Sending My Wife Off to Work -

Casey Holt 6-7 minutes 9/12/2022

photo: SexArt

Giving her what we both wanted


“Soon,” Tiffany told me as she crossed the garage and threw her laptop and purse in the passenger seat of her car. “Wish I had the day off too.”

“I asked you,” I reminded my wife.

“Yeah. Don’t remind me that I forgot to put in for it.” She threw her arms around me to plant a goodbye kiss on my lips. She pulled back with a smile. “You taste like coffee.”

Pointing out my still steaming cup on the workbench, I shrugged as I squeezed her tighter with one arm and teased, “Rather be tasting you.”

Tiffany slapped my chest as she pulled away. “Later.”

Giving her round bottom a slap, I retorted, “How about now?”

Her head whipped around at my spanking her, and she shot me a dazzling smile. “Oh, that got my attention.”

“Always does.”

“You know me so well.”

To prove the point, I gave her several more spanks, each one less playful than the one before it. Tiffany planted her hands on the hood of her car and pushed her backside toward me to give me free rein to spank her.

She was panting hotly as she moaned, “God, you know me too well. Don’t stop.”

Flipping her skirt up over her round hips, I set to work landing several more blows on her glorious round ass. She wriggled with each slap of my hand against her panty-covered flesh. Through the sheer white material, her skin was turning a nice shade of pink.

“I don’t think we can wait until later.”

“Fuck me,” Tiffany gasped back at me over her shoulder as she shifted her weight lower onto the hood of the car, pushing her ass toward me.

I didn’t argue.

Pulling her panties down over her hips, they slid effortlessly down her shapely legs. She stepped her legs apart with them still snagged around one heel. As I took my position behind her, I kicked them even further apart as I pushed my pants down. Already hard, I was probing into her wet slit seconds later.

“That’s it,” my wife sighed as I pushed my cock into her as she bent over the hood of her car.

“You’ll be late for work,” I reminded her as I sank balls deep into her tight wet tunnel. It was heavenly as her hot sex enveloped my cock.

“I don’t care,” Tiffany moaned, resting her forehead on the car’s hood.

With her hips encased in my hands, I began driving my cock into her with forceful lunges. Each one rocked her body forward until her thighs pressed against the car's bumper, trapping her. Leaning over, I set out to send her off to work right — with a load of my cum filling her. Each thrust of my hips elicited a welcoming moan from her.

“Fuck me,” she demanded again as I probed into her with savage strokes.

Landing my hand again on the delicate flesh of her ass, Tiffany yelped in pain, and I fucked her even harder. Each inward thrust elicited a grunt from her that was music to my ears. To accompany it, I landed several more blows on both hips to spread the shade of pink around. It was quickly turning red from my very much wanted abuse. Tiffany came seconds later as I landed several more slaps on her ass.

“I’m coming! Yeeeeesssss!” she cried as her body tensed and she slammed back against me. Wetness drenched my balls as she climaxed, pushing me quickly toward mine.

Gritting my teeth, I groaned, “Fuck, I am too.”

Semen boiled from me as I dug my fingers into her now bruised hips and released a hot river into her. Each slam of my cock into her made a smacking sound as my stomach met her fleshy ass. Draining my balls into her, I collapsed over top of her, gripping the hood for support.

“That was awesome,” Tiffany panted as my cock still pulsed inside her.

“I agree.”

Pushing myself off her, my cock slid from her to drop lifelessly between my legs. She struggled to rise off the hood of the car and I frowned as her skirt dropped back into place, hiding her bruised and stinging backside.

“Man — my ass hurts now,” she grimaced as she rubbed her butt. “I think you left handprints.”

“I did.” I was grinning from ear to ear. “Just a reminder of this morning while you’re at work.”

“You’re so bad,” Tiffany told me. “Can you hand me my panties?”

Snatching them up, I held them up for a second. “Nope.” I tucked them into the pocket of my jeans.

“What? You’ll leak out of me all day!”

“Just another reminder of this morning.”

“Justin — please?”

“Beg all you want. You’re just going to have to earn them back.” I kissed her lovingly on the forehead.

“You’re a jerk sometimes.”

“Not just a few minutes ago.”

“Nope.” She gave me another dazzling smile, then looked at her watch. “I gotta go.”

Pulling her panties back out, I dangled them in front of her as she climbed into the car. “You can earn these back when you come home for lunch.”

Tiffany winced as she sat on her bruised backside. “Ouch.” She grinned up at me as I closed the driver door then bent in to kiss her. “I’ll take that challenge,” she agreed.

“Figured you would.”

“Asshole,” she teased as she hit the garage door opener.

“That’s exactly how you’re going to earn them back.” Winking at her, I stepped back so she could back out.

“I’m looking forward to lunch then.” She grimaced again. “You’re leaking out of me. Oh, man.”

“It’ll be leaking from somewhere else in a few hours,” I reminded her.

My wife waved to me as she backed out. My cock was already getting hard again thinking about the possibilities. Stepping out of the garage as she turned the car around, I pulled her panties out and threw them through her window into the car.

“Here you go.”

“Thanks,” she grinned at me.

“Still going to earn them with that ass at lunch.”

“Oh — I’ll be home to make sure I do,” Tiffany reassured me as she put the car in gear and pulled up the driveway.

It was turning out to be the best day off of work that I’d had in a very long time.