I gave an orgasm to his secretary while he watched us

Clarice Star 3-4 minutes 11/28/2022
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Fulfilling Robert’s fantasy (see previous story here)

Robert got up, I remained lying on the table, my body was sensitive and my pussy was still throbbing with pleasure after the orgasm he had given me.

After a few moments I got up and got ready.

“Much better to do it here in the office,” Robert said as he put on his blazer. And he walked over to me, “and I love eating your hot ass,” he said in my ear.

“We can repeat this whenever we want”, I barely finished the sentence when Lucy, his secretary, knocked and opened my office door.

I was still finishing getting ready when she entered my room, looked me up and down, turned to Robert, “I was waiting for us to go to that bar”, she said, hugging him. “You’re coming too, aren’t you Anne?”.

Lucy was a hottie who had already fucked nearly half the office. I knew she and Robert were having an affair, he had told me in the pub episode.

“We can continue what you were doing here now, it will be fun”, Lucy said approaching me.

“Or we could just stay right here,” I said unbuttoning my shirt.

She let go of her hair and grabbed my tits. We kissed, I pulled her hair hard, and she tossed and pressed her body against mine.

I opened my bra and she sucked my breasts, one by one, placing each one of them whole inside her mouth, and at the same time caressing them with her hands.

She pulled away and took off her shirt and skirt. Her tits weren’t big but I had a huge urge to suck them too. I grabbed her around the waist and pulled her against my body again. I lowered her bra strap, took one of her breasts out and put it in my mouth.

Lucy moaned in pleasure.

We kissed again and she took off her panties and mine. With my ass against the table, I put my fingers in her pussy and felt her all wet. I found her clit and rubbed it with my fingertips. She moaned, and Robert meanwhile watched us stroking his hard cock.

Lucy started moaning harder and moving her hips against mine. Her pussy throbbed and she squeezed hard, I felt her body burning as she held on to me.

Her tits swayed with the increasingly rapid movement of her body. And then the movement slowed, the contraction increased, I began to rub her clit more gently, until her pulse increased, the contraction intensified and she moaned loudly in pleasure as she came.

I held her head and we kissed. I took my fingers out of her pussy, they were soaked, and sucked on them.

Robert was sitting in the chair, still stroking his cock but with his hand smeared with his own semen.

“I fulfilled your fantasy, babe, now I want to fulfill mine”, Lucy said as she looked at Robert. And then she came towards me.

I wasn’t going to leave that office anytime soon apparently.

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