if you were up for it.”

Wow! That took my breath away for two reasons. First, because of the people involved in what she was saying. There were a bunch of rich men who wanted to see me perform sexual acts or directly fuck me. I mean… Men are men, but still. And then, the image of me involved as a fuck toy every week actually got me wet. Damn! I just love being an exhibitionist and the center of attention. What can I say?

I knew I wouldn’t be a fuck toy forever. Already, on the prior day, two nineteen-year-old chicks had stolen my thunder when they showed their boobs and pussy on the yacht I was on. It dawned on me that in my mid-20s, I wouldn’t be a young woman with a firm belly, a tight pussy, and perky breasts forever.

So the boating events of the prior day were giving me an incitive to get even wilder, right now.

“Maybe!” I answered her. She gawked at me. I don’t think she expected such an answer.

“Maybe not every Saturday,” I added, “but often would be cool. Right now, though, I need to give my ass a break for a few more days, for sure!”

The pieces of conversation are recalled from memory. They may not be 100% accurate, but the gist of it is in there.

We discussed the prior sexual activities she had me do and brainstormed new ones. It was the first time she asked my opinion and suggestions. So far, she and her husband had always surprised me with various extreme sex fantasies I wouldn’t even have thought of.

She had a bunch of ideas for fundraising activities, like putting me up for auction — classic, I guess — for a night or a weekend, to the highest bidder. And other ideas just for fun, like her and Darnell having me as their pet for a week with a collar, a cage, and the whole shebang. Nothing too original in that.

I shared some of my wild fantasies with her, like flying to a private island in a private jet, offering a mile-high club membership to all the men onboard, then being a naked decoration, thing, furniture on the island for a weekend or so. I guess seeing all the money in cars, jewelry, and donations at her events gave me expensive views of the world!

And then I let the darker side of me rise to the surface. I would love a testosterone competition to buy me instead of a standard auction. By that, I mean some physical, bestial, primal competition between men until the last man standing — the strongest, baddest one — would win me. After such a competition, imagine the level of testosterone that guy would have while sexually claiming me as his property!

Another dark fantasy of mine was an auction with no safe word, but I didn’t know if that would be socially acceptable or if I could even write about it on Medium. Imagine an auction where the winner “owns” me, period. My only restriction has always been “no permanent physical marks”. Isn’t it “consent” if I agree to no safe word? We both scratched our head on that one. I agreed to research it and think about it some more.

I also, absolutely, wanted something I had read on Quora about Bill Clinton, a former President. The idea would be for a bunch of old men (the older the better) to smoke cigars and drink scotch together. I enjoy being nude amid old men. I would serve them drinks naked, of course. And they would wet their cigar in my pussy to add flavor :)

At one point, I asked her more questions about the men at her events. I was glad they had raised a ton of money using my body at the “Fuck The Bunny” event, but I couldn’t understand why these men spent that much moola just to plunge their cock in me. They could have hired a high-end private escort for a full weekend for the price some of these guys paid.

“You’re not an escort,” she explained. “That’s the point. With you, they get to live a fantasy of some sort in their head. They know you are my friend and they absolutely know that you didn’t get a penny to take in these cocks. That, in itself, is a turn on for them. In their lives, they always get whatever they want by paying. Knowing that you do that for fun gives them a hard-on.”

She insisted that doing all that stuff for free while being a sexy, slim, blonde young woman was putting me above high-end. Her words. Go figure! And, apparently, the fact that I have no tattoo and no body-piercing besides my ears and navel, makes me a “purely naked woman,” she said.

I had to take a second to let that sink in. I wasn’t complaining. I liked it myself. Madison and her husband had awakened some wild sex energy in me. But I didn’t understand these people.

The only negative was my lack of tan lines. For many of her male friends, apparently, tan lines would make me look “more” naked and they really enjoyed how the body painting artist had added tan lines to my body at the December event.

Men, is that so for you too?

She said that one guest who had seen me at both the December and Easter event wanted to see me masturbate and come repeatedly in front of a room. Some men actually noticed that I didn’t have a single orgasm at the “Fuck The Bunny” event, despite the many rods that penetrated me. It had been an acting performance for me, using a large amount of lubricant. It was so gentlemanly of them to have noticed and to want me to get orgasms… As a spectacle!

Apparently, the one time I reached orgasm in front of her guests in December had excited that guy very much and he wanted to see me do it to myself because his wife always refused to let him watch while she masturbated.

Wow! It hit me. The possibilities were endless. With hundreds of men in that exclusive circle of hers, we would never run out of plans!

While the idea of being the only naked body in a room full of dressed men was an electrifying idea, and having public sex in front of them even more so, I suddenly got worried about one detail.

“Will we ever get private time, just you and I?” I asked. That woman had given me the most explosive orgasms of my life. And I love her!

She said we could do whatever we wanted, as often or rarely as we wanted, but she added that I was providing her with outstanding orgasms already. My facial expression communicated that I was puzzled by that statement. She explained she had been masturbating to the mental images of me, naked, and getting fucked by strangers.

“You are beautiful, Delisha!” she added. “And your naked body next to these gorillas is even more beautiful. I don’t know how to explain it to you!”

She wanted me to have more public sex to give her more mental images to help her masturbate! Ouch! Providing me with orgasms didn’t seem on anybody’s mind unless it was about me masturbating for their enjoyment.

“You know,” she continued. “You are mine, right? So if I don’t want you to come, you shouldn’t. For months, if that is what I want!”

That woman had the ability to switch role from a caring lover to a demanding, strict master in a matter of seconds.

I didn’t like what she said, but then… I also loved it. It was part of the thrill of being a submissive sex toy, wasn’t it? I didn’t mention to her I had eyes on my neighbor as a regular boyfriend!

Talking of mental images got me thinking about pictures. And videos. I don’t want anybody to connect the dots between my social media management jobs for tight-ass conservative companies, my online private sex diary, and my wild sex parties with Madison and Darnell.

She reassured me pretty quickly by stating that phones were not allowed. Ever. Period. And it dawned on me that I had seen nobody with a phone at any of her events. I also had noticed a driver coming in once in a while to get somebody. I guess they were leaving their phone to outside people for emergencies.

“Besides,” she said, “none of these guys would come to my events if they, themselves, could be outed.”

It made sense. I still didn’t tell her about my online private sex diary. I’ll keep hiding the names, for sure! And I’ll keep my strict policy of hiding under a pen name.

Toward the end, as we brainstormed even more crazy ideas, I explained to her that I always wondered how it would feel to slap a man’s jewels with the top of my foot. We simulate it in self-defense classes for women, but a simulation is just a simulation! On top of claiming that it would a practice with a rational purpose, I was curious about seeing a man with a hard-on in front of me, hoping for sex and instead, getting his balls caressed by my foot!

I thought there was, perhaps, a little bit of a “Dom” in me.

While discussing that scenario, I also wondered about pegging a man with a strap-on. I mean… Dozens and dozens of men have penetrated my ass, so what if I could see what it looks like from that angle, once?

She wasn’t sure about that at all. She said she didn’t think it would fit in, but she would think about it and get back to me. I wasn’t sure what she meant by “fitting in” but I understood clearly when she called me back later in the week.

She said it was a categorical no-go with all the men she had surveyed. Apparently, if they were to see me dominating a man, even if only once, it would destroy the cock-pleasuring image of a young, submissive fuck toy they have when looking at me and it’s with these images, apparently, they like to masturbate.

Wow! It was a surprise to me how my personal value was based on consistently being a submissive plaything doing it for free. But that phone call still gave me a smile as I wondered how many of the hundreds of men who had seen my naked boobs and pussy at Madison’s place were masturbating while thinking of me. That sure fed my need for attention!

So, I may never get to go beyond simulation on women’s defensive moves with men’s balls. So be it!

When we left Starbucks, I told her it would be her decision if she wanted to use my body for any kind of entertainment in the following three Saturdays. I figured I could commit to three and see. However, I suggested she didn’t plan consecutive events with ass pounding as extreme as it had been during the “Fuck The Bunny” event on Easter Saturday because I needed longer than a week to recuperate.

She was ecstatic. I had never seen her so happy! It was puzzling and electrifying at the same time. My loving girlfriend was turned on by planning how I could be more of a cock-pleasuring fuck toy to groups of men — every week!

I will report, soon, on what happened to me on April 23, 30 and May 7 — if you want to know, of course! Do you?

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