Dear Husband, I Was With One of My Girlfriends -

Isla Chiu 3-4 minutes 10/16/2022
photo: Viv Thomas

I don’t blame you for checking her out. She’s sexy as hell.

Dear husband,

How I wish you were here lying next to me. If you were here, I would be climbing on top of you and riding that fat cock of yours until we both came on these expensive sheets.

Speaking of coming…

My friend Alicia came to town yesterday. You know, the gorgeous redhead with plump tits you almost drooled over when we went to that steakhouse with her? Don’t try to deny it, sweet husband. I saw the way your dick perked up at the sight of her cleavage. I don’t blame you though. Alicia is sexy as hell.

Yesterday I put my mouth all over her plump tits ;)

Jealous? Turned on? Both?

After she and I had lunch, she came over to our house. When we went into the living room, both of us stumbled to the sofa, taking off each other’s clothes in the process.

At the sight of her naked porcelain flesh, I licked my lips. God, she was a sight to behold. She looked like a goddess in a Renaissance painting.

“Are you sure about this?” she breathed, stroking the curls on my pussy despite her hesitation. “You’re married…”

“Oh, don’t worry about it. My husband doesn’t mind me having fun with other people.” With a grin, I kissed her clit, making her cry out. “Especially when I tell him about it in X-rated detail…”

I bet you’ve got your fat cock in your hand right now. I bet you’re stroking it furiously as you think about me lying naked with a beautiful woman. Am I right, or am I fucking right?

She filled our living room with naughty sounds as I slipped my tongue into her cunt, which tasted just as good as your cum. Grabbing her hips, I shoved my tongue deep inside her feminine flesh, licking every sweet, intimate inch of her.

Her screams shook the walls of our house as she came and spilled her delicious pleasure into my mouth.

Don’t you wish you were there to watch, my dear husband?

“You want to taste yourself, Alicia?” I murmured.

“Yes please,” she said.

I put my mouth on hers, making her lips sticky with her juices. Then I moved my head down to her chest. I felt her shudder under me when I left kisses all over her luscious breasts.

She sat up with a smile before gently pushing me back against the sofa. “Don’t let me have all the fun,” she said before putting her lips to my throat.

Gasps flew out of me when she took my nipple into her mouth. As she circled her tongue around the tip of my breast, she pressed her thumb against my throbbing clit.

Is your cum all over the floor of your hotel room, my lovely husband?

She slid her thumb into my pussy, making me writhe with delight. Then she pushed a second finger inside my slit, eliciting a quiet groan out of me.

Is the image I’m painting for you making you scream as you come, my beloved hubby? However loud you’re screaming, I bet I screamed for Alicia even louder.

After I came on her hand, my friend put her fingers in her mouth. “Your pussy tastes like candy,” she said with a smile.

I embraced her, loving the sensation of her soft tits pressed against mine. “I’m going to take a shower,” I said. “Do you want to join me?”

She beamed. “Of course.”

It’s getting late, husband, so I should wrap up this email.

But I’ll tell you about what we did in the shower tomorrow (:


Your loving wife

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