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Spiritography: Skander Khlif Documents NYC's Soul Via Street Photography

Joy Celine Asto 3-3 minutes 7/10/2018


All images by Skander Khlif. Used with Creative Commons permission.

Munich-based street and documentary photographer Skander Khlif joins our roster of favorite photographers charmed by the unique character of New York City. We’ve previously seen him share the beauty of his city through everyday scenes, moody winter imagery, and a unique river surfing community. His most recent adventures took him to the Big Apple, where he channeled the vision and narrative styles of photography greats who have immortalized the city, such as Eliott Erwitt, William Klein, and Garry Winogrand.

These iconic photographers and many others, he noted, spent their lifetimes transforming New York City’s wonderful moments into timeless images, going on to inspire later generations of photographers to keep exploring the vibrant metropolis. Now, it’s the turn of photographers like Skander to discover the magic out in its streets, the fascination for its locals, and the allure of everything that unfolds in “the most interesting place on earth.”

In his beautiful set titled Spiritography of New York City, Skander takes us around some of the Big Apple’s best known landmarks then and now. These spots, as given away by the title, are places not to be missed by anyone who wants to see and experience the spirit of NYC, the very essence that beckons to adventurers and captivates visitors. Spiritography features a mix of black and white and color photography to portray timeless and modern classics.

“Waking up every single morning, taking a lens and vagabonding the charismatic avenues and streets of Manhattan is an unfulfilled dream but I was fortunate enough to experience lately a 5-day trailer from my hypothetical dream life,” he says about his quick visit.

With its candid scenes, colorful treatments and enduring monochromes, Skander’s Spiritography is certainly a wonderful addition to the impressive works taken around NYC that we’ve seen. We’re sure all of you have also been inspired to do your own photo exploration around the world-famous city!

Check out Skander Khlif’s Behance portfolio and website to see more of his outstanding photography.