Sexy Stepmom Seduced by her Stepson’s Best Friend -

Manus Dare 10-13 minutes 8/20/2022

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I guess we’ll find out who’s the real alpha male around here.

“Jesus, Richie!” I hissed as I saw my stepson in the living room. He was sitting among dirty plates and empty beer bottles, his best friend Matt beside him. “We only left you alone for the weekend!”

Richie smiled lazily from the couch and took a swig of his beer.

“Come on, Vicki! We were going to clean up. We just didn’t expect you home so early.”

“Bullshit!” I said. “You knew your father had to be back today for meetings. Now get off your ass and clean up!”

Richie didn’t move, but his friend Matt stood up and began piling plates on top of each other.

“I’ll help you out, Mrs. Sweet,” Matt said.

“Thank you, Matt,” I said. “At least someone around here pulls his weight.”

“Hey,” Matt shrugged. “I helped make the mess, the least I can do is clean up. Besides…” Matt smiled at me and my heart did a little belly flop. “I can never resist helping a beautiful woman.”

“Oh, stop!” I laughed even though his flirting made my cheeks hot. “Just get the dishes!”

Where Richie was lean and dark-haired, Matt was tall, broad and had an All American head of blond hair. He’d been a staple in our house over the last month, the two boys renewing their friendship after being away at college for a year.

Matt’s innocent flirting, while always done when Richie’s father was gone, didn’t exactly shock me. From what I had overheard, Matt was a real ladies’ man. Besides, the attention was nice, even if borderline inappropriate.

“Ass-kisser!” Richie coughed into his fist.

“I don’t think so,” I said and brushed my hand lightly against Matt’s arm, feeling the firm muscle under taut skin. “He’s just acting like a real man!”

Richie scoffed as I led Matt into the kitchen. My face was feverish as I put the plates in the sink. I turned on the water and ran it over the dishes to rinse them off.

“You want me to dry, or…” Matt looked around the kitchen for a towel.

“No,” I chuckled. “There’s no reason to do that. I’ll just use the dishwasher.”

“I don’t mind,” he said and slipped up next to me at the sink. His proximity didn’t make me feel any cooler. “Right or left?” he said, pointing at the two sides of the sink.

“Here,” I said and slid the faucet over to my side of the sink and filled it up with soapy water. Matt’s blue eyes watched me intensely, and I felt a slight tremor along my arms and back as his gaze took me in.

I’d been married to Richie’s father for three years and, while I love Richard Sr., he was fifteen years my senior and his stamina had waned over the last couple of years. I was in my late twenties and my sex drive was hitting its peak, but I managed all right fucking Richard twice a month and Old Blue, my trusted vibrator, whenever I needed it.

At least, I thought I was fine until Matt shimmied up next to me and pulled the faucet back to his side to rinse off the dishes.

“Hey, Matt!” Richie called from the living room. “Will you quit flirting with my dad’s wife? I need to run to the store!”

Matt looked over at me and smiled, then winked at me, his grin making my knees weak.

“I’m fine!” he called back, still looking at me. “Go on!”

“Fine,” Richie said and a moment later, the front door slammed shut.

“Well,” Matt said. “I guess it’s just us. How long do you reckon it’ll take him to get back?”

Something about his tone made my stomach tighten. Was he hitting on me? I mean, I knew I still looked good, even in my jean shorts and a tank top. My breasts were large and I literally worked my ass off in the gym to make my buttocks nice and firm, just the way Richard liked them. If I ever wanted my husband to have sex with me, I needed to look good. And for that, Richard gave me everything I wanted. A nice house, a gorgeous car, and he supported me while I built my business, a pretty boutique right in the middle of the city. I was very much a trophy wife, and I had never cared about that title.

I had never cheated on Richard. Not that I hadn’t had the chance, but it wasn’t worth it. I could lose everything, including the man I loved. And here was this college kid, trying to make me risk it all just for some younger dick.

“What are you doing?” I asked.

“What do you mean?” Matt said innocently. He took a soapy dish from me, his long fingers stroking the back of my hand. “I’m not doing anything!”

“Sure,” I laughed and couldn’t help myself. I splashed him with soapy water from the sink.

Matt’s mouth dropped in shock, a bubbly white cloud of bubbles hanging from his nose. The water had splashed him from his neck to his chest.

“Oh… oh God!” I giggled. “I’m sorry.”

Matt gave me an evil grin, grabbed the sprayer on the sink and pointed it at me.

“You bastard!” I laughed as cold water hit my chest. My tank top glued itself to my chest. The chill blast hardened my nipples, and when I looked at Matt his eyes had dropped to my heavy breasts.

“Stop it!” I said with a low chuckle and covered myself. “This is going too far.”

“Is it?” Matt stepped forward, gripped my wrists, and dragged them down to my sides. “I think you want me to go farther.”

“Richie — ”

“Is not here,” Matt growled and lowered his lips to my nipple and sucked on it hard through my shirt and bra. I moaned as layers of moist fabric rubbed against the sensitive nub and were pulled into his mouth.

I realized too late that I should have said no. By mentioning Richie, it made it sound like the only reason I didn’t want to have sex was the risk of being caught. My reason should have been the sheer wrongness of the situation.

I couldn’t think about that now, not when Matt was sucking on my nipple, his confident hand sliding down the front of my shorts.

“Oh, no!” I moaned. “You shouldn’t!”

“Yes, I think I should,” Matt murmured, covering my mouth with a forceful kiss.

It had all happened so fast. One minute flirting, the next minute his hands had slid inside my panties and his fingers were exploring the wet furrow between my legs. My body quivered, and I clung to the rock-hard muscles of his arms, so unlike my Richard. How long had it been since I’d been in the arms of a young, powerful man? Four years? Five? Certainly Richard was handsome and confident in his own way, but he certainly wasn’t an alpha male of the pack. Richard was the man you married, Matt was the man you fucked.

Matt grabbed my waist and lifted me easily to the counter. I wanted to stop him. If I got caught, this could ruin my marriage and the carefully cozy life I had built over the last three years. Certainly I would not throw that all away for a fling with my stepson’s friend, would I?

Then, Matt pulled off my shorts and panties, dropped to his knees, and shoved his head between my wet thighs. All thoughts of Richard vanished as Matt’s tongue hit my pussy.

“Oh, you fucking bastard!” I moaned and dropped my hand to his head, gripped a handful of his blond hair, and pulled him even deeper into my pussy.

He was good, better than Richard, his tongue splitting my swollen lips and working their way slowly up to my clit. Strong hands cupped my ass and lifted me off the counter as if he was digging into a ripe piece of fruit.

My ass tensed in his hands and Matt dug even harder into my cunt. God, he was fucking good at this! There was nothing I could do but give into the pleasure and, with a cry of shock, I screamed and dug my nails into his scalp as the bliss burned like a wave through my body.

Matt shot to his feet, not giving me a chance to rest. He covered my mouth with his lips and I was lost in his kiss. He gripped my wrist, pulling my hand down to his crotch. I was shocked by the hard shaft of iron under the cotton. He was half Richard’s age, yet twice as large.

Then, his cock was free, and the moment to stop this ridiculous affair was now. But, when I put my hand down to block my pussy, my fingers ended up wrapped around his throbbing shaft.

“You know you want it, Mrs. Sweet.”

I moaned at the sound of my married name coming from his lips, but I didn’t stop stroking that beautiful cock. “I know Mr. Sweet can’t give you what I can. Just let me show you.”

“Oh, fuck!”

I groaned as I felt his hot, thick cock spear my body. He stretched me in ways I’d never thought I’d experience again after marrying Richard, yet here I was, getting fucked in the new kitchen Richard had let me design when I moved in. Matt pushed me back on the marble top I’d purchased with Richard’s money, and slammed into me hard with his cock.

He ripped up my shirt and bra, attacking my breasts hungrily. His animalistic abandon was so different from Richard’s loving, often fumbling attempts at lovemaking. Did having money mean you never had to learn how to fuck?

Matt knew how to fuck. He knew how to hold back, keeping himself on edge, trying to prolong my pleasure. I was grateful and angry. He shouldn’t be able to hold back, not from me.

“Fuck me, Matt!” I urged. “Please fuck me.”

Matt still held back. As if waiting for something.

“Please, Matt!” I cried, wrapped my legs around him, pulling him tight against me.

“What do you want?” he asked.

“I want you to cum, baby! Please!”

“What about your husband?”

“Please!” The guilt was too much for me. I needed this torrid sex to be over. I needed this beautiful boy to finish before I forgot my family altogether.

Matt grinned knowingly, and that pushed him over the edge. He pulled me off the counter, then on my knees to the floor. I gasped in fascination as he pumped his long, wet cock in front of my face.

“You want this cum, Mrs. Sweet?” he growled. “You want me to cover that pretty little face?”

It didn’t matter what I wanted anymore. I had already gone too far. Besides, my pussy was still quivering at the fantastic fucking it had just received. Being degraded, being controlled, only made that pleasure more palpable.

“Yes!” I moaned. “Cum all over me. Mess me up! I’m all yours.”

That was all it took to bring Matt off.

He grunted, jerking his cock until the last moment, then squeezed the base. For a long moment, nothing happened. Suddenly, the tip exploded in long, hot ropes of cum. I opened my mouth and even more cum splashed across my tongue and rolled down my throat.

Finally, Matt slid the fat length of his cock into my mouth.

“That’s a good girl,” he murmured. “Clean off my cock.”

I did as I was told, sucking and licking every inch until he was satisfied.

Then, he bent over, wiped a smear of his cum from my lip, then kissed me.

“I guess we found out who the real man is,” Matt chuckled, and I joined in.

“Yeah,” I said. “I guess we did.”

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