Excess blue light exposure from screens can trigger early puberty in children

Smartphones and tablets are causing early puberty in children, according to new research. Researchers say the devices emit blue light which reduces melatonin, a hormone that slows sexual maturity.

Daily multivitamin helps keep seniors’ brains sharp, may ward off dementia

Could the key to a sharp brain in old age be as simple as taking a daily multivitamin? New joint research from Wake Forest University and Brigham and Women’s Hospital suggests as much.

Expressing gratitude may be true key to happiness, survey suggests

The secret to happiness may be expressing gratitude. That’s the conclusions of a survey of 2,000 Americans examining the potential connection between being thankful and contentment in life.

Secret to a long, healthy, fit life — is a handful of walnuts every day?

Parents, if you want your kids to have long, healthy, and active lives, make sure the kitchen pantry is always stocked with walnuts.

How to find a job on LinkedIn: Form plenty of ‘weak ties,’ study suggests

Looking for a job on LinkedIn? Then perhaps you should make some brief introductions and form a vast network of acquaintance-like relationships on the platform, a new digital labor study suggests.

Troubling times: ‘State of the world’ keeps 1 in 5 Americans up at night

Even the most optimistic observer will likely admit it’s been a rough few years across the United States. Between the COVID-19 pandemic, never-ending political turmoil and polarization, and sky-high prices, Americans have had plenty of valid reasons to feel stressed out lately.

How to get a crying baby back to sleep: Taking a 5-minute walk does the trick!

It’s a situation just about every new parent has faced: After falling into a deep slumber, the baby wakes up and won’t stop crying. Even being held, swaddled, and sung to doesn’t seem to calm the infant down.

From crush to true love: Study reveals what turns romantic feelings into relationships

What turns a small crush into a relationship? There is no simple answer to solving wonders of the heart, but scientists have taken a crack at decoding what makes people move from casual to committed partners.

Stock prices go up when firms hire Black CEOs, study says

A team from Stevens Institute of Technology and the University of Georgia finds hiring a Black CEO can financially benefit companies. Study authors analyzed nearly 5,000 CEO hirings over the past two decades (2001-2020) and found average stock prices increased when companies announced the appointment of a Black CEO.

Just 37% of dogs always respond to their name — compared to 52% that jump up for the word ‘treat’

Half of America’s dogs come running just from the sound of a treat bag. Wait – only half? According to a recent poll of 2,000 dog owners, 47 percent say that their dog reacts instinctively to the noise made when a treat container is opened.

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