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NASA Chooses Team for UFO Study

Corinne Reichert 4-5 minutes 10/21/2022

NASA has revealed the 16 people who will lead its study of unidentified aerial phenomena.

The independent UFO study is set to begin on Oct. 24 and will take nine months to look at "observations of events in the sky that cannot be identified as aircraft or as known natural phenomena."

The team will look at unclassified data from civilian government entities, commercial entities and other sources. Findings will be released publicly sometime in mid-2023, NASA said, with the study focusing on how this data can be analyzed to explore unidentified aerial phenomena.

"Exploring the unknown in space and the atmosphere is at the heart of who we are at NASA," said Thomas Zurbuchen, associate administrator of the Science Mission Directorate at NASA headquarters. "Understanding the data we have surrounding unidentified aerial phenomena is critical to helping us draw scientific conclusions about what is happening in our skies."

According to the space agency, UAP concerns both national security and air safety.

The people chosen for the study are specialists across artificial intelligence, aerospace safety, science and data. Led by astrophysicist David Spergel as chair, the team is: