The Heat of Summer -

Nakaziba Musiimenta 3-3 minutes 10/8/2022
photo: SexArt

Ignite the senses.

I’m in the dark. Hands tiptoeing for his parts. He lays there needing something we both crave. Speechless! Yet his Rod recites poetry with a throb. The street lights are beaming into our apartment. Striking his member graciously. Tempting me to whisk him within.

I tread his treasure trail lightly. It drifts me to the pubes. Now I’m in the town where firmness resides. I reach for his shaft. The muscles of his stomach tighten involuntarily. My fingers slowly race to guard his tip. I stroke his Rod searching for its voice. With thickness, it fills the space between my finger and thumb.

“Good morning,” he utters…

He holds the deep curve in my waist. I feel his erection press through my nightgown. “I’ve missed this,” he murmurs, brushing the corners of my face with his tender beard. He grips my jawbone and lifts my face to his mouth. His lips part mine. His tongue explores me forcefully till he bites my bottom lip. The pain tastes sweet! With three fingers, he spoons me over the silk. Caressing my ceiling up and down. My body sways following the pattern of his bends.

He then strips me and pinches my nipples til they adorn him with hardness.

With a soft tap, he rubs my center in a slow ring. Round and round until his thumb collects my fragility in a heap. “Baby,” I sigh in elation. My lower belly sinks in. The sound of his name erupts through my throat. Stripping away the cages that confined my applause. I tremble while smushing in his hand. The members of my genitalia are now protesting with juices. Longing to serve him a platter of my delicacy.

“Someone’s ready,” he whispers…

His muscular legs separate my thighs. Drops of his translucent ink tattoo my crotch. I enjoy how his weight rests on me. At once my goods are directly adjacent to his. “Let’s make a baby,” he mutters. His summit courts my opening before pumping in. We slow grind and our bodies combine. Savoring the snuggles of rawness. Butterflies flow through me.

“You are so warm,” he utters as his length steers into my depth.

I grab his bottom, caressing it softly. My legs flex against his back, urging him to abandon his nuts on earth. His eyes tense with desire. At this moment, he isn’t as strong-willed as he professes. He pierces a position that I can’t resist. “Please don’t change that,” I plead as my inside begins to bulge. He can tell I’m at the cusp of a new dimension.

Our bodies merge. Beads of sweat layer his nose. A series of shoves sends us crashing into each other, birthing an alliance of release.

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