Offering Myself as My Boss’s Celebration Snack -

Olivia Nelson 5-6 minutes 10/1/2022

photo: SexArt

Stroking more than just his ego.

“You can’t wait.” My very handsome and very annoying boss chuckled when I straddled him on his bed.

I tugged at his tie. “As if you have any more patience than me? Don’t lie. You can never hide things from me.”

He lifted my chin and pecked a kiss on my lips, just enough to tease me with his warmth, but not give me a taste of him. “Well, why would I want to hide things from you anyway? And thanks for the offer.”

I rolled my eyes as I undid the top button of his shirt. “Pretending this is the first time we are here?”

“No, but this is different anyway.”

Yeah, I didn’t get to go to his place a lot. This place always made me feel tiny, or rather, not fitting in well. He was a bit too rich. He never said it out loud, but he wouldn’t mind if I lived here with him. He had invited me here more times than I remembered, though I wouldn’t often accept the invitation. One would think we had plenty of action in his office already.

I rested a hand on his chest. His heartbeat was quicker than normal, which also spiked mine. “How is it different? You always love to bend me over or have me on your bed anyway.”

He rolled around and stripped me before I was done with him. Who was the one with no patience? “You offered to be my treat tonight, so that’s new.”

“Hm…” I moaned when he cupped my boobs and flicked my nipples. “I think I should when you have been killing it at work. The big boss is very happy.”

He grinned, his cock twitching under me, growing harder at once. Maybe stroking his ego did a similar thing to stroking his cock. This man was so insufferable at times. “He should be glad. We have done great work together. I guess you can want my cock as a prize.”

I huffed. He had to turn things on their head, huh? We agreed that I was meant to be his reward, but he loved to make his cock important. “Whatever you like to believe, I guess. The net result is the same.”

“I guess so.” He shoved his hand between my legs, rubbing me and reminding me how soaked I was before he even started with me. “Dammit, I also love your horny pussy.” He pinched my clit and I shivered from the strong wave of electric shock. “Maybe you’ve been getting wet since we got here. Or maybe you were already wet when you offered yourself to me. Interesting.”

I smacked his chest when I freed his cock. “You are already hard anyway. You just love to look important. Your ego is as big as your cock.”

He laughed. “Hm… I guess it means both can keep fucking with you then. Fuck you hard right there and keep delivering.”

I shifted as I teased his tip with my entrance. He was so hot and so tempting for me to take him in already. “Yeah, you love to fuck with everyone anyway.”

“Fuck them with different things, that’s for sure.”

In a snap, he pinched my nipples, my knees grew weak, and his cock thrust right into me. “Ah! You sneaky dick head.”

His cock twitched inside me, making it even harder to keep a steely face and maintain my glare. He squeezed my ass. “Maybe you should shut up and just get working already.”

“No patience. Oh!”

He thrust up at me, pinning even deeper into me. Such an annoying man.

I hissed, but he felt too good inside me for me to just sit there and do nothing. “You are such a fucker.”

“Yeah, fuck me.”

“Boss, huh?” I moved my ass, riding that burning hot cock. He was so large that I was helping him to stretch me and to rub in the pleasure. I moaned and picked up speed. He smirked with those evil eyes on my jiggling boobs as I rode him. I grunted; I was helping this annoying man devour me. This was so wrong.

He held my waist before I fell to the side. The pleasure was a bit too strong for me to stay sane. It didn’t help when I wanted him more and needed more strokes inside me.

He laughed. “Those boobs bounce so hard. Will they fall off?”

Fuck him! I laughed and tumbled off him despite him trying to hold me in place for his cock. I fell onto the bed while he growled as his cock slid out of my pussy. “You can’t even ride my cock well.”

“Because you make stupid jokes. Come on. You can’t blame me for that!”

This fucker really was annoying. He grabbed my boobs. “I’m just watching out for you.”

“You are just watching me. Better make those words accurate.”

“Ha, maybe you have a point. Now get back onto me.”

I huffed. “You better behave. Otherwise, this is going to keep happening.”

“Fine. Maybe.”

He wouldn’t for sure. Acting like a decent human being wasn’t his strong suit. But I climbed onto him and took his hard cock inside me again. Sometimes, I hated how much control he had over me just because he had that piece of meat.

Or maybe I should blame myself for offering to be his snack for the night.