What is transcendental sex?

Kristina Beanland 4-5 minutes 10/22/2022

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‘You need to feel a deep sense of acceptance’ (Picture: Getty)

Love Is Blind is back on Netflix, and the new series is as ‘omg-what-is-happening’ as ever.

But the moment that’s got everyone talking is when 30-year-old Andrew Liu starts a cringe-making monologue about transcendental sex.

Andrew, a ‘sexual kung fu’ expert (yep, you read that right) hit it off with 32-year-old Nancy Rodriguez in the pods, and they soon got chatting about physical affection.

It was then that kung fu Andrew started talking about his sexual experiences explaining, ‘I’m able to have sort of mini orgasms without ejaculating during sex.’

Confused? Us too. We spoke to Jessica Alderson, relationship expert and co-founder of So Syncd, to get the low down on transcendental sex.

Well, it’s less about the act itself, and more about how it makes you feel. Jessica tells ‘Transcendental sex involves reaching a ‘higher’ state that goes beyond what you know to be ordinary.

‘It can feel like a spiritual experience where your sense of reality changes.

‘For example, you might feel an innate sense of serenity or connection. Alternatively, you may feel that your senses are heightened, or your problems have miraculously disappeared.’

Some have even reported seeing visions or feeling transported to another place during this type of sex.

Jessica says: ‘Transcendental sex manifests in a number of different ways, but the emotions associated with it are always positive and extremely powerful.’

Is it worth trying?

Whether you try for transcendental sex depends on where your priorities lie.

Jessica says: ‘If sex plays a major role in your life and relationships, it could be worth giving it a go.

‘However, there’s no guarantee that you will achieve this state and it may require persistent effort, so be prepared to put the work in.’

How do you achieve it?

To achieve transcendental sex, you need to be completely at one with yourself – and your partner.

‘This isn’t the kind of sex you have with a one-night stand, explains Jessica.

‘Your level of connection has to have real depth. It needs to be multi-dimensional in the sense that it should involve emotional, mental, and physical attraction.

‘To reach a point of transcendence, you also need to feel a deep sense of acceptance. This means that you fully accept, appreciate and respect every part of yourselves as well as each other.

‘To have transcendental sex, you need to embrace the moment and not think about the act itself. You don’t want to be worrying about how your body looks, what you sound when you orgasm, or how long you’ll last. This helps you to completely embrace the sensations of sex and focus on your connection with your partner.’

And if you want to maximise your chances, there are things you can do outside of the bedroom too.

‘You should consider incorporating mindfulness and meditation into your daily life,’ says Jessica. ‘This can help you to stay present for long periods of time and, ultimately, achieve the optimal mindset for transcendental sex.

‘Fundamentally, transcendental sex is about having an unparalleled connection with your partner, being present in the moment, and feeling a profound sense of acceptance.’

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